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3IC | Australia | 1 Feb 2022
Discount can be great, but the remuneration for the stress of the job and always short staffed doesn’t make it worth the hassle
In the beginning it was a fun place to work, not too stressful repetition and understanding your role was easy, but since Covid the support and care from the head office has gone completely, you are underpaid and always stressful with constant deadlines make the job very dissatisfying and they push to make sure you are committed to them, without reciprocating that commitment, they will easily get rid of you once you don’t fit their needs and expectations which are ever increasing and love to work on minimum staff, even when forecasting expects increases, you will be expected to get by without any extra help, do not recommend, barely any chance to move yourself up as promotion stream is very narrow
ProsDiscount, People you work with, Other streams and stems of work, Can move between other subsidiary brands
ConsVery low pay, Stressful jobs, No support from head office, Deadlines are often vague and not communicated properly, Expect commitment without reciprocating
Retail Sales Associate | Brisbane QLD | 1 June 2021
Worked there for 10 years total. first 5 year great last 5 was horrible
I worked there through my teen years and could not fault the company. Excellent place to work. I then left had kids and came back. It was an extremely different environment. The company was to busy pushing products on people and not being helpful. Telling people to go down isles instead of showing them. I had a manager who cut my hours to 3 hours a month because I dyed my hair red. when I left i got a government job with the same hair colour. My hair was always neat and tidy but her was unbrushed and messy. When I put in a formal complaint it went no where. I was promised hours and then did not receive the hours. The managers were run off their feet and had unrealistic expectations. The team I worked with was the only reason I stayed so long.
ProsFree products when you hit targets
ConsExpectations are to high for little amount of time.
Retail Sales Associate | Orange NSW | 1 May 2020
Tall poppy, victimised, lazy management
I went to work for Supercheap Auto and because of my great sales technique was stuck at the counter all day for many days selling their membership card. Other employees and management with jealous of my ability on the floor and therefore kept me off the floor so I was not able to help people as much as I'd like. I had spent six years at another automotive establishment and yet still had to prove myself and was not even allowed to fit windscreen wipers on a car as I had to do a stack of stupid online training to qualify me on paper for these menial tasks. Management another counter staff constantly leaning all over the counter and other people's vehicles was a great source of dissatisfaction for customers and myself, way too many lies and bull went on in this place .
Sales Assistant | Springfield QLD | 31 Jan 2019
Seasonal Casual
I usually did the load shift from about 2pm until 9pm at night, and for a couple of weeks before I left, that was all I did. My hours went from 12-15 hours for training, to 20+ hours a week shortly after then dropped to 7 hours with no real reason as to why. The load shift was the best part of that job, moving stock onto shelves and making them presentable was great as it was something to do for a while, sometimes the whole 7 hours was spent doing load, and I enjoyed that. But if I was there when load was done, my list was; do recovery, help customers and sometimes that's all I did for the whole day so it often became a drag.
ProsDoing load or stock is fun.
ConsLong patches of downtime.
Assistant Manager | Mornington VIC | 3 Aug 2014
Fast paced / enduring / exciting & committed
Customer service / Management roles I learnt in this job how to manage and work with others to create the best outcome, 1 skill I now have is understanding peoples learning abilities. I now with my security training am confident in approaching people and tackling any situation that may arise. Hardest part of the job, was moving from supercheap auto to BCF as it is a different industry. It was trying at times, full filling also. My most enjoyable part of the job was learning all the skills in a different field, and the daily customer service with people of all cultures.
ProsCreating a good raport with customers and reps
ConsLong hours
Cashier | Launceston TAS | 26 Oct 2014
Fast paced, good place to work
During my days at Supercheap my duties vary. I am responsible to: serve on the registers, control stock, pack shelves, answer phones, assist customers, heavy lift, clean, and contribute to sales targets. I have learnt a lot about multi-tasking and self confidence while working at Supercheap Auto, as well as being able to work with a close-nit great bunch of co-workers and management. The hardest part of the job would have to be getting all jobs done in one day, which is both physically and mentally draining having such a large store to cover and so many customers through the door also requiring assistance.
