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Disability Support Worker | Sydney NSW | 20 July 2017
Very stressed workers and many left due to management and lack of support
I worked for Uniting Disability and found that many workers were very stressed and that many new staff (including casuals) were not trained properly and were often left on their own to work with very complex clients. It was a very female dominated management ( at all levels) who could be very icy cold and pro-feminist, not the best place to work for males. Very hierarchical management style which is top down. I saw many good workers leave very broken and hurt and many, before they left, were doing extra unpaid hours and did not feel properly supported. The NDIS had made Uniting a place that is more about profit and money and there is a culture of change which never ends. Very high staff turnover among disability support consultants who have been given unrealistic amount of client loads. Very sad to see this happening to good workers. When Uniting changed their name from Uniting Care it is the care that went out the door for sure.
ProsOther workers are often dedictaed, always paid on time and fairly
ConsConstant change, high staff turnover, not being trained well, huge stress loads, males not given many chances to go up in managemet, cold work environment from management/leaders, very little christian emphasis
Support Worker | Ultimo NSW | 27 May 2022
Awesome teamwork, community and leadership
I work at Uniting Harris Community Centre. I studied social work and for me it has been a great experience. I've learnt a lot about community development and the manager is awesome: open to ideas and implementing new stuff but also good to clarify the limits in which we can work. If you're proactive this is a work for you. Also, the community at Ultimo is awesome, the interaction with the families, the children, the festivals, everything we do is great. The hardest part would be the load of work and organisation since we only have placement students that come and go each 3 months, there are busier times when we have to take on some responsibilities until the next intake of students come in. I know we're the only community centre of our type at Uniting so my experience can be different from others working in aged care/disability, etc. But I have thoroughly enjoy it. The teamwork is awesome, the leadership and community too. also, flexible hours! I only would like for Uniting to give us more funding so we can actually hire more people!
ProsTeamwork, community, flexible hours, leadership, opportunity to propose and create
ConsNot enough funding for our centre
Area Coordinator | Penrith NSW | 20 Nov 2019
Not culturally friendly
Though Uniting had a process for on site training that was good and time consuming. Management had no respect for Aboriginal culture. I was informed one day from a work colleague "I was not allowed to talk to people alone"- 6 months after start date. I was hovered by fellow work colleagues when speaking to people in a public forum. I was told "not to tell people I was Aboriginal". My contract clearly stated I was employed as an Aboriginal LAC. Management stated she was going to cancel this contract as Uniting had NO identified positions. I was not offered work opportunities as an LAC. Management told me that fellow work colleagues were intimidated by my presence. I tried to discuss this with my immediate supervisor who told me she was unaware of this. Then they cancelled my contract stating it was from a result I could not drive. They were aware I could not drive from day one of employment.
Educator | Wahroonga NSW | 10 Mar 2016
I am still new to the company and being working only 4 hours per week and on request, I do not have much to comment
I am working as casual educator at Wahroonga Preparatory School OSHC for every Fridays afternoon this term or on days whenever required for Before School Care or After School Care especially when Coordinator at meeting or at training in head office. In addition I had worked in last Holiday clubs for two weeks as well. On the day of work, my duty is to help set up and to prepare afternoon tea and supervise children throughout the program. As I have 10 years of experience as Coordinator, I support my team with knowledge I built up to help improve the operation of the service. The hardest part of the job is the daily pack up and down of the service and to carry things up and down steep stairs. I enjoy spending quality time spent with children over play, crafts when I work.
| Osborne SA | 4 June 2019
I love working for Uniting!
I have been in the industry for 25 years. I have worked in some pretty bad places. Then I found Uniting. It was a bit of a bumpy ride at first, but then I got to know the care staff and residents. I was given an opportunity as a CSE cert iv, to become what they now call a Homemaker. I love the Home Model, Facility manager, DSM, and all admin staff are great! I have an awesome, beautiful dedicated team that I am lucky enough to work with. We have an employee assistance program, free online courses, and I am sure many more opportunities to come. I used to work PM and ND shifts, but now, I work 7 days in a roster. Love it..love it..love it! I also love building that special relationships with the families. I can not recommend Uniting highly enough! I am still currently employed, and don’t plan on leaving anytime soon!
ProsSalary packaging, work with a beautiful, dedicated team.
Disability Support Worker | Chermside QLD | 6 Jan 2015
Fantastic co-worker to work with
I actually enjoyed working and support clients by meeting their needs of taking them out in the community and at the end of the day it's rewarding to see how they have accomplished in their learning skills. More I learned about the outcomes of strategies and reinforcement to success by brainstorming and sharing ideas to improve the management that were related in working with clients, Mostly of the coworker is down to earth and we have built a good working relationship and friendships too. The hardest part of the job when it come that clients escalate with challenging behaviour/filling out an incident report and administration with PRN doses. Enjoyable job when clients are willing to cooperate with me in cooking/helping and enjoying their time out in the communities.
