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Team Member | Melbourne VIC | 5 June 2015
Oporto can do better
Every store is different. My store was well run, efficient and clean. However the ethics revolved around quality and the product, there was little time or no time to improve the work place environment. The place was hostile if the store manager did not favour you, there was no music or leisure chit chat amongst workers, it would be immediately shut down and perfection was the standard no less. The pay was minimal however the work load was vast, it does teach humility and builds strong character and ethics towards work, quality and results. We aren't machines though, so it was hard to enjoy working for less. Oporto are very far off from the strides of other fast food companies, there are no benefits that can be taken away besides experience. There are no offers of promotional spots besides manager roles, no qualifications that can be added such as barista skills or RSA. The company still has much to grow and being a part of the gradual rise is far too much of a risk considering other places are more established and can offer more.
Prosstable income, straight forward procedures
Conslong hours, no holiday pay, unflexible, no fun vibes just work, minimal qualifications
Front End Associate | Tamworth NSW | 8 Jan 2018
Good beginning job to gain starter skill set
A typical day at work consisted of several rushes through the day, cleaning, cooking, packing, and taking orders. You clocked on knowing what to do straight away with a list of jobs put up under your name. In this job, I learned most of the skills I have now such as food handling, safety procedures, the value of operations, how to work in a team, the functionality of stores, and more about how to talk to people and serve customers in the correct way. The management was always friendly to all of the staff and followed the correct procedures when dealing with a situation. The workplace culture was enjoyable. The attitudes of employees were appropriate and friendly. The hardest part of the job was dealing with complaints, sometimes it can get overwhelming when you are just a kid and someone is yelling at you. Another hard part was working in the hottest part of the store while it is a summers day. The most enjoyable part of the job is meeting new people and building relationships with them at work. I loved the team at Oporto and that is the saddest part of leaving.
ProsGreat people
ConsSome customers
| Hoxton Park NSW | 4 Jan 2022
Management do not know how to treat their staff correctly
The management at Oporto make working here a nightmare. Little mistakes are treated as if they are catastrophic contributing to a workplace full of unnecessary pressure and stress. As many of the workers are young teenagers with busy lives, juggling school and a social life, you would think they would be flexible with working hours... wrong. They give you such a hassle when you cannot work a shift even though they have other workers that can take them on. Managers also have favourites and least favourites and I don't think I need to go into depth with that point. In regards to COVID, I do not think their procedures are up to standard. Managers still expect you to work even if you are a contact or need to be tested. Even if you are showing symptoms of COVID, they will only allow you to stay home with a positive test from a clinic which I find strange as wait times are ridiculously long to receive a test and therefore results also. Overall, I have never enjoyed hospitality settings after working here.
Pros- Nothing I can think of
Cons- Listed above
Team Member | Mirrabooka WA | 19 Jan 2016
productive and opportunity provider with a lot of space for self development.
A whole routine at Oporto can be descried as being busy and looking for areas for personal growth and development. This company always strives to gain customer satisfaction. As a team member i have taught to carefully handle customers, upsell the ordered items and I have also excelled in being a all rounder as i was even capable of lending a hand in the maintaining the restaurant neat and approachable. At times, I have even looked after the stock needed during the daily business routines. My co-workers have helped me gain speed in my work plus everyone create a comfortable zone where communication is not a problem. The management of the restaurant is remarkable and enables individuals to develop and grow. The hardest part of the job is ' not being busy' as being busy indulges an individual to get into something productive. And finally, the most enjoyable part of the job is the working environment and getting to know regular customers to enhance their loyalty and experience.
Back of House Team Member | Wetherill Park NSW | 12 Aug 2013
Great staff to work with, excellent team work with no conflict at all.
Always something to do during the day even when things were slow or quiet. Learnt how to prepare food properly and ensure that no one gets sick and what things to look for when food is unfit to be served. The management team there was friendly and helpful whenever anyone needed to know something, they always showed how to do things the correct way and would always offer advice on how to do things quicker and more efficient. I worked well with my co-workers and had no conflict with any of them, we had great synergy when it came to lunch time rush and worked in a quick efficient manner. The hardest part about working at Oporto's was maintaining everything stocked on time as we were always in a rush it was hard to be on top of everything that needed to be stocked 100% of the time. The most enjoyable part of working at Oporto's was working with such a great team who was always willing to lend a hand when needed and were friendly all the time.
