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Sales Representative | Adelaide Region SA | 23 Jan 2013
productive team within the shoe
Im allocated in the Shoe area, typical day involves keeping all shoe boxes aligned and ensure every shoe is set on display. Customer service involves greeting each customer and asking if they need any help with shoe preferences or requirements. The most enjoyable part of the job is meeting new people who come with different stories about why they are buying new shoes or when they come with their children looking for new colourful shoes. The hardest part if the management of the workplace is not as efficient as it should be, lunch times are not always given for the times we are entitled to. Also each person is allocated an area but if one area is very untidy and needs extra assistance, we are not allowed to go help incase customers come in the store which adds more pressure on the employee trying to clean and serve customers in the untidy area. I have learned a lot from this current job. Mostly to be more independent, being able to juggle providing customer service to a number of different customers at once and being able to find something to suit their needs and their personal liking within the price range they seek. Also learned to meet sale targets by trying new promotions and changing the appearance of shoes so they are easily noticed by customers and adding small notices which help customers to know what is so 'good' about the specific show.
Prosdiscounted purchases and viewing new items before they are released to public
Consinefficient management
Sports Consultant | Tuggeranong ACT | 16 Dec 2013
Productive day with sizing shoes.
My day started at 9 am and I was greeted with a male over 50 and he wanted a wide shoe that he will feel comfortable walking in. Whilst sizing and informing him what was best, a general conversation was taken and we both came to realisation we are from the same town originally. Throughout the day I can a number of infant and child shoes to fit, which consists of getting the juniors to take their shoes off and stand on the sizing board. They find it very fun as a result to the board changing colour with the heat. They than pick the shoe they like and I will see if it is in stock. I learn everyday that children will adapt to situations all at different times in their life. Some might do it sooner, some might be later. My co-workers are all in the same area so we are a close team and know how to handle stressed situations. The hardest part of the job would be when we don't have their favourite in stock and their faces drop because they cant have them. On the other side my favourite part of the job would definitely when they get their shoe on, it fits and its comfortable. I feel like i have helped them become the best they can be as their joggers will get them active outside or inside for that case.
ProsGreat people, constantly learning new things, staff discount
ConsCan be very quiet at times.
Sales Assistant | Napier WA | 19 Apr 2014
Fun place to work with challenges everyday
Acknowledging all customers who walk in the door while focussing on the task at hand. This was a working environment that offered employers to enhance their communication skills. Management treated all employers equally no matter if you were a supervisor or a sales assistant. Management also helped us strive towards meeting daily targets and gave us full support to accomplish given tasks successfully and swiftly. Co-workers became family, we pushed each other to perform the best we can and to prove results for the company. The hardest part of the job was not being able to access a non-existing product for the customer which to me, felt like I was letting them down even though the product did not exist. The most enjoyable part of the job was waking up motivated to go to work - reason being, I loved working with my co-workers and engaging with customers to fulfil their needs as they walk into the store.
ProsWorking with amazing people, satisfying customers
ConsNot being able to access products for customers
Team Member | Darwin NT | 14 June 2021
Great team to work with
Rebel is a great place to work, the managers at my store are amazing and understanding with employees who have other commitments such as uni, they're flexible with their rostering and always willing to listen to feedback. The workplace culture is really good as well especially because we have such a good team - everyone is so nice and they're honestly the most enjoyable part of the job for me, along with making customers happy with our service of course. The hardest part is the rude customers that we get every so often, but at least they're not too common at this store. A typical day at work depends on what department you're in, you could be on registers or on the floor but there are always KPIs to achieve. Working here has taught me a lot regarding customer service and making sales, and overall I would highly recommend it.
ProsFlexible, team-oriented
ConsThe occasional rude customer
Sales | Victoria | 14 June 2019
Bullying beware
Was great for several years. If the store manager doesnt like you be prepared to be bullied out of a job. Confront them to stop and it is made to be a joke. Ask for further help above and shut down. Its all about who they like. Doesnt matter how efficient or hard you work and the fact you are there to work. There is no anti bullying promoting what so ever as a whole. Theres an online module that can be skipped through to answer some questions and thats it. Enjoyed it for years working with a great team then they change managers. When an issue arises they hush you big time. Was a happy place once upon a time. Leaving is your best option if you dont want the stress of bullying and childish management.
ProsFriends you make
ConsPolitics, bullying, nasty managers. Bullying falling on deaf ears with no help.
Register | Blacktown NSW | 2 Dec 2012
Productive and fun workplace.
I've only been working at Rebel Sport for a couple of months now and so far it's been a great experience. Rebel Sport has been my first job ever so there was a lot of things that I had to learn, it was a challenge at first but then became fun as time went along. I did also study Retail Services in year 11 & 12 which did also really did come in handy too. In the few months I've been at Rebel Sport I have been trained to be a register operator. In been a register operator has many commitments along with it which includes, greeting & farewelling customers, communicating skills used, cash handling, answering phones, exchanges, refund. I have made great friends with my co-workers. Everyday at Rebel Sport is a enjoyable day.
Prosfree drinks/ smoothies
Conslong hours
Customer Service Representative | Redbank Plains QLD | 19 June 2016
i was described as a fast learner and stood out more then the rest, preffered to work in a team but was good individually.
Having the privilege to work at Amart sports was an amazing experience, I learned a lot of skills that will be useful to me in the future such as; customer service, Pricing items and Restocking shelves. I also was given tasks which I completed on the day I was given them. the hardest part of the job for me was understanding how to use equipment that wasn't relevant to me but got the hang of it in no time. the most enjoyable part of the job was to help assist older team members when they needed help.
ProsGood lunch Breaks, Working in a well known company, Staff.
