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Personal Care Assistant | Melbourne Eastern Suburbs VIC | 1 Dec. 2017
Excellent opportunity to develop carer/nursing skills
With a positive attitude and a willingness to work hard, there are many opportunities available to expand existing carer/nursing skills and to learn and develop new skills. Opportunities to liaise and form good working relationships with personal carers, nurses, the allied health team, care residents and their friends and families.
ProsGreat learning opportunities
ConsStaff abusing sick leave entitlements
Laundry Attendant | Mildura VIC | 26 Oct. 2016
fun and dealing with the residents needs
Working to a time plan to make sure the residents needs are met Team work friendly and understanding friendly and great to work with saying good bye to the aged residents The residents and seeing their smile and chatting with them
Prosspending time with the aged residents
Consloosing the aged residents
Clinical Placement in a Aged Care Facility | Darwin NT | 30 Nov. 2015
The health care staff in the facility helped me much in achieving my learning objectives, and they were very friendly to me, sharing with me much working experience.
ProsProfessional working style, Priorities towards the safety of residents and staff
ConsWorkload overwhelming when under staff
Portfolio Analyst | Melbourne VIC | 27 Mar. 2020
This a dream job of mine when i started. It boosted alot of profesionalism in my field. It provide me with lots of field related experience and well grown up.
Assistant in Nursing | Caboolture QLD | 20 Aug. 2019
great people to work with management are not that good the hardest part of the is losing people you care for the best part of the job is hearing about their days as children
Personal Care Assistant | Dandenong VIC | 31 Oct. 2014
friendly environment
Morning shift consist of handover and then buddy up with a partner where we both help each other out with the lifting machine and performing activities of daily living (ADL's) to 3 or 4 residents before breakfast. One staff goes for a break while the other does yet another shower which include dressing, sitting the resident at a comfortable area ready for lunch, making beds and taking disposing of any dirty laundry and rubbish and then after, the second staff goes on a break when first one returns. Prior to lunch, all the ADL's must be performed and every staff must on be on the floor before the residents lunch arrives. Staff should starts taking the able-bodied residents to the dinning areas and the bed bound, assist in feeding by being present. Straight after the residents lunch finishes, the first staff goes to lunch whilst the other returns the able-bodied ones to their rooms or lounge, does the toileting and any changes. The second staff goes to lunch after the first one returns and finishes everything else. In the afternoon, tasks usually consist of taking PB, BGLs, Temperature and so on. Some residents likes to have their naps while others watches tv, join in any activity group available on the day. Afternoon staff will start to arrive.
Food Service Associate | Hurstville NSW | 4 Sep. 2020
I am their previous food assistant
There are 100 people and only you have to wash serve every thing they treat like slave ,there behaviour is very poor, all asian people, i never knew if i do not work another aged care and now i am feel blessed .
Food Service Associate | Tiwi NT | 14 Apr. 2020
Regis is a good place to learn new skills. Not only are you doing your job but you also get to interact with the residents. Workplace culture is very diverse. The hardest part I found was when PCA would tell me what they needed but if they forgot to say any allergies like lactose free and I've put normal milk they automatically blame me and say its my fault when it is a team effort. The most enjoyable part for me is talking to the residents during tea/coffee time and before and after dinner. It really brightens my day when they tell me about their younger days.
Endorsed Enrolled Nurse | Darwin NT | 22 Mar. 2021
Inadequate staffing and stressful working environment.
In 2015-2017 my experience with Regis Darwin was that staff and management retention was a significant issue. There were regular staff shortages and a significant staff turnover that resulted in excessive stress on staff. Most management during this time in Regis Darwin did not positively receive concerns being raised by staff. They failed the Accreditation and staff heads rolled. They discouraged staff who had resigned engaging with residents. We had about four Managers during my couple of years of working with Regis. The CEO in 2017 downplayed the issues that resulted in the failure of the Accreditation in media articles.
ProsThe friendships raised With the residents.
ConsExcessive staff turnover, staff shortages
Support Associate | Armadale VIC | 31 Dec. 2019
Love my work
My job at Regis I adore going to work every day the diverse people you meet.and the family's you encounter every day make me proud to be working there. We at Regis are a family young and older.

Questions And Answers about Regis Aged Care

If you were to leave Regis Aged Care, what would be the reason?
Asked 18 Mar. 2018
I want be leave unles I have sick or the Regis are not hope with my work.
Answered 7 Nov. 2020
To broaden your horizons in the healthcare field .
Answered 12 Sep. 2019
How should you prepare for an interview at Regis Aged Care?
Asked 29 Mar. 2017
Black pants white or blue shirt and a blaze to look respectful
Answered 5 May 2020
Normal casual clothes ( black o blue pants a polo shirt o a blouse ) comfortable safe shoes
Answered 19 Nov. 2019
Why do/did you like working at Regis Aged Care?
Asked 29 Mar. 2017
I was working in Regis as RN for few months, the staffing ratio is bad, I was always working short. The management only care about profit. Paper works are flawless that's their only quality of care towards our seniors.
Answered 15 Oct. 2018
I want to be part of your company and also when read about Regis, it’s sounds interested hot me
Answered 3 May 2018
What are the working hours at Regis Aged Care?
Asked 7 Jan. 2018
48 hr forthrightly
Answered 26 Jul. 2019
5-10 hour shifts
Answered 10 Jun. 2018
What was the most challenging part of your role at Regis Aged Care?
Asked 11 Oct. 2019
Having to provide large volumes of information accurately and within very limited time limits
Answered 3 May 2020
I couldn't know where I m wrong. Discrimination within staff and management (facelity manager and of their fevrouriate staff )
Answered 27 Mar. 2020