ProsCheap drinks, great environment
Store Manager | Brisbane QLD | 24 Sept 2012
Excellent Location, Great Management and New company still growing
A typical day at work consists of getting the store ready to open and provide hot, fresh food and outstanding customer service to the customers. Ordering needs to be done each day, and rostering once a week. Managing the store and adjusting to whatever the day throws at you can be challenging but rewarding. I have a great management team and co-workers who all have a close bond. Most enjoyable part is giving someone the opportunity to try each area and new positions. I like to have all staff cross trained and quarterly change my manager repsonsibilities so each person can learn new things which will help them for future jobs with the experience. But also helps the company at the same time as having multiple staff with broader knowledge of how things are run.
Prosstaff discounts, outings, great friendly team, still a new developing brand
Consworking in the valley with drunk people on weekends is challenging but quite fun
Cook | Melbourne VIC | 17 July 2016
There wasn't anything fun during that particular time,
-the first day at work I was a little bit nervous because everyone around me were different and I was ready to explore and the most important thing at was to communicate I've never been shied to anybody to talk. - I have had learned many different aspects of when I was comparing the previous work to this one was significantly different from its environment and its people. More importantly I had to learn things fast and quick and I had to get things done very fast. - Time management was another important part at work. -The co-workers was always there and ready to help the new employees. - The hardest part of this job was giving the right orders to the customer, because by one mistake they could lost their valuable customer. -for me the most enjoyable moment part of this job was to communicate and get to know as many people as I could.
ProsI had only one time free lunch and it was my first day at work.
ConsOne soft drink in my first day at work.
Crew Member | Hillbank SA | 9 June 2015
Productive/fun work environment with a great team!
Oporto was a productive and fun place to work, but like other workplaces it could get stressful. A typical day would begin by checking what station your manager had put you on and from there you would be completing a list of tasks before your shift ended. During my time at Oporto I learnt great customer service, working within a team, how to handle food and prep properly within the OH&S, stock count, restocking products, how to run a shift, use of a cash register and eftpos and time management. The hardest part of the job was cleaning the grills and fryers as they were hot and the protective gear was always fogging. The best part of working at Oporto was coming in everyday to an amazing team that worked together as best they could and were always there for you to make your day that much brighter.
ProsGreat team, good work environment, good managers
Consvery underpaid, long ridiculous hours
Team Member | Brisbane QLD | 9 Oct 2016
Alright place but turned horrible
I had been working at Oporto for a few months and it was incredible. I made some new friends and my managers were great. But then the company sold the store to a franchisee, and the place plummeted. The new managers are so absuive to all of the staff. They had repeatedly told me that I am not as good as the other staff and have on occasion yelled at me or ripped things out of my hands while I was trying to do a job. They say we are overstaffed and have stopped giving a lot of us no shifts at all, but then they turn around and hire more people. Absolutely horrid place and I'm anticipating leaving. It is such a shame as the new managers have tainted all of the good memories I have.
ProsDiscounted food
ConsAbusive managers, long shifts with no breaks
Customer Service Representative | Sydney Olympic Park NSW | 9 Mar 2016
my first job in Australia
It was my first job in this job I have learned so many things...I did not have any idea about this I was Managers were too good....they never get tired to support this job I need to take orders, make a bill and and serve the food.... as well as I need fill the stocks and clean the front area properly... my co workers were very friendly to me and they were helpful as well.....Olympic park was a busy area and it get more busy during event e.g sports, concerts, etc..on those event sometimes I need to work for 12 hours that was bit hard for me moreover it was enjoyable because after work sometimes me and my co workers went to the event and that was so nice.
Prosno free lunch if I work less than 8 hours
Conslong hours

Questions And Answers about Oporto

How long does it take to get hired from start to finish at Oporto? What are the steps along the way?
Asked 3 Apr 2017
Online application, then you do a face to face interview. If accepted you do a 2 week probation period and if competent then you get hired.
Answered 14 Nov 2018
They would go through an intervuew, and if successful they would get a trail
Answered 7 Oct 2018
What should you wear to an interview at Oporto?
Asked 23 Mar 2017
Casual clothes
Answered 10 Dec 2019
Smart casual
Answered 16 Nov 2018
Does Oporto have a staff discount? How much is Oporto’s staff discount?
Asked 23 Mar 2017
Staff discount when working is 50% off
Answered 21 Jan 2018
Oporto does have a staff discount by 10%
Answered 17 Jan 2018
How old do you have to be to work here
Asked 24 Mar 2018
12+ For people in year 7 it come more responsible
Answered 21 Apr 2022
You can be 14, 9 months to work
Answered 4 Nov 2018
If you were to leave Oporto, what would be the reason?
Asked 21 Jan 2018
The only reason I would leave Oporto (Fortitude Valley), is purely due to location. I do have to travel 1 hour and half back and forth by train. Which is a problem, as trains can be unreliable, and this affects my tardiness.
Answered 5 Jan 2019
Better pay, more career advancement
Answered 16 Nov 2018