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Community Service Officer | Brisbane QLD | 1 Mar 2020
I have had a fantastic experience within MA
I have had the pleasure of working across two different services during my time with Mission Australia, due to redeployment from a program that lost its funding in late 2017. When I was initially employed, the person who had been in my role had already left a couple of months before my appointment. It just happened I was fortunate enough to have a state office staff member take me under her wing and induct me into my role as best she could, however the specifics of the program I had to work through with the handover information that the previous staff member had left me. This enabled me to add my own touch to the current systems and processes and shape the position as my own. Workplace culture was always one of hard work, with alot of light moments, to balance some of the complex situations that you could experience working in a high pressure environment. As with any workplace/team that has a mix of values, beliefs and personality traits there were clashes and cliques, but at the end of the day everyone always came together, supported each other and looked out for one another. In both positions I have worked in the pace is fast and varied. I have personally had the opportunity to perform higher duties in other roles in my time here, which was amazing! Being able to impact people's lives in the smallest of ways to me and see how it can make a life changing difference never ceases to amaze me and I feel very blessed to have the opportunity to be part of this org
ProsFlexibility when it comes to family, Great bunch of people to work with, Opportunities to impact the community you work in, Supportive, Approachable middle management, Salary sacrifice opportunities
ConsLong hours, Not a lot of opportunity for career progression in certain departments if you're looking for that
Administrative Officer | Maddington WA | 10 May 2015
It presented great opportunity to progress my skills and advance further in my career
I initially started as the receptionist, with no training at all. I had the opportunity to sink or swim. I swam. As the receptionist my day would conisist of answering phones, greeting clients and notifying their case worker. Doing any admin task that was requested by site manager or case worker's. Dealing with Mail, site functions, Interviewing clients for their initial linking appoitments with the Job Network Provider. After an internal audit of the Maddington site by Senior Management from the Eastern states. They identified my potential and I was promoted to Administration Officer, part of my position was to supervisor the Receptionist ensuring she was effect in her role. Alongside processing all accounts payable, petty cash and reconciling monthly Income and Expenditure reports.Utlizing daily the Job Seeker account. Managing the day-to-day running of the site so that it would run smoothly, so that it would be no hindrance to the site Manager and staff. Effectively growing strong relations with Internal and External Management. I had the privellege to work alongside QLD Operations Manager, Maroochydore's Service Manager, Team Leader, WA's PIM (Performance Improvement Manager) and Julian Roffe SA Regional Manager all of who spoke highly of me and gave me great encouragement of my work ethic and abilities. My employment ceased due to Mission Australia loosing their contract with DEEWR.
ProsThe people, staff and clients. I enjoyed the diversity of my job
ConsIt was employment based upon contract
Employment Advisor | Sydney Western Suburbs NSW | 16 Dec 2015
long established organization, good salary package, personal use of company car.
Typical day at wok from 9,30 to 5.30pm Organised participants appointment minimum 6 to 8 per day. reverse marketing activity, admin tasks, initial assessments management and staff meeting, daily marketing meetings. What I learned Management and supervision skills, time management, initial and non initial assessment , preparation of purchase orders, process of government claims, reverse marketing, pre employment preparation trainings, employers referrals and wage subsidy negotiations, the use of the ESS web government website and the use of CRM internal program Liased and Throughout my previous and current employment I always maintain a focus on achieving the required performance and contractual economic outcome ensuring the targets were met or exceeded Management Very Supportive My co workers Very cooperative and we help to each other through our fortnightly management meetings or when required The hardest part of the job to meet monthly targets and to meet the massive quantity of admin tasks on daily basis. To convince employers to employ a person with a disability regardless if we offer wage subsidy and post placement support services. the most enjoyable part of the job To assist and encourage people with disabilities to overcome vocational and/or non vocational barriers to gain confidence, independence and to be able to participate in decision making. To encourage people with disabilities to have access and to participate in loca
Tutor | New South Wales | 15 Nov 2019
Productive, Learning experience
Busy day, collaboration between staff, always we think what is usefull for children such as what they are going to learn from an activity, giving children variety of options, children hygiene and safety first, all times sitting and playing with children and talking to them to reach what and how they are thinking in order to let us know how to scaffolding on activities from their interests. everyone working as a bee in this centre,everyone is endeavor to reach goals with children, we teach children about their health and wellbeing, sharing, manners, be responsible and a lot more. And participating to put our Centre QIP and of course as all educators I put in my room's QIP. Management is absolutely fabulous. The hardest part for teachers and educators in our centre (Except me) is a lot of paper work has to be done. Always we are updated with info through PD. The most enjoyable part that educators and senior educators giving me a chance to share responsibilities and learning from those responsibilities. I always say how lucky students who are coming to do their Practice in our centre they leave with huge learning experience as they have been given a chance to practice what they have studied and more and at the end they are most probably been offered a job with us. It is a grace and bless to work in this centre, And I always think how lucky are those children to attend our centre and I always wish that I knew this centre earlier so my children would have a chance to be her
Case Worker | Brisbane QLD | 1 Nov 2015
Productive, client focused, continual and professional development
I currently Case manage a full case load of families who require early intervention family support service. I provide an in home family support service that is client focused, strengths based, therapeutic, referral based, trauma informed in home support service. My job also entails for me to comply with completing case notes for Department of Communities standards, assessment and research for support services to empower the family for long term support. I engage with a fantastic team of co-workers for case support and we work together as a team engaging in group and individual supervision weekly. I really enjoy working with others who are passionate, have a high level of experience and wisdom to share. I enjoy being able to work independently/collaboratively with families, with the support of my team and management. I have learnt how to develop a high level of case management, interpersonal skills, a strong adherence too child safety guid lines, importance of supervision and accountability, the importance of self care and continual professional development. Mission Australia hold a high level of ethical, value based and belief focused organisation. They create a great work environment, where all are supported to achieve a high level of work efficiency.
