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Overall Reviews at Suncorp Group

Lending Manager | Brisbane QLD | 20 Jan 2015
Lending Manager @ sunnybank Branch
Mornings are all about motivation and training staff, our branch staff are critical players of our brand, and also the main drivers to generate business opportunities. Keeping them informed in terms of our home loan, Lending, and Banking products and campaign aids their knowledge and confidence in upselling to customers. 5 Past 9 meeting I do with the sales team helps me generate lending appointments and provide better customer experience. I have in place a strong referral system. Every customer I interview I make the most of every opportunities, even if I don't end up with home loan or Business Loan sale, I cross sell back every opportunity from accounts to credit cards to insurances. Sending out weekly success stories to the team and number of appointment sourced by the individual staff builds healthy competition and motivation I've leant that success is contributed by the whole team not individually, sharing the achievement collectively is far greater than individual reward. The accomplishment feeling is far more content. Growing and maintaining my portfolio is my main performance goal, the fact is to be a high performer I need 6 weeks disbursement in my pipeline, meaning with my budget I need $3M ready to settle. This is achieved by 10 appointments a week, with expected lodgements/ applications 4. I enjoy high volume busy schedules my work performance and become more sharper and optimal under stressful conditions. My mind goes to full focus mode there's no time for nonse
Claims Manager | Queensland | 29 Oct 2021
"Flexible work arrangement" is only in their favour
Flexible Part-time arrangement is only set for their benefit. 15 hours guaranteed work per week....unless THEY need you, They can MANDATE that you work FULL-TIME at short notice, I was told there was 5 weeks training full-time then flexible part time with the chance of increased hours for events etc etc it was always promoted as a "what are you able to do?" situation. Reality was training being 11 weeks Full time, different hours than advertised and discussed throughout recruitment (and times frequently changed). Today, on a Friday; the leader informed us that it was mandatory starting Monday for all of us to go Full-time...we have only been flexi-part time for 3 weeks and doing additional hours for a week of that. I booked a work placement that was put off for the extended full-time training period (that was not mentioned), today I was told after using my lunch break to contact everyone involved that I would be "allowed" to attend work placement Monday and Tuesday next week and to give notice that I can no longer attend mandatory work placement after that ...My placement was meant to end 30th of November and the time they want me full-time is only for the month of November at this stage...My placement will not be completed this year now due to it being in a school with students finishing the same week I was suppose to complete the placement hours for the year. IF YOU WANT TO WORK AT SUNCORP FOR THE FLEXIBILITY...DO NOT WORK HERE IT IS NOT FLEXIBLE OR SUPPORTIVE, WE ARE AL
Proswork from home..most of the time
ConsUnrealistic expectations, what is said is not followed through on....Lies and even put downs/passive aggression from "leaders"
Learning and Development Manager | Brisbane QLD | 19 June 2020
A fallen angel
This WAS a great company when I started. The only thing good now are the flexibility and some immediate team leaders. Senior Leadership Team has a lot of introspection to do. They make people go through restructures every year and make roles redundant left, right and centre like it's nobody's business. Restructures usually see favourite people retain their roles or find new roles at the top. Every restructure in the People Experience team (HR/learning) has been driven by nepotism and favouritism. The Learning team especially, under a new imported Executive Manager about 8-9 months old, is in absolute ruins. This 'leader' literally has a list of those they don't like (those who don't extend favours to them) and completely ignores these people. Obviously, this is the primary reason for my writing here and maybe there are teams with better leaders out there. The current restructure of the learning team has no method to it. Like every time, they are running a consultation period with employees but have already decided to stick to the decisions they have made. They are pretending to listen but in essence are only doing due diligence on paper. They just finished a round of engagement surveys and are positioning this restructure as a response to that to increase engagement, and this just does not make any sense. Suncorp is not the place it used to be. It's become extremely cliquey, extremely caustic, and extremely unsafe with senior leadership that will only lead the or
ConsBiased senior leadership, favouritism, nepotism, emotional bullying
Underwriter | Sydney NSW | 2 Nov 2014
A place of great change
There were a number of big changes at this company over the past four years. As well as company / structure changes the CTP green slip industry underwent tremendous changes in both technology and procedures. Building a business relationship with external stakeholders was an enjoyable part of my role. We often worked together to get the best outcome for our mutual customers. The hardest part of the job was trying to educate the customers on the correct place to obtain green slips as unfortunately people who offered to help them did not always do the right thing. I mostly enjoyed providing excellent customer service to our customers, external providers and also to our internal customers - the call centre staff. I would always take ownership on issues, come up with a resolution and contact the customer with the outcome. If it was not in their favour I would always try to explain so they understood why the decision was made. I always prided myself on calling a customer back if I promised to and if there was any delay in responding to them I would contact them to advise where we were up to so that they felt their issue was not being ignored. As with all industries you get those customers who are not satisfied with the outcome of your decision but I would try my best to explain it to them. My aim at all times was to resolve issue at hand by myself and rarely had to refer the issue to a leader.
ProsAbility to be able to have a work/life balance
ConsBalancing administration duties between phone calls particularly when dealing with complex issues.
