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Warehouse Worker | Blackwater QLD | 16 Feb 2014
arrive at work by bus in the morning for day shift or afternoon for night shift and have a prestart meeting with all the fitters and electricians of all the safety risk's on the mine and for the duties the fitters and electrician’s need to accomplish before the end of shift then we all have to do warm up starches. we all head off to our work and there is normally a hand over on the desk for me of where the previous store person has left off that was on day shift or night shift so I could know what I need to do for the day or night or an email from the store manager if it is something urgent that needs to be done. I have learned a lot of new skills how to manage parts and stock control how to Issuing parts to jobs how to Receipting items in to the system to pay the account the part have dean ordered on how to set up location's for items on the system in store. the hardest part a bout the job was in day shift on a normal day we got in a bout 40 to 114 packages in to the store that was parts for job the fitters or electricians need to do or stock for the store and all items needed to be checked off to see if all parts are accounted for and marked what job it is for or poet a way if stock and on top of doing that have fitters and electricians coming in to the store looking for parts and want you to help them when your going flat out and have no time but need to find the time so they can get the truck up and running a gen •the most enjoyable part of the job was ni
Proslive on camp breakfast lunch and dinner and have five days on shift and five days off
ConsLong hours get home a little late and the heat in a un air coned shed
Senior Supervisor | Perth WA | 14 Aug 2015
A forever changing work front, very demanding / challenging job but the reward of meeting targets & the people I work with make it all worth it.
I start my day at 430am. I prepare the daily works list ( Based on our 3 week look ahead programme and the clients weekly programme of additional works) for my team of Supervisors giving them there works for the day. I attend the managers meeting at 6am and run through works to be done that day and raise any issues / safety concerns. At 630am I address the work crew & supervision at prestart addressing any issues and safety concerns. I attend a morning meeting with the client and review the daily works to be carried out, discuss issues / safety, review targets and progress and discuss up and coming works which we programme in to suite requirements. Assist supervisors with any resources, plant & information required to meet targets. Field inspection to monitor progress & Safety. Work with engineers for information, quality & programming. Attend site meetings with the client as required to inspect and discuss works on a daily basis. Attend a supervisors meeting to discuss the current works, up coming works, raise issues, safety concerns and requirements for the next days activities. Engineers, Senior Supervisors, Supervisors & General Superintendent attend this meeting ( I Chair Meetings as required). I prepare the nightshift works list and complete a drive around handover with the n/shift Supervisor. Leave site at 530pm.
ProsGood Accomdation, Facilities & food quality is very good.
ConsVery long Hours
Fitter | Jordan VIC | 9 June 2015
greate job
Responsibilities including refueling ,servicing fixed and mobile plant ,maintaining fuel and service records , breakdowns . co ordinating Maintenance jobs hiring in and inspecting machinery onto and off site . Safety inspections,and equipment replacement as needed. l learned a lot about what professional people can do for a workplace , and how the genuine ones can have like an infectious influence on working in a positive way . influence by inclusion and not authority ,and making me a genuine member of a team , that was cool . I use that even in my job now .works 100 times better than authority based beliefs.The most difficult part of the job was travelling site to site,long distance long hours and pushing for time ,but that was the job .Best part of that job was making friends for life people I otherwise would never have had the privilige to meet and such a variety of people . Love that .Training by experts in they're field and the opportunity to be valued and recognised for your efforts .Simple things that ment so much to someone like me .At my work now I include my workmates and thank and praise theyre efforts we are a team and can easily overcome differences because its the team that matters and what works best for it.
Prosplane rides for free and frequent flyer points
Consthree weeks is too long away from family
Construction Laborer | Barrow Island WA | 9 Sept 2015
Productive and safe working
A typical day at work starts with a prestart meeting where all our workers go over what went well, what didn't go well and what can we do about it review from the previous day production. We then grab the daily production set up and pack up sheets. Follow all the steps. Unlock all gates. The other guys grab bags of Aminioum Nitrate which is used in all products of explosives. Depending on the product we make. We use Polly, Amonium nitrate, food oil, bulk explosive and blue dye to make Sanfold production. For Anfo we use diesel, red dye and ammonium nitrate, and for Alanfo which we use for Z-bar we use ammonium nitrate, red dye, diesel and Aluminum grandes. All team workers are given strict production that is given from the supervisor to deliver what production is required and to be ready for transportation. All team workers work as team. The hardest part of the Job was the learning phase but I learned to ask for help if unsure and I am plotting along just fine. The best part of the day is knock off once all duties for our daily task is complete.
