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Warehouse Worker | Brisbane QLD | 6 Apr 2016
Good while they need you
This is another typical Labour Hire Company, they are there to make money off of you and the actual work that you are doing. They were one of the better ones I had worked for at first but there is no loyalty for going above and beyond. Keep your own records for everything, and ask lots of questions before accepting a role. Guys work Smart and Safe!! Make one mistake on the forklift or show your disapproval about a particular situation and they will simply cut you loose, no matter how much commitment you display. Trust me they can use a matter of excuses and casuals have very few options. Programmed will put you into any role that is a priority for them and not nescassarilly suited to you and what you want. Will try to force you into roles to fill positions to please their clients first and foremost... even knowing full well in advance that these roles have high staff turn overs. A few times I got called in at all hours of the night for immediate fill in positions. Don't expect bonus pay for jumping out of bed at 2am and racing off to work, you will only get whatever rate applies. Occasionally I had my roster changed at the last minute without appropriate notice. When I complained I was told that's the nature of casual work. Again the client is the main focus so you had two choices work it or refuse and risk your ongoing job. The pay varies dramatically from one assignment to another. Generally larger Union sites pay better, smaller warehouses may pay the award
Sorter | Sydney NSW | 24 Nov 2019
Very fast paced working conditions
Programmed needs to look for their workers needs and satisfaction not treating them just numbers that can be erased and replaced. Some workers were so confused at times when their shift was cancelled while they are in the jobsite and sent home with no remorsed nor any explanation.some old workers with more than 8 years of services were not given any help at all when looking for another job when their present works is in jeopardy and their main resource is to moved and look for another agency to work. One time i showed my loyalty to programmed as I moved with them when their contracts were just lost in one company but they didn’t saw your loyalty to them but They didn’t help you or placed you with another job and they didn’t treat you well and ignore you by not giving you any job for 2 months and the person I am dealing with is so arrogant and not very helpful at all. They think their agency were so big and they are above the clouds.
Grounds Maintenance Worker | Australia | 9 Oct 2013
I generally enjoyed my time working at Programmed Maintence Services, otherwise would not have worked there for nearly 9 years.
Working in a small close knit team with a common goal to achieve the best outcome for the business and client bodies by maintaining the extensive grounds at University SA and Adelaide University, keeping the grounds neat and tidy and being careful to use equipment that would not endanger team members, students or other members of the general public. Prune bushes, pick up general waste and garden litter to dispose of in the appropriate bins, sweep pathways, brush cut the edges of lawn, mow lawns with a ride on mower. Being outside in the fresh air was always an advantage, as well as the mateship with colleagues. There is always another way to complete the task so being flexible is a must and can always learn off each other.
ProsFresh air
ConsSometimes extreme early starts at 5.00am
Electrician | Morwell VIC | 20 Jan 2015
Worst management had the misfortune to work for
the less said the better, company preaches zero harm but wont practice what they preach ..if it cost money it doesnt happen. Lack of communication from management..told one thing and the opposite happens.Workers are told that they are at fault if the company is not making money, Told to up grade on all work down, add to the list even if it is not down to be done. This is a contract with government department and all extra works has to be approved, not approved not allowed to do work.Management has a hard time trying to understand this.Continually informing workers that they will out source work to sub contractors, if they cant make more money. Overall it appears as if upper and middle management lack the necessary skills and communication ability to be a good managers
Prospay rate was good
ConsNo communications between workers and any level of management
Procurement Specialist | Melbourne City Centre VIC | 16 May 2018
Secure role within a large Company, with potential for growth.
I have only been with this Company for four months. Not long enough to provide an informed opinion. Prior to this role I worked for Alcoa of Australia for ten years as a Procurement Specialist in the Capital team, based at WA's Pinjarra Refinery and Huntly Mine site. Alcoa are a global Mining company that are environmentally,health and safety aware. Alcoa provide a diverse and tolerant workplace for people from all cultures and strongly support equal opportunities and encourage and support self progression. Alcoa are led by strong approachable people who welcome constructive feedback relating to all matters which will enhance people and the business moving forward.
ProsExcellent work environment
ConsCan be demanding on occasions.
administration | Busselton WA | 13 Nov 2012
programmed is a great company as a whole.
A typical day at work involves sending out work orders to our contractors and getting them back in, so they can get paid. I have learnt so much working with PFM. For exaple how to use NAV, create invoices, audits, how to communicate better with all types of people. A new manager has recently started. Things have become harder and coming to work everyday is becoming a stuggle, as the office has become very tence and not a nice place to work. Besides the new addition everyone in my office gets along very well and we all do our bit to make things run quickly and smoothly. The hardest part at the moment is traveling from Bunbury to Busselton and back everyday. The most enjoyable part is the girls i work with.