Sales Assistant | Gold Coast QLD | 26 Feb 2019
Fun retail experperience
I have been employed as a Casual at Supercheap Auto for 6 years, this has given me a wide range of experiences. The job is enjoyable, and I often deal with great customers and infrequently have any issues. Specific jobs can vary from day to day, and roles can be varied. There is a large pool of knowledge available from staff, as well as suppliers, however it is quite a vast industry and you may get asked very specific questions that you will have almost no idea about from time to time. Workplace culture is good, and can be fast paced but also not particularly stressful in a retail position
ProsFun workplace
Sales Assistant | Cairns QLD | 18 Sept 2016
Busy and Productive workplace
During my time at Supercheap Auto, I developed skills that have prepared me for very busy and intense work environments. I worked to a very busy schedule and learnt how to be efficient and productive. Management at Supercheap Auto was strict and firm, this showed me how to respect authority and follow directions accordingly. The hardest part of the job would entail tedious activities such as counting stock and end of day cleaning. The most enjoyable aspect of this job was meeting different kinds of people and gaining valuable experience.
Warehouse Worker | Lawnton QLD | 6 May 2019
there was opportunities for advancment,the work was very physical which kept me fit and work hours suited my lifestyle as I worked night shift.
I worked as a picker / packer, forklift driver, and replenisher for almost 8 years.I was loading B Double trucks with stock for delivery to stores all over Australia.While working at super cheap I completed my certificate 3 in warehousing and was awarded team member of the month where I received a $200 coles / myer voucher.I stiil have friends which I made whilst working there.
Pros25% dicount vouchers for staff
Conssummer heat was tough
super cheap auto | Brisbane QLD | 28 Dec 2013
having a lunch break was fun i had to go out of the work place and go some where else
everyday i went to work i loved it because it was fun, and what i learned there was to make sure everything looks perfect for the customer and make sure the right price is for the right product. my co-workers was helpful they taught me everything i had to know. the hardest part of the job was i had to carry heavy product and put them on the shelf but that was to problem to me. and the most enjoyable part of the job was the lunch break and also doing customer server
Prosmany lunch breaks
Conslong hours
Customer Service Representative | North Shore City, Auckland | 7 Nov 2017
Great people spoiled by a terrible managerial system
With such a large difference in the attitudes of individual managers and supervisors, there really is no accurate way to tell if the store you're set to work at will be an enjoyable experience, or a nightmare. The people who work at the stores are generally great to get along with, usually with similar interests, but the managers in charge seem to be pushed by the superiors to only care about numbers and bonuses. What results is an environment where you feel like a number making machine, or just a number yourself to the company. You won't be made to feel welcome in this company, but instead be made to feel like you're replaceable. This attitude of "meet these numbers or we'll find someone else who can" really permeates this whole chain of stores and it's a real shame. All of this would be ok if the pay reflected the often demanding work and under-staffing - but of course it doesn't. You will probably find yourself getting paid minimum wage as a general store assistant, even if your skills seem to sit higher up on the 'pay scale' document they have available for employees to view. What this says to me is "I would pay you less if I could, and I don't care what our documents say". This is all of course if you even get given shifts on your zero hour contract. Good staff discount though! so at least there's that...
