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Store Manager | Queensland | 18 Nov 2019
Unprofessional Company - Worst Company Ever.
The WORST company i have ever worked for. WARNING...this is NOT a store management role.....Store managers are actually full time sales assistants. You will not need any of your management skills or experience with this role/company. All decisions are made for you(which reflects in your pay packet, also not salary, award wage paid) & when you do make a decision its changed the next day by the ssm who thinks she knows better, even the casual who does 3 hours a week makes decisions instore. The company is going bad at the moment behind the scenes. They are not supplying certain things that are a BASIC need for the workplace. tissues!! yet they have available toilet paper.....hello no stores have staff toilets. Cost cutting at its best. The roster never changes, the SSM now actually does the roster, so there are no skills required for you to run the store as your own. SSMs are far too inexperienced and a contributing factor of this is their age, they are far too young and no life skllls on managing issues at store level. Be prepared to get into trouble over minor things (yes you get into trouble and spoken down to). The company has favourites at store level, your store can be performing bad yet you get manager of the year. The company is full of false & fake people. Bullying also does the rounds in this company, the store I was in had one of the worst I have ever come across, the staff member has been with the company a long time and it shows. backstabbing an
Store Manager | Queensland | 2 Apr 2019
Company has changed for the worst
Having worked here for almost 10 years, sadly the company has taken a massive turn for the worst. Promotions are based on who you are buddy buddy with, not how well you do at your job. Upper management are full of young, ill experienced people who like to gossip, bully and belittle their staff, often lieing to other upper managements about staff to ensure they still look good. KPI tagets are ridiculous, and unachievable, area managers expect you to push and force customers to purchase products they dont need or want just to get a few extra dollars in the till. You will work a large majority of your shifts by yourself, even as a manager, and expected to get crazy amounts of work done. Store hours are constantly getting cut further and further back, even though some of these stores still are making there budgets, forcing lots of unpaid work in your own time. Even worse, they will up and change your store of work without any notice, often moving managers and 2IC's crazy distances from there home, expecting you to travel hours to work. Head office arent interested in addressing any of these problems, they are aware of them and do nothing to improve the company culture, resulting in a high number of staff turnover, and alot of their long time employees running for the door. Worst still, these are not problems that are just in one state, they are across the country, having witnessed it happening to those around me in more than one state. Stores are constantly on sale now, n
ProsOther team members, working with some amazing people on a day to day basis in your store.
ConsRidiculous KPI's, low pay, lots of hours worked alone, bullying from upper management
Sales Assistant | Port Macquarie NSW | 7 June 2019
Toxic management culture
Very poor experience working for this company. Was lucky to have a great store manager but area manager was two-faced (for lack of a better term). Extremely high expectations of staff, yet inadequate training and communication to get you to this level. Have to buy Spendless shoes to wear on shift, yet the shoes you're allowed to choose from provide zero support for being on your feet all day. This led to an injury after a very short time working there, and a doctor advising I leave before it got worse. (Still doing weekly physio sessions and taking daily medication for this). Stores are understaffed which puts immense pressure on the staff who have other commitments to be constantly called in when colleagues are sick. Usually working on your own which can get extremely busy. It was not uncommon to have staff (including myself) work a 6.25 hour shift on their own the entire time without a break, not even to go to the bathroom. According to the Fair Work Ombudsman, retail employees working more than 5 and less than 7 hours are required to have one meal break and one rest break. Employees "can't be asked to work more than 5 hours without a meal break". Also expected to start 15 minutes prior to your actual rostered start time in order to complete all of the store opening procedures - you are not paid for this, yet if you show up at your rostered start time and open the store minutes after it should be opened, you're in big trouble. Management's priority does not sit with t
ConsManagement, expectations of staff, overall working environment
Assistant Store Manager | Queensland | 17 July 2019
Worst company I’ve ever worked for
The team I worked with were amazing and I’ve made long life friends but upper management is appalling. They are all nice and suck up to you when they want something but as soon as they are done with you that’s it. No matter what you’ve done for them which includes going over a month with barely one day off no appreciation was shown or loyalty. The area manager is way to young for her role and is just on a massive power trip. I have never been spoken to bad in my entire life in any work place it was disgusting. Comes in saying she will terminate everyone’s employment in the store and close it down but then turns around saying we need you and not to leave. First of all where do you even get the power todo that and secondly nothing was that bad to warrant that response. She also used people and tried to pit you off against each other just to try and get information saying everyone’s only defending themselves. That’s not even the worse when I handed in my notice giving the appropriate amount of notice which i found on the relevant Award, I then get a call on the weekend saying I need to give up one weeks worth of wage because I have to pay for them to either get someone else to open the store or if they have to close due to no one being able to have to foot the fees for it. Not even consulting with the right department to actually get her facts right which is another example of her being on a power trip. The company is full of 2 faces people as you find out because you get no sup