ProsMonday to Friday work
ConsMissing the Fifo lifestyle that I once have and is currently used to
Supervisor | Collinsville SA | 13 Aug 2012
The worst place I have ever worked.( Also I am not a Union man )
TYPICAL DAY:- Long and up to18 hours per day ,some times 16 days at a time. Was to be a 4 on 4off roaster. Asked to break Saftey Rules all the time and to keep quite about it,and i did. I like hard work , and will out work most people but do not like being used. WHAT I LEARNED:- I did learn a lot regarding pumping & dewatering but only from the each other on the crew not from Thiess in general ?MANAGEMENT:- There was one senior person in Managerment who I had a respect for regarding abillity and work ethics,the rest I would not trust at all. CO WORKERS:- There was some good hard working experienced people that I worked with,most of them have left and gone to other Mines.The workers that complained all the time and did not want to work, seem to be the ones that fitted in on site.HARDEST PART OF THE JOB :- Finding a job some where else after working on this site. THE MOST ENJOYABLE PART OF THE JOB:- Giving notice and leaving. PLEASE NOTE THESE COMMENTS REGARD ONLY ONE PARTICULAR SITE.
Prosi did get to work with a few good people who have all left this site.
Consmanagerment :- very little work ethics or morals ie:- honesty
Engineer | Woleebee QLD | 14 Nov 2014
Challenging and stimulating project.
I am currently employed as a Project Costing’s and Site Administrator on the QCLNG Upstream Project with Thiess. With the project approaching completion I am eager to secure a similar position within the industry. Accuracy and the ability to work under pressure have always been key ingredients to the positions I have held. With my previous experience in real estate and tourism this has taught me to conduct myself as an approachable and professional member of the team. Whilst I am currently working with the Project Controls department I have been involved with the Commercial sides on previous projects processing claims and invoices, along with dealing with various subcontractor contracts that has required me to maintain strict confidentiality. I was based in Head Office for a number of months between projects where I assisted the Procurement team in preparing contracts and ensuring all documentation was sent out correctly to the various sub-contractors prior to works commencing on site. I also have experience with Travel, Payroll, Safety Administration and Quality Control.
Safety Specialist | Chinchilla QLD | 29 Sept 2014
Great safety culture
My typical work day starts at 5.15, where I prepare for the morning supervisors meeting, correlating the day topics, safety information, and general information. After the morning prestart meeting I will attend a morning workers prestart meeting normally attending a different work crew every day. Morning inductions most mornings, and then the normal day start. I like to spend ¾ of my day out on the pad, doing inspections, talking to the work crews, getting involved in the works they are doing and understanding what they are doing. Being the trainer onsite I usually run training sessions and VOS’s. My co-workers are a good team we work together and run a very proactive safety team. The upper management are very supportive with safety, and this is reflected out in the field. I have enjoyed working with both Thiess and John Holland and have made a lot of good friends, I am very positive in my day to day activities, I enjoy my work, and always strive to do a better job.
ProsGood working environment, I enjoy the roster, friendly team members, and good salary
ConsBeing away from my family
Design Manager | Brisbane QLD | 7 Aug 2012
Busy with work
Provide design management co-ordination between TJH, the Designers and External Stakeholders for all Southern Design; Ensure design is delivered on time and meets the requirements of the various interface parties; Support the Senior Design Manager – Southern and the Design Management Team to successfully deliver the design aspects of the Project; Assist with the development and Implementation of a Safety program and a culture of safety awareness among all Project personnel so as to deliver zero Lost Time Incidents across all Project activities and a totally safe Project environment for the public. Identify impending problems and recommend remedial actions well before the problems become insurmountable. Assist Design Director in keeping abreast of all people leadership and development issues. Ensure all relevant approvals have been obtained by the relevant TJH team and incorporated / referenced into the design documentation Monitor progress of the planned works and regularly review the delay allowance status.
Prosgood team
Project Engineer | Barrow Island WA | 9 July 2012
Great exp and excellent project!