ConsHaving to finish the day.
Customer Service Representative | Rockingham WA | 25 Feb 2014
Great Learning and Social Environment
Preparing stock ie. Refills and new stock, greeting customers and assisting their needs. Communicating with other team members or consulting them in everyday operation and running of the store. I learnt how to better meet customers needs and how to replenish stock along with recovering stock. Organizing stock in an eye-catching order and which styles were available that were trending at present. Management was exceptional. Details of what was expected from team members was clear and precise. The running of the store ran smoothly from opening to closing. The most enjoyable part of the job was learning new skills.
Customer Service Representative | Wetherill Park NSW | 6 Sept 2018
Opinion on working at Rebel Sport
A typical day at work is normal as they allow you to work in different departments. I've learnt many things during my time there such as working in the different departments such as hard goods and footwear along with working at the registers. The management is nice to their employees as the employees are generous to one another. The workplace is an ok environment to work in even though the store is small. The hardest part of the job is my travel to work as it can take up to 45 minutes to drive to work. The most enjoyable part of the job is to be able to engage with customers and help them out with what they need.
ProsEngaging employees
ConsTravel time
Sales Assistant | Sydney NSW | 5 May 2018
Not a bad place to work, don’t be surprised if you don’t get any shifts though
Have worked at Rebel for over 7 years, have gone through 2 different store managers and 6 floor managers. If you’re favoured by the staff member doing the rosters than you’ll get plenty of shifts. Harassment claims get swept under the carpet, and there is zero accountability for managers or full timers when they make mistakes, but make sure you don’t make any as a casual. You’ll pay for it. Overall, if you enjoy a decent discount on sports clothing and equipment, but do not think you’ll get a lot of shifts or reliable income.
ProsGood discount
ConsNo shifts, lack of reliability, no accountability, political
Retail Sales Associate | Manukau City, Auckland | 27 Mar 2019
fun place sometimes
A typical day will start with cashing up and getting tasks assigned to every team members for the day, recovery throughout the day and final clean up in the last hour. I have learned and improved on my customer service skills (face to face and over phone calls), merchandising, teamwork, working under pressure, working, till experience, and retail software such as SAP etc. Management has 10+ years of experience in the company but lacks few management skills such as good communication, planning etc. Workplace culture is positive as everybody has a great amount of knowledge about their areas, many things to learn. The hardest part of the job is searching up products in the database while the system is down. Most enjoyable part of the job is when you help customers find the product which they were seeking or matches their needs and you get positive feedback as your work has been appreciated.
Prosfree coffee
Consno commission on meeting targets
Sales Assistant | Hastings, Hawke's Bay | 5 Mar 2015
Productive workplace
Typical day at work would be processing stock and serving customers at the counters. I didn't learn much as I already had the skills needed for the position and it wasn't the type of job where you could excel. Management were quite rough, as in - my Manager swore, she shared personal stories with other work colleagues, she talked behind staff members back. On the bright side, management were quite good at what they did but they need to be more loyal to their loyal staff. Hardest part of the job was motivation to go to work because I hate negativity with a passion. There were negative vibes coming from my Manager, therefore I didn't want to be around that type of energy. I didn't want to live my life feeling like that every week. Most enjoyable part of the job was working with the amazing staff members who loved and supported each other hence the things management were doing.
Host/Hostess | Toronto, ON | 16 Dec 2020
Fun if you’re looking for something partime
Relaxed schedule, fun for anyone young and looking to make extra money. Difficult for anyone who doesn’t have a car as it’s a bit far from king street and other clubs, is usually congested with traffic so dependable transportation is a must. Hours are late, would need to be ok with a certain lifestyle, good for students who just need a job on the weekends. Also, don’t look to be spoon fed, positions there are pretty simple but if you want to move up that’s completely up to you to ask and prove you are hard working and capable to bring in clientele. (Being liked is definitely an asset so keep in mind to be in the good side of managers)
ProsMusic, drinking
ConsLate, traffic

Questions And Answers about Rebel

What is the company culture like at Rebel?
Asked 3 Apr 2017
Great fun team oriented business.
Answered 29 May 2017
Awesome and very supportive
Answered 23 May 2017
What excites you most about working for Rebel?*
Asked 5 Sept 2018
What excites me to work for rebel is to be able to engage and have good communication with the customers and helping others not only the customers but my team members.
Answered 30 Oct 2019
That I am able to engage with customers that need help looking for products that they need and want.
Answered 10 Mar 2019
What is the interview process like at Rebel?
Asked 8 July 2018
Mine was a group interview. It was actually quite fun. They first asked us to partner up and we told a bit about each other to our partner. Our partner then had to tell the rest of the people about us, essentially trying to 'sell' us. The next activity was in groups of 4 were we had to order the most important to least important items from a list, that we would need if we were stuck on the moon. It was a different type of interview but fun.
Answered 5 Feb 2021
They want to see how do you interact with others. try to be active and show them you have the knowledge of sport product because they going to ask you to pick one from the store and sell it to others .by doing this they want to know about your presentation and you knowledge
Answered 4 Sept 2019
Why do/did you like working at Rebel?
Asked 24 Apr 2017
Because I was studying and had other job on the side as well
Answered 5 Feb 2018
I loved working at Rebel, with a great team environment, great incentives,with so many opportunities to further your skills and career aspirations for those who wish to do so. I would recommend anyone with the above interests to work at Rebel.
Answered 14 Sept 2017
What interview questions do they ask at Rebel?
Asked 3 Apr 2017
Where im from what i like to do sport what i do at school
Answered 18 May 2019
Describe why you would make a great Rebel Team Member?*
Answered 24 Sept 2018