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Sales Representative | Perth WA | 14 Feb 2019
Productive and fun workplace with a ping-pong table, a ''chill-out zone'' and great kitchen facilities, as well as being public transport friendly
I give TSA Group a total of 4 stars as a whole due to the following, The Job Work/Life Balance is great however leave is provided sparingly, even in dire instances leave has to be justified with multiple documents and constant reminders. Paid sick leave is also scarce at this workplace. You comply with the unplanned absence policy, provide a doctor's certificate only to have 'sick leave - unpaid' on your payslip - in the instance you have an adequate sick leave balance. The hours vary depending on your roster yet they work well for full-time workers. The hours never exceed a start time of 9AM. The salary and benefits isn't too bad, can't say I wasn't paid well considering my role as a sales agent. The original enticing declaration on the job description was 'uncapped incentives' however bear in mind, TSA has a budget they explain can sometimes affect your pay. So even if you exceed your targets, you can only earn so much more on top of your base salary. As for advancement, unless you engage with management in a super cosy manner to the point the personal/professional barrier is broken, you will not advance. There are only so many management positions and they hard to come by. Management who is employed at the time make it firmly clear they aren't going anywhere anytime soon. Management overall isn't too bad, certain managers are lovely; efficient; personable and motivational. As a whole, they are all there to help you become a better salesperson and they really do kn
ProsExcellent incentives for commission and team-building games
ConsInefficient management due to an individual who does not deserve their current position
Inbound Sales Representative | Adelaide Region SA | 4 Feb 2020
Very stressful, but good environment
Having worked here for a little while, I can say that this is an entirely reasonable workplace to work, but isn't for the faint of heart. You will be pushed into making sales - not hard, but it's there. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise. You will be monitored every minute of the day - although it's not necessarily enforced every minute...just noted. The records are there. Training provided is good, but not super detailed - good for what is possible though. The trainers are passionate about doing their best to get you prepped - you'll need to learn a lot on the floor though. Mostly it's situational stuff that could never be put into a training course of basically any length. The problem is that because you're on a phone call - it's going to be a lot of stress getting the hang of it. Team leaders are give or take - they all have different styles - some better than others. No shocks there. I haven't met a team leader that's a bad person though - they're all pretty cool people. Advancement seems possible, but who knows. The organisation does seem incredibly keen to promote from within...but also the nice fun stories of "I became management in 12 months!" only applies to some people...many more are still on the floor. The people are absolutely golden though - I haven't met a team member yet from any team that I haven't at least liked in principle. Many are just great people generally. Whatever you think of call centres, if you can stick it out here, you can stick
Sales Representative | Brisbane QLD | 15 Jan 2017
Dishonest and unloyal
I worked at TSA for over 1 year and I tried my absolute best to excel consistently; which I did. I have always worked in sales and always have brought results wherever I go. This was the first place at multiple occasions my commission was taken away from me due to not meeting certain metrics. Completely unfair and on top of that they actually state the commission is "uncapped" on their own online advertisement so blatant liars is another thing to add to the list. The managers are all undertrained and I actually got terminated due to "incorrect information" which was specifically trained to me by multiple managers over the period I was employed with TSA. The managers who taught me incorrectly got away with it and didn't back me up when I had to prove why I should remain an existing asset for the business; hence why I wrote "unloyal" above. The business' higher authority only care about the client which is "Telstra" meaning TSA isn't apart of Telstra they are a sub-contracter for them and have absolutely %0 respect for the employees' well being. The only reason I was terminated was because they can't afford to have eyes on them for being a poorly managed call centre so instead they terminate quite a large portion of their overall staff; this isn't just me, the same scenario happens very frequently. The turnover rate for staff members is absolutely ridiculous. I work in a team of 20-30 and on a calculated average 2-3 employees leave/get fired every week and every 2-3 weeks th
ProsIts a job and the employees are on average 18-25 so the environment seems vibrant
ConsThe company will always find a way to take away your commission leaving you struggling
Sales Executive | Melbourne VIC | 11 June 2019
Great for first job, terrible for long-term employment