Prosthere is never a dull moment.
Constraveling back and forth everyday.
Order Picker | Virginia QLD | 19 Mar 2019
Made to commit to a whole week of shifts only to have them cancelled on the day
Programmed are terrible to work for. Constantly made to confirm weekly shifts only to have them cancel at last minute (2-3 hours before shift start). When questioned about it the replied "that's the life of a casual". Why would anyone work for such a poorly managed labour hire mob? Because of them I had turned down multiple other opportunities as I had already confirmed my shifts (only to have them cancelled on the day). When I called to ask for a position with more stability I was told there was nothing available, called the after-hours number to check and was advised my profile had been "archived"? These guys just want to get number on their books.
ProsLots of promises to provide work
ConsCancelling shifts a few hours before start times
Forklift Operator | Brisbane QLD | 2 June 2017
Low pay for expectations
Working under this employment agency be ready to have no life outside of work. 2wks of Early shifts, followed by 2wks of late shift. Where your start and finish times constantly change, and communication is not the best! They take a HUGE cut of what the company you are working for pays them for your work hours (like half). The work i was doing was dangerous and the pay didnt reflect this, nor was it in line with normal award casual rates. (Checkout chicks earn more on casual basis) No holidays, no Sick days. Any Overtime worked on nightshift paid on day shift rates. No bonuses, no incentives. No loyalty nor job security, even for the better more productive employees.
Prosoccasional free BBQ & drinks
ConsLow payrate for dangerous work, casual No: job security/hols/sick days
Associate | Darwin NT | 17 Mar 2013
Good place to work, good people and good hours
Very safety orientated grounds business. Lots of variety - different duties to perform daily. From whipper snipping to mowing to landscaping, I experienced it all at Programmed. Management at times were unfair and quick to point the finger at other employees, however I never had an issue as such. Good money at the end of the week and weekly pay which is a bonus but to earn the good money you must sacrifice your whole life - only getting Sunday off which is not ideal seeing as the work is physically draining. Once you are respected at Programmed, things are good at work - all in all it is a great place to work if you are willing to put in the man hours.
Prosfree breakfasts, job security, lots of hours available
Consphysically draining
Operator | Brisbane QLD | 2 June 2019
Poor management and support system
Programmed themselves are next to useless. Account managers responsible for employees can never answer questions or be contacted. Support staff on the company contact phones are seemingly provided with no resources or service training whatsoever. Website portal is virtually inaccessible unless you use an out of date browser. The system they push employees to use is plagued by bugs and technical issues. If you are applying for a job to work directly with a company and can operate largely independently of Programmed, it isn't so bad. Otherwise forget them unless you enjoy being treated like trash.
ProsThey usually pay on time
ConsManagement and support staff are rude and largely useless.

Questions And Answers about Programmed

If you were to leave Programmed, what would be the reason?
Asked 22 Mar 2017
Yes, it is
Answered 3 July 2020
After going for a interview at programme perth. No feedback from staff and no e-mails answered. Poor performance from staff and unsupportive company
Answered 26 Nov 2019
What would you suggest Programmed management do to prevent employees from leaving?
Asked 22 Mar 2017
Treat casual people with respect without casual work person the your Agency is nothing
Answered 23 Oct 2019
I'd advise them to not to reassure people like myself that every next week will be better and that lll get a 38hr week when it's not upto them there just an Agency, ld also like them to at least share the workload around so not the same group off Casauls are always getting 38hrs or very close to when us others arnt getting close we struggle to get 30hrs for our Familes so this needs to improve and sorted really soon otherwise there will be a huge walkout as many Casaul worker have already left and others including myself might have to look else where as well which will be unfortunate but we need to be able to support our Families
Answered 9 July 2019
What are the working hours at Programmed?
Asked 7 Sept 2017
Supposbliy be btwn 4hrs and 10hrs shifts but unfortunately these arnt being shared so everyone gets close to there 38hr week which l wish they would as l know there new to us and have teething issues but it's been 4weeks + and lm yet to see 1 x close to 38hrs and lm a 1 income family with lots of kids l just want to work .
Answered 9 July 2019
Generally 12 hours
Answered 29 May 2019
Does Programmed require a background check? What kind of background check does Programmed do?
Asked 16 Mar 2017
Yes, Police clearance but if you're friends with the boss you dont need any relevant skills for the job.
Answered 15 Nov 2018
Yes they ref check you and do medical
Answered 31 Oct 2018
How is feedback from management and/or colleagues delivered at Programmed?
Asked 7 Mar 2019
Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Everyone was very helpful and always helped you if you needed work
Answered 12 Sept 2021
Supervisors and managers are very supportive. Often have face to face catch ups to discuss performance
Answered 2 July 2019