Personal Banking Manager | Kippa-Ring QLD | 17 May 2016
Delighting customers and growing a business for success
A typical day at work is managing a team of 13 staff. Starting our day with motivational sales meetings to set goals and focus for the day. Coaching and developing staff to be successful daily and ensuring we are delighting customers with every interaction. Managing costs to budget also through sales and expenses. Networking and marketing to build and grow the business. I've learnt how to lead and grow a team of many different personalities to be successful. My coaching and development of staff is the most enjoyable part of my job. Connecting and working with them on all levels is very rewarding. The hardest part of the job is when we are understaffed through illness and annual leave which can make it very difficult at times to be pleasing all customers as well as staff complaining about the situation. Working with a positive focus to encourage them to remain positive can be challenging at times when they have such a negative outlook. We still keep our focus on supporting each other as a team. I have amazing supportive co-workers who are great. We share best practices and work together to help each other in our business.
ProsSuccessful staff growing and developing, High customer advocacy score, Working with people and helping them, Delighting customers with our service and receiving great feedback.
ConsNot always work/life/balance.
Client Manager | Brisbane QLD | 19 Feb 2021
Disappointing. I thought it would have been a better experience
Call Centre job essentially under the disguise of Client Manager title. Training was shocking and too fast for all to be fully understood. Micro managed to the extreme. Every move is watched. Encouraged to call for help to a dedicated area, however each call is recorded against you and essentially a mark down. Spot checks are a open slammer for intense criticism. Belittled and made to feel useless. Made to finish calls within 15 min and to process claims for no longer . If you take longer you are critised and marked down. If you stand up for yourself during these so called feedbacks (criticisms) you are flagged as a trouble maker and disposed of easily under the disguise of probation. Team Leader is a joke. Only been in the role a short time and has no idea how to manage a team. A poor experience is had by most staff who give their all to the job and to their customers to never get any praise from their Team Leader. Team Leader is only interested in achieving the daily figures and doesn't care about anything else only to look good in the eyes of their boss. Staff burn out and large turnover.
ProsWorking from home
ConsPoor attitude by Team Leader and Management. Definitely do not care about the staff.
home Client Manger | Melbourne VIC | 23 Sept 2014
Great office environment with coffee machine provided allowing to catch up with co workers
Once at work, on your desktop you are allocated the claims that you are required to process for the day.Whilst managing theses claims you are also receiving incoming calls from customers on other current claims where you are expected to process and advance theses claims or resolve any concerns that they may have. The day can become quite hectic as you are also making outbound calls to customers as well. During the years I have learnt how to effectively manage and settle claims and also have developed the art of providing good customer service. I have strong relationships with my co workers each day as I bring a warm and friendly approach to the work place. During each day you can be challenged by the complex claims that you are required to process and you may also experience challenging customers where the best possible a solution needs to be found for the customer and the business. When it comes to the end of the day I can reflect knowing that I have effectively managed and settled claims to the best of my ability and at the same time have provided an exceptional customer service experience to every customer.
Customer Specialist | Melbourne VIC | 12 May 2019
Avoid At All Costs
Pay is awful, culture is even worse. Management/leadership gang up on staff and will push you out if you stand up for yourself or others. I cannot express how disappointed I am with the treatment myself and almost every other entry level employee have experienced while working for Suncorp. No matter how well you perform or how loyal you are to their company the treatment remains the same. There is a very strong "us vs. them" mentality amongst leadership/staff. Leaders and managers will go as far as to sabotage your stats and KPIs to benefit their own bonuses. Bullying is everywhere and the company is extremely aware of it and continue to do nothing. They advertise and recruit with an incredibly fake facade, lulling any potential employee into a VERY false sense of what the job and culture will be like. Once you are in training for your new role it doesn't take long for you to see exactly what you've gotten yourself into. My best advice would be to avoid this company at all costs, not only as an employee but also as a customer. Maybe look into other brands under the Suncorp umbrella, get yourself educated and avoid those as well. If you choose not to take this advice, good luck to you.
Customer Service Representative | Melbourne VIC | 13 Dec 2018
Low paid , bonuses are a joke. Just a number
Suncorp pays their staff such a low wage it's a joke. I have been with the company for 4.5 years and the lady at my local supermarket gets paid more than me. They pay so low that staff get denied lending promotions and benefits as we are classed as "low income earners" customers call up to discuss insurance products to say they are struggling to pay for their insurance and the consultants taking the calls are also struggling as the wages we get paid are a joke. I am a top performer and I go onto a draw to go on a work trip if I win. My pay rise was 97c extra per hour even though exceed my targets from selling insurance. Compared to other companies they pay the lowest in the industry. You can work from home which is fantastic but down side is you don't get flexibility with choosing your hours and may still need to pay for after school care as they will roster you on after school hours. Ect..hours are to suit them and their needs. They give you a 20.00 gift voucher to say job well done or movie tickets at dodgy cinemas (anything cheap) at chirstmas time there is no bonus or anything for the staff. Your just a number
ProsWorking from home
ConsLow wage
Investigator | Brisbane QLD | 3 May 2019
Very negative environment, lacks support, empathy and training. There's an embedded culture that you are the problem, not the department.