I managed to stick around at TSA (Telstra sales) for 6 months, many times I felt hopeless and wanted to quit. Only reason I didn’t quit was because the people there were great and I did enjoy time to chat with them. 1/3 managers I had were supportive, the other 2 were disgusting people and made the job very hard for me. One day I was sick and they threatened my job the next day for texting instead of calling in sick. Another time I was sick the manager was doing everything to try and get me to come into work, I gave in and came in half way through the day due to pressure and ended up telling me I can go home an hour later despite the long journey to work. I found out at the time that team managers actually have targets for who shows up at work in their team, so this doesn’t surprise me that they will hound you to come to work even if you feel horrible. The job itself is extremely high pressure and from my own experience breathing is almost non-existant here as the second you put the dialler on pause you get questioned (even if it’s to go to the bathroom!!). I actually got fired from my position at TSA for non-compliance, I was given advice by my team leader on how to make more commissions. I took this advice and ended up having several investigations under my name taken out, resulting in getting fired. I decided not to throw my team leader under the bus, as I know that their job was more valuable than mine and they had good intentions. Bottom line is if some
ProsGreat people, supportive
ConsTerrible management and no job security
Order Manager | Perth WA | 8 Dec 2014
Good Team Work
Working as an Order Management Officer at TSA for the past seven years has developed my numeracy, literacy and accuracy skills to a high level. When dealing with data, it is vital to be accurate and take great care with attention to detail. I regularly deal with the customer details, which involves accurate input of customer date of birth, customer address, customer mobile number into computer system. I am also required to communicate with other departments via emails. It is important that these communications are in the correct manner, for understanding and compliance with the regulations. When confronted with a problem I meticulously collect data, assess it thoroughly, examining a range of possible options for its solution, and make a decision based on evidence, to ensure optimal outcomes for the business. I ensure the assessment is completed swiftly and communicate with all relevant stakeholders whenever possible. My experience in electronic records management system has been gained through several years’. Throughout my employment in this area I have consistently demonstrated my excellent ability to support client’s need, whilst meeting and exceeding organisational objectives. With over several years of professional experience in the record management industry, I have developed extensive expertise relevant to the management, implementation and performance of computer systems. My experience has been diverse and includes: data management, system maintenance and support
Team Leader | Brisbane QLD | 2 Dec 2019
Fantastic place to progress your career.
TSA is a fantastic workplace for new or returning employees in the workforce. With outstanding Sales and Managerial skill development it is the perfect job for people new to the workforce or people looking to move into Management. I have worked at TSA for about 10 months and have received nothing but support from all aspects of leadership. TSA are really good at helping you reach your goals regardless of what they may be. If you are there just to make money, the leaders will provide coaching to help you achieve on your metrics and make incentive. I have worked in multiple different jobs and have never had such a great opportunity to progress internally up the ranks. I would definitely advise applying for a job at TSA if you are looking to get some management experience as they work very closely with you to reach your goals. TSA is one of the most successful BPO’s in Australia for a very good reason! If you have never done Sales before I would definitely recommend applying as they provide outstanding coaching and training to develop you into a Sales professional. The recruitment process is quick and painless and you aren’t left wondering whats going on as they keep you in the loop all the way. Lastly, TSA is a great way to make new friendships as everyone there is social and very friendly. I have made some professional relationships/friendships that I will carry with me for life. If you want job satisfaction and a strong work/life balance, I would definitely recom
Sales Representative | Perth WA | 17 Feb 2016
Horrible work place
There are a number of reasons why TSA Telco Group is one of the worst places I have worked at. Two of the main reasons being the management and their incentive scheme. The management at TSA Telco Group is absolutely atrocious. Many (not all) of the managers are pathetic at their jobs. They are condescending and have little or no respect for their teams. I found alot of them take personal hits to some of their employees and there is a lot of playing favourites going on. The incentive scheme is completely outrageous. When you are initially introduced to the job they make it sound like you are going to be earning loads of commission over your base rate - this is complete rubbish. Their commission tracking system is hardly ever correct. There is no way of actually knowing how much money you are making - they could be underpaying you and you wouldn't even know it. That alongside the fact that back of house needs to process your sales before you actually get paid for them makes it out so you hardly ever get paid for your sales. I've had sales sitting and waiting to be processed for over a month, which means my target was going up and my sales weren't being counted towards that target. Basically their incentive scheme is screwed up. That being said, one of the good things about working at TSA is that there is a pretty good atmosphere and its easy to get along with alot of your co-workers.
