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3.7Work-Life Balance
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60 Union St, Pyrmont, New South Wales 2009 LEVEL 2 & 3
5,001 to 10,000
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Restaurants, Travel and Leisure

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Croupier | Pyrmont NSW | 14 June 2019
This Place Will Make You Feel Replaceable
middle management is good. they take care of their staff. upper management makes questionable decisions and do not listen to what their staff is telling them to change. renovations happen every year. it feels like they are cutting costs at the expense of staff employment. This place hires a lot of people. If you cannot COPE with their work requirements, they MAY NOT make room for it. best to find another job elsewhere that will be more flexible. for example, if you're full time who wants to switch part-time because of uni, you may not get it. back in the good old days, you had a work-life balance. the whole roster for full-timers was consistent the whole month despite having rotating shifts. Now, your days off changes every week. best to call in sick if you need days off since they probably cant swap your days off because the days you want to work instead are "overstaffed." getting long annual leave worth a month is difficult since there's a high chance you wont get it since theres 1-3 days unavailable that they cant accommodate for. if you want to switch to part time, there's a LOOOOONNNNGGGG wait list which you more likely will not get into. want extra shifts as a part-timer or casual? dont expect any. they're "overstaffed" and may not provide anything outside your contracted shifts. BTW theyre hiring more staff. mostly part-time. so, if you want extra shifts, its really hard to get them. there's a higher chance you cant pick up any more shifts outside your
Prosfree lunch and laundry
Consinflexible working hours, career progression is almost non-existent, hard to get the days you want off, many disgruntled customers and will make you feel irreplaceable
Croupier | Casino NSW | 15 May 2019
Great work place, oppotunity to connect and meet people from all over the globe
a typical work day would include a supervisor briefing 30minuits prior to shift in order to get notified on the day to day activities that are happening. Following this includes the running of the pit on the gaming floor, allocation of staff and opening and closing tables appropriately. The Star has given me the ability to work under pressure, with strict policy and uniform standards, the Star has enabled me ensure that I am a perfectionist and get the job done in a timely manner The hardest part of the job was balancing work and life. As I was a shift worker, I would have to rotate between all hours of the day, moving from day shift, to night shift, and into morning shift. The most enjoyable part of the job was connecting with people. As a supervisor you deal with the customers whenever something goes wrong. You must place the customers’ needs first and be sufficient in resolving problems. I enjoyed speaking to customers and making them leave with a smile on their face.
ProsAs a supervisor, for every hour and 20minuits on the gaming floor you had a 20minuit break paid.
Consconstantly changing shift work
Beverage Server | Casino NSW | 13 Dec 2014
Productive, fast paced environment with average perks and great staff members
Other staff team members made it a pleasure to work at the casino, although management often did not. Management often quite nit-picky with behaviour, will provide counselling session for drinking coffee or eating at work. Some opportunities for promotion available but often these opportunities were given to managers close peers. HR meetings available in situations ending in dispute or disagreement but never confidential despite being stated otherwise. However, free laundry was provided, and a free 2 star-type buffet meal on every shift. Good salary, although no overtime offered for full timers, part time or casual in food and beverage department. Very easy to pick up shifts when necessary, almost impossible to give away weekend shifts. Time off is generally approved with a minimum of 4-6 weeks notice. Most enjoyable part of the job was working with the other staff members and consistently keeping up to date with the ever changing rules and work environment.
ProsFree laundry, free meals, good salary
ConsNo incentives/rewards for hard work, poor managerial skills
Surveillance Operator | Pyrmont NSW | 1 Oct 2018
Underpaid, understaffed, overworked and overscrutinized.
This place destroys morale, management bullies staff. The pay is underwhelming when compared to other control rooms, which all only have a fraction of the work load. Switching shifts between days and nights every two weeks, except when youre on "swing shift" which is every second month or so, where you switch multiple times per week, its extremely unhealthy. The work environment is very toxic, staff members step on each other to get ahead. The job also requires you to give two months written notice if you want to leave, and if you fail to do so they strip you of all leave entitlements and payouts. Multiple staff members have also been the subject of unfair dismissal, so there isnt even any job security. Please do yourself a favor and look elsewhere for work, I'm writing this becauss I dont want anyone else to go through what my workmates and I went through. Literally any other control room job is better, keep looking, stick with regular security until you find something else.
ProsSome staff are ok
ConsLiterally everything else
Warehouse Work | New South Wales | 31 May 2012
Working hard in the Food&Beverage dept only one man show to handle the all bars, Cellars, Post-mix rooms and Deliveries of Food & Beverages whenrequir
As I said before It was hard to handle all Bars,Cellars,Post-mix rooms, Maintenance when break down. I have been learning to be motivated and tackle pressure and understanding other peers on my shift. I got the change to do some courses and helping my co-workers during my spare time. The hardest part of the job are to handing pressure from workers and customers and also you must be well organise to finish your job. I case of breakdown I do not have the choice I must stay back liaise with outside contractors and Star Maintenance supervisor informing him when the repairs will be fix. In case of small repairs I must do it. The most enjoyable part of my job when everything have been running well and customers are happy with their service.
Prosas part of contract i was provided with free food
Conslong hours and shift works was part of my shift
Casino Dealer | Sydney NSW | 5 June 2022
An exciting job that pays decently
No two days are the same working in table games at The Star. If you like games, guest interaction and don't mind working in the weekends this is the job for you. The majority of time at The Star is stress free! You would come into work, do your shift and returning home with no thought about work until you are in again. You do however, have to deal with many demanding guests who think they are privileged because they wager a lot of money. If you can be thick-skinned and ignore the rubbish they spout, you will have no problems in this role. Management is supportive and will do their best to have your back and to expand your career. The culture is great and I don't think I'll ever work in another place where the team is so close. Just be prepared for shift work, working weekends and graveyard shifts! There is a good system in place for team members to swap or give away shifts with others, however weekend work is simply unavoidable.
Room Attendant | Gold Coast QLD | 13 Feb 2021
Sad I had to leave
I was an employee of the Star for about 4 years, I would stay longer if I could. Management wasn’t too shabby. Their briefing each morning was motivational. Rotating roster was flexible and understanding for casual employees. Work flow was met with support if anyone fell behind ; made lots of friends helping each other out . LGBTQ friendly. Free lunch / coffee / ice cream / tea / bakery snacks (carbs were gained as easy as losing em) . Part time pay could’ve been better ; Casual rates were fair 👍🏻 Vacuums were great if you had a well looked after trolley , upkeep of cleaning products half the time was poor which was frustrating.
ProsSuper Friendly !
ConsPoor upkeep of cleaning products
Casino Dealer | Sydney NSW | 20 Apr 2016
Working at casino
First of all , working at one of the biggest Casino in Australia was a dream come true. It is a good environment and elegant ambience. Ive learnced so much while i was a croupier, ever since i worked and stand for 8 hours, I've met hundreds or thousands different people from across the globe and i have to be honest, it was very excited that I try to acknowledge and try to understand what they want and need. And you get to acknowledged their mood, so you have to give your 5 star services no matter what.I guest i rated my experienced at The star casino as a 5grand star.and now I'm searching for a job in those kind of is CROWN CASINO
Bellman | Pyrmont NSW | 3 Feb 2017
Diverse, can be demanding, good team.
TheStar provides a diverse workplace both in terms of the people you work with and the customers you deal with on a daily basis. You are expected to provide your best in customer service. Be able to resolve problems, provide information and help with customer needs. Although the hours worked can be all over the place, it does provide some degree of flexibility. As with any shift work position, tiredness is probably the hardest point to deal with along with customer expectations.
ProsMeals and uniforms are provided by the company.
ConsWorking shift work.
Night Auditor | Sydney NSW | 16 June 2020
Unless your Asian this place is awful
Customers are allowed to do whatever they like... Diamond members have hit staff and the staff member has been in trouble. Illegal activity is covered up for rich asians who have no interest in the country just gamble and be rude. This place is sole destroying they should be forced to reveal how many people commit suicide and the families who are devestated by the ''Entertainment'' provided. Staff are treated terribly.
ProsFree lunch
ConsRude, you may need to keep quiet about illegal activity. Dont ask question. English is not needed.
Casino Dealer | Gaming, NÖ | 30 Jan 2020
Horrible place to work
Work culture is extremely toxic. The star has four star qualities that the company presumably stands by which you will soon find out is a total lie upon working there. Terrible management, managers would rather blame another person for their mistakes usually a subordinate. Gaming supervisors usually power trip dealers to make up for their own insecurities. Career progression is practically non existant, people can work tgere for over 3 years and deal the same game without getting training for another yet still see people who have worked there less than them get another game inspite of them having less experience and a worse profile.