ProsGood discount, Good co-workers
ConsZero hour contracts, Managers pushy about getting their bonuses
Sales Assistant | New Zealand | 4 July 2021
I worked part time, for two managers I loved, and a 2IC that I wasn't so fussed about. It's a very numbers driven retail environment, which I started not caring about, and just let the targets fail, even if it meant the 2IC would get mad. I think the specific management varies between stores, and although I can live with mine, I heard interesting stories of other managers. As far as retail goes, it's pretty interesting, as long as you ensure they don't leave you at the front counter all day. I had no automotive knowledge when I started but learnt heaps! (you'd probably prefer the job if you had prior experience/interest though). I often answered the phone, browsed software and forums to find answers to niche questions, and rang suppliers to order parts. It was a great part time job, I requested 20 hours and week and often had it, although my contract stated 7 hours minimum. I don't think I could work there full time however. I was on minimum wage, despite the fact that the pay scheme told me I should be higher. Every time I asked I was pushed away and told 'They're dealing with that'. All in all, I enjoyed it, even though I frequently found myself frustrated with the company structure
ProsDiscount, opportunity to learn
ConsManagement is iffy, toxic corporate culture
Retail Sales Associate | New Zealand | 15 May 2021
Terrible company
You won't feel welcome in this company, they will make you feel like you are very easy to replace. Every time I came to work I dreaded it. Supervisors and managers are just downright lazy and the work life balance is terrible. They boast about mental health, your well-being and having a positive working environment during the interview but in reality its all lies. They don't care about you. You're just a number to them. Was stuck at the front counter all day during my shifts selling their membership card. So they are very pushy about getting their bonuses. And if you don't meet the goal, they will threatened to fire you. It is a shame that such a large company can have such an ugly, terrible management and it will never change. On the brightside, co-workers are great as they are the ones who actually make the workplace tolerable and the discounts are alright.
ProsGood discounts, good co-workers
Retail Sales Associate | Papanui, Canterbury | 16 Aug 2017
Customer Service was the main task- I would look up car parts and contact suppliers to find the best price for my customer. I learnt in this roll that marketing and sales can be very rewarding. I enjoyed meeting budget targets and using creative ideas to help achieve this. The management lacked support and this had a flow on effect which was at times a really negative. The hardest part of this position was being in the position of working with a team who had a negative outlook. I really enjoyed working with customers and the active roll, I would replace wipers, bulbs and could use my automotive skills which I gained from doing a pre-trade automotive course.
ProsAutomotive problem solving
ConsNegative team
Customer Service Representative | Timaru, Canterbury | 28 Sept 2016
Enjoyable and Friendly
I enjoyed interacting with the customer on a day to day basis. I would always have customers willing to have a chat. The company have a really good set up system that helps to develop knowledge quickly and easily. The management was really well done, always organised with himself and the employees. The staff was friendly and easy to get along with. The hardest part of the job was probably when it gets really busy and was unable to keep up. The most enjoyable part of the job would have been learning new things about or to do with vehicles such as parts.
ProsExtensive Vehicle knowledge
ConsOpening every Sunday morning

Questions And Answers about Supercheap Auto

What should you wear to an interview at Supercheap Auto?
Asked 7 Nov 2018
Respectable clothing, clean and tidy. enclosed shoes.
Answered 24 Aug 2019
Nice clean t’shirt and nice shorts
Answered 21 Jan 2019
What is the interview process like at Supercheap Auto?
Asked 26 July 2018
Relaxed and honest,
Answered 24 Aug 2019
The interview process is quiet simple, although you are required to complete modules online relating to safety and security before becoming a successful applicant in the this job position.
Answered 5 Feb 2019
How should you prepare for an interview at Supercheap Auto?
Asked 19 Apr 2018
Clean and tidy, shaved, well groomed hair.
Answered 24 Aug 2019
Prepare your math skills, as I was presented with a sheet to do with prices and percentages.
Answered 31 Jan 2019
How old do i have to be to apply for supercheap auto
Asked 26 July 2018
Any age as they employ young as well as mature aged.
Answered 6 May 2019
16 years of age
Answered 7 Jan 2019
How long does it take to get hired from start to finish at Supercheap Auto? What are the steps along the way?
Asked 5 Feb 2019
A few weeks to two usually
Answered 5 Sept 2019
About 1-2 weeks.
Answered 21 May 2019