This would have to be one of the worse working environments I've ever worked in. Sad that you have to leave a job you like, however the lack of support, constant put downs & leaders with no empathy makes you want to leave - like I did. Since my time during this role, I've seen heaps of people break down, people resign with one even going on stress leave. Sick leave is at an all time high. I've seen people who are under constant pressure, working crazy hours and treated poorly, yet told they have poor time management. When issues were raised, you were either performance managed, told that ' we all go through it ' or was presented with the idea that perhaps you are not fit for the role. You come back from leave with over due work that puts you behind. Then you get performance managed. It's widespread in the department, no matter which location you work in. This experience greatly impacted my personal life, negatively. It's sad that Suncorp won't address the issues within this department, as many great people leave.
ConsLong hours, no support
Model | Brisbane, CA | 15 Dec 2017
Leave your brain and integrity at the door.
I was brought in at a salary far below market, and assured I could renegotiate after six months. 18 months later, I was still on the same salary. When I pointed out to management that my salary was well below that of other people in similar roles at Suncorp, I was told that they couldn't bring other people's salaries down, and were trying to cut costs, so if I didn't like being paid far less than other people I could just get stuffed. Partly this was because of regulatory changes that came in after I joined which made my role less necessary in the eyes of management (which they were aware of when I joined, of course). However, when I asked if they could assist me in moving into a different role, since I had performed phenomenally in this one, they just blew me off. The manager who originally hired me (and who subsequently quit as well) was so disgusted at how they had treated me he used my personal contact information to contact me and tell me to look out for myself and start looking for another job. Management at Suncorp display zero loyalty to their staff and have zero interest in investing in them or developing their careers. When I finally got a job at another bank, my pay went up by over 40% instantly. I didn't even need to negotiate - that's what they offered me right out of the gate. Suncorp has a culture of manipulating models to give the numbers that management find most politically convenient. Most of my time was spent running and rerunning the models with differen
ProsWorking from home one day per week
ConsEverything else
Call Center Representative | New Zealand | 29 May 2022
Awfully micromanaged, Money prioritise over customer
Awful experience with false hopes of development and professional management. Worked at Suncorp NZ for a year and I still learned only a fraction of my role, systems and processes are generic with no room for human error. Unrealistic KPI targets which quickly had been the core of making the business as much money as you can in a frame of a month. Colleagues were great personally in the entry level criteria and were great to work along with, but management became incredibly toxic going up the corporate ladder from there. Although it seems there’s opportunity, the last thing the organisation genuinely wants for you is to prioritise your development. They will not stand to take any blame for their faults, whether that be blatantly obvious or not, yet they encourage you to be honest with them. From what I observed in my colleagues from the time I spent with Suncorp NZ, I saw a lot of turn over with many colleagues leaving which was kept on the down low. After leaving I learned the common approach of micromanaging employees and then creating a portfolio of your mistakes to present to you when you’re facing the corporate boot. Counselling and assistance for mental health is not paid and required to be taken as annual leave or made up hours in majority of cases. Please think twice before applying for this toxic, greedy and fundamentally broken business. My experience with Suncorp NZ has thrown me off the entire industry all together.
ProsHonestly none
ConsSalary, executive culture, development, management, empathy

Questions And Answers about Suncorp Group

If you were to leave Suncorp Group, what would be the reason?
Asked 25 Mar 2017
Lack of empathy, as they are only sales focused staff are just a number for them.
Answered 20 May 2019
Restructure, was made redundant
Answered 4 May 2019
What would you suggest Suncorp Group management do to prevent employees from leaving?
Asked 25 Mar 2017
Management should taking management side and should focus on the issue and deal with issues accordingly. If you speak up you get targeted as they don’t want staff who speak the truth. They enjoy hiding everything under a carpet and literally are use to getting away with the way they treat other employees.
Answered 20 May 2019
Communicate with them more, encourage their development rather than just talk about it be proactive and give people a go that want to be promoted.
Answered 29 Apr 2019
Can you have coloured hair at suncorp?
Asked 28 Dec 2020
Yes you can
Answered 5 June 2022
Yes you can as long the full head is coloured
Answered 15 Feb 2022
Did you undergo full training for this job? In particular, the customer service position! How was the training like? Did they train you hands on? Did you have to do an online course that you had to pay for or do they pay for you?
Asked 8 Nov 2019
No training provided whatsoever
Answered 17 Mar 2022
Full training
Answered 26 Aug 2020
Does Suncorp Group allow for flexible working hours? Or are the hours set?
Asked 8 Oct 2019
Suncorp promotes flexible working however it is only flexible for them, if they do not want to pay staff for more than 15 hours per week you are "part-time" if they need more staff because 36 staff quit in a few weeks, you are mandated to work full time at short notice and drop all other obligations to keep your job. Travelling all the way to head office is also required when THEY say SO.
Answered 29 Oct 2021
Depending on the job, there is definitely flexibility
Answered 31 Mar 2020