Daily duties including liaising with clients, workforces, suppliers, sub-contractors and the site management teams to ensure the work is in progress as planed and ensure they clearly understand for what we are doing and they will have to do. I have learnt about marine operation, bulk of earthwork, drill & blast, etc...too many to name all of them. My colleague is very helpful and we always work as a team, they will always give you a hand when needed. The hardest part of this job will be the logistic and resources. Due to the quarantine procedure, every single item coming to this island will need to be clean and inspected and delay will be expected, so scheduling of every single delivery is very important and daily monitoring of the delivery is required. Also, due to the shortage of staff, you will be required take on different responsibilities and make things happen. End of the day, this is still a good job and good experience for myself, because you will always learn so much on such a large project.
Prossize of the project
Consno fishing
Quality Engineer | Newman WA | 16 Feb 2013
Productive and enjoyable work place and living in a newly built camp complete with amenities.
At Thiess Jimblebar project, we start the day with a pre-start meeting at 6:30 am followed with spine exercises, then straight to the normal day's work up to 5:30 pm. My job as Quality Engineer is almost the same as my previous experiences with other companies where I worked with. But I have some extra jobs that are related to project engineering which add some spices to my quality jobs. I consider the Thiess management as a good one being supportive to the attainment of the project objectives. Thiess employ multi-national workers that make the work environment more encouraging. Because I entered the project a little bit late, I encountered difficulty in updating the quality documentation as there was nobody who really handled this at the onset. The most enjoyable part was when I was able to handover the Manufacturer's Data Report to the Client.
Proswith car allowance
Constravel time from camp to work site is about 45 min.
Jefe de equipo | Enugu | 21 Feb 2022
Buen ambiente laboral, se ofrece estabilidad y proyección dentro de la misma empresa,
.- En un día típico, se realizan todas las indicaciones y recomendaciones antes de iniciar las tareas. .- Durante las 2 oportunidades que trabaje en Thiess, aprendí acerca de los procesos utilizados, monitoreados desde Australia. .- La dirección o supervisión del contrato, esta enfocada, primero, en la seguridad y bienestar de los técnicos y luego en el cumplimiento de programas y Kpi's. .- La cultura de la empresa es mantener un ambiente laboral agradable, con acceso para dirigirse directamente a la administracion o jefatura superior, mantener la confianza y transparencia entre los colaboradores. .- La parte difícil del trabajo, la que me llevo a renunciar 2 veces, fue el poco compromiso del área RRHH, porque, mensualmente, jamás pagan lo acordado en la entrevista o en el contrato, siempre queda pendiente el pago de algún bono, hrs. extras, etc. Para lo cual, los pagos pendientes, se debe gestionar a través de la supervisión o administración del contrato. .- Lo que mas me gusto, fue el ambiente laboral, las oportunidad de crecimiento, y los nuevos desafíos que uno mismo se propone o se los ofrece la compañía. Durante mi periodo en Thiess, me pude desenvolver solo, logre desarrollarme y enriquecerme profesionalmente y conseguí varios reconocimientos por mi trabajo, pero todo se opaca a fin de mes cuando esperas que te paguen el sueldo completo, pero eso es lo que no ocurre, siempre quedan pendientes. Muy buena empresa, totalmente recomendable. Volvería nuevamente, pero cua
ProsSeguro medico, bono de traslado o pasajes (a veces queda pendiente el pago de este bono), capacitación.
ConsLa problemática, mensual, del pago de remuneraciones, debido a que siempre quedan pagos pendientes.

Questions And Answers about Thiess

Does Thiess have a staff discount? How much is Thiess’s staff discount?
Asked 4 May 2017
Their are a list of discounts but none were ever passed in to the work force.
Answered 22 July 2020
Not aware of it.
Answered 18 Nov 2018
How long does it take to get hired from start to finish at Thiess? What are the steps along the way?
Asked 25 Feb 2021
Telephone interview, dropped CV off, started about 2 weeks after. When the company was HWE
Answered 4 Apr 2022
Approximately two months
Answered 25 Feb 2021
How do you feel about going to work each day at Thiess?
Asked 22 July 2020
Looked forward to it
Answered 4 Apr 2022
Regretful due to on site culture
Answered 22 July 2020
What was the most challenging part of your role at Thiess?
Asked 2 July 2020
The toxic environment
Answered 2 July 2020
The toxic environment
Answered 2 July 2020
What is the work environment and culture like at Thiess?
Asked 30 July 2019
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Answered 9 Mar 2020
A big emphasis on individual accountability
Answered 30 July 2019