Sales Assistant | Queensland | 4 Mar 2021
Sales Assistant
DO NOT WORK HERE!! WORK ANYWHERE ELSE! You are working for a franchise that only cares for $$ and no employee welfare. - Tattletale environment.. always employees or area managers dobbing others in ie sitting, going on phone, chatting too much ect. - NO MUSIC in store because it's considered "offensive" and no money left !!! - NO toilet breaks as you are the only one on! They would not care if you went in a bucket anything to drive sales. Company too cheap to hire lunch covers or put X2 people on - Area managers are AWFUL only notice the bad and no congratulations for the good ! - You mainly work alone; only 45 minute overlaps between shifts - Set hours only, NO flexibility - Gossipy work environment; the entire company only employs women. Mostly managers gossiping about employees below them. - No xmas parties - No bonuses unless you are part time of full time employee - End of the world if you want time off on short notice (ie within 3 days) no covers esp in November - Feb - Treating casuals like they are part-time/full-time employees; make employees feel guilty for wanting time off - Standards too high for casual employees given the environment and wage
ProsWorking alone (if you're an introvert) Fair wages
Cons- you are easily replaceable, make your money then go, managers all happy when you covers their shifts and sickies but when its you, you're made to feel like cr*p!- horrible upper management, deserves to be shut down, shoes are bad quality
Retail Sales Associate | Victoria | 9 Feb 2022
Amazing pay rates for casuals! But only if you want a few hours a week.
The pay is only really good when your a casual, otherwise it’s terrible. And only if your willing to work about 6-9 hours a week(sometimes less)then basically full time if someone quits because it takes so long for them to re hire new people. Also area managers are really unprofessional(most of the time uncontactable)and are of little to no help to regional stores. Most of the time being casual means working full days on your own and having to close the store for breaks or not get one.. Store managers and assistant store managers are required to do basically everything by certain deadlines and and as stores have few staff you rarely get time off or it’s a hassle to change around shifts/sick leave. Staff discount is 30% off after 3 months of employment but limited to 5 pairs a month. A lot of the shoes can be faulty therefor you get lots of complaints from customers and returns. The range of shoes is very limited and most seasons just repeat the same styles and colours. You have no control over stock ordering and can’t order for customers from another store if they have to stock so again customers become rude .. they have good sales though but sometimes the sale will be online and not instore so customers will complain and want the same price.
ProsSeeing new styles of shoes each season
ConsLittle hours for casuals
Customer Service Representative | Gladstone QLD | 9 July 2019
Horrid company
Iv worked in retail for about 10 years, and this has to be the most horrid company to work for. You get no support from upper management, they have unbelievable standards, upper management tries to pit staff against each other, by changing stories around. Upper management basically bullied my self and my other team members to leaving. My upper management went on a power trip as I think she’s just to young for her role, and trying to tell staff who they can and can’t be friends with. Upper management also doesn’t care about your mental health, or to even try and understand. They also speak so down to you like your not even human. They have let the Gladstone store go in such a bad and gross way as the store floods every time it rains really heavy, they made us open up the store for trade the day after it had flooded one night, and waited three days before getting in carpet cleaners, in that time the store smelt so horrible and toxic from the damp water and mould growing underneath the carpets. We would always get told that it takes a type of person to work within this company and after 6 months it’s clear that they want people who lie, backstab and suck up to the upper management. Honestly was the happiest i have been since working in this company was the day I resigned!! So save yourself some time and do not apply for this company.
ConsUpper management
Manager | Noosa QLD | 6 Apr 2017
I love working for this company
I cannot fault working for Spendless... I started my job as a 2ic, and after being offered advancement to manager twice, but turning it down due to family commitment, the position was altered with flexible hours to suit my needs. There is always a window of opportunity to have fun on the job, and plenty of support and rewards along the way to encourage you to do your best! The area managers put trust in us to run the stores, and once you prove yourself, you are given more opportunities to really take your store and run it! Every 6months there is a new season showcase / awards night that always promises to be a fun filled eve! This night is always fancy dress and there are some amazing prizes for the awards! Most importantly the entire night is run for charity with donations collected on the night making for substantial contributions to a different charity each time. The entire company & staff all the way up to the highest rung of the ladder are supporting and encouraging! It really does feel like a family run / owned company!!!! Love it!
ProsPlenty of encouragement, support & incentives
ConsRetail is an unpredictable industry- but this company make it fun!