ProsExtra hours
Home Care Worker | Inner West NSW | 11 Jan 2020
caring and diverse place to work
The team leaders and area manager were great. They were always very supportive. The hardest part of the job is the extremely small shifts which can be cancelled by clients at any minute, sometimes leaving you without pay. A great part about this type of work is that you can really work around your own availability. Uniting is a great place to work if you are an AIN as they offer free, paid training for things like assisting with medication and learning about how to appropriately care for client of diverse backgrounds. Uniting is always learning and teaching new ways about how to give the best care the clients. Uniting also has an anonymous phone for employees and they family members for free counselling.
Support Worker | Brisbane QLD | 10 Mar 2019
Uniting Care do NOT care
I left after 8 years of loyal service. I reported MAJOR abuse of clients....that had been reported previously by others but ignored by management. I went as high as I could go.I should have gone to Police. NO action was taken for several months.. I suspect that's how long it took for a inept/chaotic management to cover their ar$es.....When I left in disgust I was threatened with legal action if I told anyone about the awful long running abuses I uncovered. I had to go to Fair Work Australia to get to get my entitlements paid. I am very happy to divulge EVERYTHING I know to the upcoming Royal Commission in to Disability Care
ProsFront line staff are lovely but long suffering.
ConsManangement are chaotic and uncaring
Families and children support wirker | Canberra ACT | 22 June 2019
Very poor treatment by staff I was constantly bullied abd very negative remarks were passed on by mist of them. The one did sympathise with me wtoooo
People whoi sympathized with me were too scared to say anything. Bullies run the place. The bunch of loonies, only favour each other. No one else matters too them. Open exercise of racial discrimination with no means of seeking any justice. Very weird and rather chaise place to work. Training opportunities were great from the company but going through supervisor to actually book for it was nightmare. I was disappointed as it dud not reflect their mission statement what so ever.
ProsNone for me
ConsConstant bullying and battering of my self esteem
Support Worker | Sydney NSW | 21 Sept 2014
Enjoed to help people with disability, aged people
Morning would be very busy, but I used to manage to do all my works on time because I know how to do duty well. I have learned many things over four years of time with UNITING CARE, such as: how to work on under presser, to work with different cultural group, communication is how important in the work place, what is team work, how to provide a standard care to clients and duty of care. My co-workers were very good and helpful and fortunately, I never had to face hard part on my job. I used to enjoy a lot while interacting with clients and getting to know their feeling.
ProsStaffs used to get free lunch once in a month
ConsI used to stay back while there was short staff

Questions And Answers about Uniting

If you were to leave Uniting, what would be the reason?
Asked 20 Feb 2018
Uniting made me feel like I was not a human. The bullying was out of this world and I would never work at Uniting ever again. Would not recommend Uniting to anyone.
Answered 17 Oct 2020
Systemic bullying from management, staff are encouraged to fight amongst themselves to distract from the bigger issues of understaffing and dangerous, neglectful work practice.
Answered 13 Sept 2020
What are the working hours at Uniting?
Asked 24 May 2017
Supposedly 9-5 for administration staff but if you don’t put in 2+ hours overtime every day (including weekend) to meet ridiculous KPIs management will have your head
Answered 7 July 2021
Shifts varied from 1-2-3-4-5+hours
Answered 13 Sept 2020
What are the benefits and perks of working at Uniting?
Asked 5 Apr 2017
Learning your real worth and growing as a person by realising what a toxic workplace feels like.
Answered 13 Sept 2020
Great learning opportunities. Reasonable pay. On going training. Very generous in provision if training. Appears as if some places have implemented policies and procedures very well and it is working well. Shame that I happened to experience where these great policies and procedures were not implemented at all.
Answered 5 July 2019
What is the most stressful part about working at Uniting?
Asked 25 Jan 2020
Having to turn up to work everyday and be bullied, and when you raise the issues with management they ignore you and end up rubbing it in your face.
Answered 17 Oct 2020
Being made to feel expendable by senior staff and management.
Answered 13 Sept 2020
Does Uniting require a background check? What kind of background check does Uniting do?
Asked 28 Jan 2018
Yes. Standard work history. Police check WWV check. Proof of Identity and Education.
Answered 5 July 2019
Yes, They do. I have criminal police check. Working with Vulnerable people check.
Answered 22 June 2019