Sales Representative | Brisbane QLD | 1 Apr 2019
Sales is never easy but coming to work is good fun
When I read some of the comments on here I get kind of confused. I loved working at TSA and I was friends with a lot of people in my office and they all felt the same way as me. Sure, I don’t want to spend the rest of my life in a call centre (wasn’t really interested in moving into a management position) but I learnt some sales skills that set me up to leave TSA and pursue a professional face to face sales career. At the time the money was the best I had every earned. Even though the base salary is low if you work hard and take your job seriously there’s great commission opportunity. I had worked for places before with no opportunity to earn a bonus and the work was easy but it got boring trying to be the best for no reward. At TSA I got to experience being rewarded for meeting targets and doing a good job. Work culture was great, again my old job didn't really do much that would be considered fun so we had heaps of competitions running all the time and there were always prizes, work parties were pretty cool too. People seem to love the ping pong table but it's not really my thing.
ProsLearnt some great skills to help me with a career upgrade after a couple of years
ConsFast paced at times and starting out was tough for the first couple of weeks
Outbound Sales Representative | Melbourne VIC | 5 Mar 2022
Culture is great, management is awful
All of my colleagues were great people. Very friendly and pleasant to be with. Even management themselves are cordial and pleasant OUTSIDE of work-related interactions. That being said, the TSA Group needs to grow a spine and not let it's employees get knocked around by clients. When a new campaign starts, the client begins to demand utter perfection and their standards start getting more and more ridiculous. I kept getting many audits over stupid things like mispronouncing a word in the script. The other thing is management is not very catering. Any genuine concerns you may have, management will deflect it and make YOU accountable i.e. pretty much gaslighting Despite the negatives, it is a good place to work at if you want job security, a relatively good work-life balance and a VERY decent salary considering the minimum qualification required is a high school diploma. We can go home at around 5; you'll never be expected to work overtime and management is pretty accommodating for different cultures and faiths. Management is also very reasonable and never ask why you want to take a day off or the like
ProsGreat culture and accommodating to everyone
ConsManagement is too rigid
Sales Representative | Perth WA | 26 Mar 2019
Fun work culture and good progression opportunities
I found working at TSA to be an overall positive experience. It was really challenging when I began and I had a hard time adjusting to outbound sales (I only had customer service experience prior) but overall I feel it was good experience. It pushed me outside of my comfort zone and if not for the skills I learned there I would not have been promoted to a management position and had the skills I needed to find a great job elsewhere. The salary is quite low, if you want to earn a good commission you have to work pretty hard and make sure you meet compliance requirements but it was achievable for me and most of my friends in my team. Coming from retail, the hours and the work culture were amazing. I'm not sure if I'll find anywhere like that again. We constantly had fun games and incentives going, there were holidays up for offer and we had free pizza once a month and good rec areas with ping pong tables etc. The social aspects were good too, I met a lot of friends and we've remained friends even after I've left.
ProsFun work culture, good earning potential and progression
ConsIt takes about 3 months to start seeing commission

Questions And Answers about TSA Group

How should you prepare for an interview at TSA Group?
Asked 27 Mar 2018
To be honest you dont need much besides dressing to impress. Secondly if your an outgoing person who enjoys chatting to people, a good listener who can resolve something and aint afraid to address your solution, then thats all you need. Thats what customer service is and what this job requires. Don't have to be a genius for this job, you get trained anyways so take your personality and get upskilled and put your own PERSONAL skills to work but you'll get paid and rewarded for..just being yourself😂🤪😵
Answered 22 Apr 2020
No need. Just speak english and you're in
Answered 9 Apr 2019
Why do/did you like working at TSA Group?
Asked 6 Dec 2017
I've had bonuses taken away for false queries of calls reviewed, proven incorrect to only fight to get them back. An absolute joke of a company which should be under scrutiny for ripping their employees off! I'm surprised a class action hasn't been filed against them. Do not be fooled by the empty promises.
Answered 1 Oct 2019
The people made the job so much easier.
Answered 29 Apr 2018
What are the benefits and perks of working at TSA Group?
Asked 4 June 2017
Work from Home, Good income, not great. But a happy and supportive environment.
Answered 22 Feb 2021
Commissions, Table Tennis, Friendly staff, Good laughs
Answered 15 May 2019
What would you suggest TSA Group management do to prevent employees from leaving?
Asked 17 Dec 2019
Not be a company any more
Answered 15 June 2022
I am happy.
Answered 30 Apr 2022
How often do salary reviews and pay rises occur at TSA Group?
Asked 17 Dec 2019
Yearly depends on a range of things
Answered 21 June 2022
Not often as salary is based on commission if you're a sale representative
Answered 18 June 2022