Retail Sales Associate | South Coast NSW | 2 Jan 2021
Very cheap company, no bathroom breaks, takes advantage of employees
Would not recommend working here at all. The upper management preaches the 'Spendless family' but takes advantage of all employees. Expectations and pressure for casuals are way too high for the minimum wage they are given. The pressure is felt amongst all Spendless employees which is obvious in the very high turnover rate of employees (especially in area managers). Whole 5 hour shifts are done alone which not only can be stressful but it means very heavily discouraged bathroom breaks (they don't want you closing the store). Expected to arrive 15 minutes early without pay for opening shifts. Also, if you fall sick you are still expected to come into work because they have no backup employees since they are too cheap to hire more people. They are so cheap that they now even refuse to pay the licensing fee to play music in the store which decreased morale amongst all team members and heavily impacted the store environment.
ProsCo-workers at store were nice in comparison to upper management
Consvery cheap company that does not care about employees despite their claims
Assistant Store Manager | Adelaide Region SA | 3 Apr 2019
Spendless is a fun workplace who are passionate about their customers
Spendless has been a great place to work for! I have learnt many valuable things on the job that have prepared me for career development within the company, and have been given a lot of support from my coworkers. My team have been the friendliest and relatable people I've met in a workplace, which makes communication even easier. We always have heaps of themed store days, activities and engagement through emails about what other stores are up to across the nation, which is really cool to see. As well as yearly get togethers for each state where we dress up and have dinner while we view the new season range With any workplace, Spendless have a high expectation of you to work hard and do your best - but that should be expected anywhere. You always come in knowing you have a responsibility and to get it done. It's good leaving at the end of each day knowing you achieved something and are helping a family owned business achieve their goals.
ProsOpportunity for career advancement, the shoes, meeting incredible people
Store Manager | Western, NE | 6 Sept 2019
Get out of there if you can...
Unorganised, you’re trained for a week which is rushed, not all aspects would be covered. Since upper management changed, the support has gone down hill. Different SSM’s would come in unannounced and tell you 10 different ways of doing tasks. Lots of overtime expected with no pay. Unrealistically high expectations for doing the majority of tasks 90% of the time on your own in an A grade store whilst constantly getting distracted by customers therefore tasks not getting completed with only a lunch cover that is physically working with you for technically 2 hours. (Even if you smashed budget, it still isn’t good enough) They question your integrity. Casual’s were uncooperative, you’d ask them to complete tasks which they constantly ignored and never completed - again 0 support. We are all just a number and the company genuinely doesn’t care about your hard work nor mental health. It’s a very frustrating, stressful and toxic place to work. All upper management seemed to do was to point the finger at what wasn’t done and not see what actually has been done with little support and 0 appreciation from them. Everything you do is never good enough and they expect you to “change”? When you ask for help all they say is “we can’t afford to have someone stay longer” and they wonder why the store is behind?! Horrible experience.

Questions And Answers about Spendless Shoes

Does Spendless Shoes have a staff discount? How much is Spendless Shoes’s staff discount?
Asked 6 Apr 2017
You get a 30% discount after three months of working there and you are only allocated 5 discounted pairs a month.
Answered 24 Feb 2020
30% after your initial 3month probation.
Answered 30 Jan 2019
What is the interview process like at Spendless Shoes?
Asked 4 Apr 2017
The interview process is super easy but very unprofessional
Answered 24 Feb 2020
Oh interview is easy part. The store managers are lovely... you don't find out how corrupt upper management is until you've got the job. Don't even bother unless you want regular anxiety attacks...
Answered 3 June 2019
What is the work environment like
Asked 6 Nov 2018
Super unprofessional. toxic. it is a terrible place to work if you care about your mental health
Answered 24 Feb 2020
Toxic. Unhealthy. Disorganised.
Answered 2 July 2019
How should you prepare for an interview at Spendless Shoes?
Asked 12 Apr 2017
Not worth it! It’s a terrible company to work for!
Answered 31 Mar 2019
Do i have be succesfull for this job possistion,
Answered 26 Oct 2018
Does Spendless Shoes allow for flexible working hours? Or are the hours set?
Asked 7 June 2019
The hours are minimal and nit flexible. if you're sick you get made to go in anyway. managers are never willing to work extra hours. they do the bare minimum
Answered 24 Feb 2020
As a store manager or assistant manager it is set hours and set days, as for casuals it's changes all the time but store managers and assistant managers will be expected to come in and cover whatever shift a casual can't attend even if another nearby store's casual can't help pick up the hours
Answered 7 Oct 2019