Educator | Katherine NT | 13 Mar 2017
Excellent mission and ethos
The workplace culture varies from place to place but the key value of celebrating our successes no matter how minor was so useful when the work involves such misery and hardship with clients. The values are strong and when they are embodied the company is a great place to work. For the day to day work of all staff put great effort in to help their clients and make a real effort to change their lives. I learned how to embody the spirit of Mission Australia and strive to live up to the moral and ethical framework of the organisation. The most enjoyable part of the job was the personal relationships created with clients and colleagues. The people I worked with made it worth coming to work. Which makes it hard to understand how the management can fail to put the resources into Human Resource management and take care of their people. In an effort to reduce the often unnecessary bureaucracy they have cut back on middle management, including HR and the organisation suffers. The battle between helping people and making ends meet can also make it harder to do our jobs under so much stress. The organisation is great to work for and most of the staff are fantastic. Overall a great place and doing fantastic things for the community.
ProsGreat benefits to the community
ConsThe need to meet the spreadsheet targets
Teacher | Whyalla SA | 15 June 2013
enjoyable and personally rewarding
There is no typical day at work. Each day brings a new problem and surprise. The best thing is to address each issue as it arises and make good use of problem solving skills, having an attitude of 'there is a solution to all things' is a must in this role. Above all else I have learnt to be patient, listen, address all issues as the most important thing to the client you are dealing with at the time. I have learnt to deal with all things, realise there is also more to learn, work independently and being self supportive is rewarding. In this office and in this environment it is important that as co-workers we support each other, take care of ourselves and each other and just get on with the job, even when the day looks bleak. The hardest part of the job is to listen to heart wrenching stories of our clients and then go home and leave it at work. It is sometimes hard to believe that some of our clients are dealing with terrible past afflictions that we just simply cant do anything about. It is best to simply refer to somebody who can help and walk beside the person and support their journey. The most enjoyable part is seeing light at the end of a long tunnel and watching the growth of those we are supporting.
Prosflexible work situation, excellent work conditions, ongoing support
Career Advisor | Charlestown NSW | 5 Feb 2017
Transforming Lives
I worked with Mission Australia for 3.5 years in a range of roles from Job Placement, Sales Rep, Claims Officer to Reception to Caseworker (some days), as we had several periods with very low levels of staff it wasn't uncommon for staff to be doing 3 peoples work without getting the time to do it, we had high quality of jobseekers and not enough caseworkers to assist properly in finding employment, I worked 12 hour days (7am - 7pm) just to get work done as I was usually the only one doing anything, however management didn't care let alone acknowledge when you would go above and beyond the role to get the best outcome, but as soon as something went wrong you would be chastised and asked why you couldn't do better. However whilst I was there I did gain many skills on how to interact with diverse cultures and people of all different walks of life, understanding mental illness and disabilities and gaining skills and using programs that I had never used before as well as being able to help those who had been unemployed find work for the first time in 10 years which was the best part of the role.
Trainee | Brisbane QLD | 10 Jan 2014
Productive and Family like work place
> A typical day at work would be photocopying regular documents > printing out appointment sheet > answering calls > assisting clients when needed > filing > making calls > stationary orders > printing, folding and sending off appointment letters what i learned was how important it is to be able to work in a team as you are able to work more smoothly and efficiently. It is important to have great communication with your colleagues as it will make it easier for you to come together to meet targets and goals within the working environment. The hardest part of the job would have to be dealing with aggressive clients in person and over the telephone, it gets quite intimidating at times. The part of my day that I enjoy, I cant choose because there are always moments throughout the day that you share with your co workers. Besides that I would have to say that I did enjoy when I was able to assist clients when they needed help.
Employment Advisor | Meekatharra WA | 22 July 2012
Enjoy working with people and have very good people skills
Interviewing unemployed clients creating an employment pathway plan. Organising training and referral to training courses. Reverse market jobseekers for employment. Paying for jobseekers to upgrade their skills. Assisting other co-workers in their endeavour to cold canvass employment for jobseekers. The hardest part of the job is that it is in a remote area and their is limited employment prospect until the mines are fully operational in the midwest gascoyne area. Also their are Literacy and Numercy problems with the clients. If we could have them learn basic reading to survive in reading danger signs. Updating data in the computer on the individual and seeking the employment that they are able to do. The most enjoyable part is when someone have secured employment locally and they are pleased with the position that one has found them.

Questions And Answers about Mission Australia

What are the benefits and perks of working at Mission Australia?
Asked 9 Apr 2017
My name is wasifshahzad I am from Pakistan I'm joining your company
Answered 29 June 2018
This june i travel in Australia only visit visa please help me which company there i apply
Answered 27 May 2018
Why do/did you like working at Mission Australia?
Asked 22 Aug 2018
Supportive professional service
Answered 9 Apr 2019
Management considers you as a person
Answered 5 Jan 2019
Can you work remotely at Mission Australia?
Asked 12 July 2019
Depends on location where i am leaving
Answered 5 Jan 2021
Yes, because capable to do assigned work independently
Answered 4 Feb 2020
How would you describe the pace of work at Mission Australia?
Asked 6 June 2019
Fast pace but not stressful
Answered 11 Nov 2020
There is always something to do if you’re doing it right, in my opinion. There is continuously updated online training available and ever changing guidelines to stay up to date on. If you are not busy working with clients both directly and indirectly, administration will require a fair bit of your attention. It’s all happening and it amazing!
Answered 12 July 2019
If you were to leave Mission Australia, what would be the reason?
Asked 3 Apr 2018
Contracted Ended
Answered 11 Nov 2020
End of Contract
Answered 4 Nov 2018