Questions And Answers about The Star Entertainment Group

What is the work environment and culture like at The Star Entertainment Group?
Asked 23 Apr 2019
I agree with the sentiment, "its a sinking ship". middle management is great to its staff. upper management doesnt care about its employees at all. they only see the bottom line. at the end of the day, "You are just a number to them"
Answered 14 June 2019
The work environment as all the Staff say. "It's a sinking ship" does that tell you what it is like or discribed it to you.
Answered 23 Apr 2019
Why do/did you like working at The Star Entertainment Group?
Asked 23 Feb 2017
The work type was stressful and hard working but it was satisfying, I kept good fitness and made great friends
Answered 13 Feb 2021
Fun place to work at, great people with all different nationalities.
Answered 5 Mar 2019
What roles at The Star Entertainment Group can work from home during the COVID-19 outbreak?
Asked 9 Jan 2021
-Corporate -Business Support -Department Managers Everyone else would have been stood down.
Answered 5 June 2022
Answered 14 Feb 2022
What is The Star Entertainment Group sick leave policy? How many sick days do you get per year?
Asked 10 May 2019
You get 10 sick days a year with 3 sick days without needing to provide a doctor's certificate. sick days accrue every year. if one goes over their sick days, they need to provide a doctor's certificate every time they call in sick until those sick days are covered
Answered 14 June 2019
You get 10 sick days a year and 3 carer's days. it gets reset after a year, from the day you took it off. if there are any unused sick days, it gets accrued every year and you have access to it
Answered 10 May 2019
Is the pay weekly fornightly or monthly
Asked 14 Oct 2018
Answered 17 May 2022
Depends on what department your in
Answered 20 Apr 2020