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Truck Driver | Hazelmere WA | 13 Feb 2019
If you're prepared to do long haul, it's good paying work
I've enjoyed my time with Linfox as a roadtrain operator, the gear is exceptionally good for the environments they're subjected to and the fleet is renewed every few years. The other drivers are an awesome bunch of people to work with, and everyone is on the same page which is GREAT in a transport company. The biggest problem with this particular type of work is never knowing exactly what's going on from one week to the next. While the work is usually pretty steady, it isn't unusual for a week with several days off in a row which can make a huge difference between pay packets. Trips are notified via text message the day before, but you will need to allow an extra 90 minutes before you are actually scheduled to depart so you can get all of your prestart completed correctly. Paperwork paperwork paperwork.... You will just about need to hire your own secretary for this role, I've never worked in another job where you have to do so much paperwork! So much information duplicated several times, a lot of time is lost while completing this.... Does my head in, but it has to be done.... Management has been progressively getting worse recently, but I think it's due to powers from above putting the pressure on them, and the organisation is pretty dismal. For the most part, the loading team usually get things right, but there's also a lot of times when they get things really wrong too, and it's not unusual for freight having to be restrained correctly or reloaded. All in all, it'
ProsGood pay, quiet, comfortable trucks. Exceptional gear.
ConsNo set roster, senior management trying to erode wages and conditions.
Clerk | Rosehill NSW | 14 Dec 2018
i left for a reason
I started at this company i 2007 as transport personnel (offsider) a few years later i was given an opportunity to do the allocation/routing role. i did this job to the best of my abilities yet there was still no guarantee that i would be made permanent. i developed an excel spreadsheet program version of a document that was originally hand written, taking time & resulting in alot of errors (making stock levels inaccurate) my computerised version improved productivity & virtually halved the stock discrepancies. Still no guarantee of being made F/T, so i chose to go back as transport personnel. years late they would cut all our pay by 40% & increase workload by not replacing staff who had left. This paycut resulted in my finances being ruined & im now blacklisted & have a credit default for 7 years. i was once again given an opportunity to do an office admin role "Inventory Clerk" this role wasn't easy as the personnel in that office was halved by people leaving & not being replaced (putting unnecessary pressure on us) yet i performed to the best of my ability. All i received was negativity & no formal training for the role. They promised me advancement in this role then three months later chose someone else. It seems the culture in this place is very volatile &wasn't going to get any better so i made the decision to leave abruptly & start all over again. Be careful of this place.
Administrative Assistant | Victoria | 7 May 2014
Friendly workplace, comfortable work culture and inspiring work situations.
My daily work responsibilities involved cataloging aviation flight movements into billable invoices to the customer base, create and maintain reports detailing each aircraft and the number of flight movements for each month end, follow up on all debtors that are outstanding and report to the Financial Accountant. My skills that I developed at Linfox were primarily in accounting software, listing to and interpreting aviation traffic terminology. Management at Linfox were very supportive and encouraging in developing further skills in my field. My co workers were always pleasant and professional. My manager was supportive and was always available to seek advice and assistance when required. The hardest and most challenging part of my job was dealing with unpleasant customers who challenged the billing system. I thoroughly enjoyed working for Linfox and found all my jobs interesting and challenging. The most enjoyable job was documenting aeronautical flight movements and transferring data into the accounting software.
Payroll Administrator | Western Australia | 2 Feb 2013
As I had a veriety of jobs, it was very rewarding. The truck drivers that came in had a great sense of humour which was great. Very supportive staff
Make sure drivers had clocked on. All attended pre-start meeting and warm up exercises. Queries on wages, and leave. As the trucks came in from Perth, checking their manifests, then making new manifests for the return trip. When the drivers were unable to return that same day keeping track of the demurrage. This was shared with my colleague.I also kept track of the fuel register - comparing fuel to km, chasing the guys for their receipts. At the end of the day emailing all the reports through to Perth which took ages as our system was snails pace. Thursdays we had our Toolbox meeting, office, yard and drivers. We all contributed at these meetings, and management was always open to new ideas. The hardest part was allocating freight for return trip to Perth as a lot of the times this was changed because of positioning of freight in the yard. Everyone at Linfox was friendly, happy and I have lots of fond memories.
Prosi caught the linfox bus to and from work - didnt have to drive
Office Assistant | Sydney NSW | 15 Jan 2014
Good work place
Once i was on the job and as i started my work after an hour i get the mail from the General manager that today they are expecting the Tenant Service Office staff might be their. We are been instructed not to communicate any matter if they were here. On their arrival notify the general manager and do not let them in. At around 12:15pm their are group of five people arrived to the office. I greet them and asked the reason to visit the office. they informed that they wants to check some electrical board and wants to measure premises for leasing purpose. I say " Well , its good, let me informed to the Manager and its all good" Then they turned with angry tone and told me that we are looking after this property and no need to call the manager. I stayed calm and informed that "See i am working here so its my duty to follow the instruction so please wait it want take long to call manager. Then they cool down and the Manager took them with him. The next day I got appreciation mail from my manager to stop them and do the right thing.
ProsMorning Tea/coffee provided
ConsNormal business hrs
Transport Allocation | Brisbane QLD | 1 Feb 2017
Fast paced and rewarding however high turnover.
My allocation role was extremely busy and rewarding. Enjoyed working with my drivers and ensuring they receive the correct documents on time and that they are practice safe procedures. Office atmosphere is a stressful environment due to the fast paced and high volume of the warehouses loads. This leads to a high turnover and constant training of new staff. This effects moral and consistency in the quality of work. Not enough time is allocated to trainers for the training of new employees. This again leads to more turnover. The 12 hour days in this role is unforgiving and has lead to high fatigue and an unhealthy lifestyle. The rotation of 4 days on 4 days off seems appealing however the 4 days on do not suit people with hobbies and miscellaneous activities. I enjoy the work and the drivers; keeps the brain active and is rewarding. I don't appreciate the "everyone is replaceable" attitude that is subconsciously oozing from the hierarchy. There needs to be a stronger focus on improving moral.
Payroll Officer | Essendon Fields VIC | 29 Sept 2019
Old staff cause toxic environment
I came in as a new employee, due to high turnover in the area I was going into, they bought other team members in my interview to get “their approval”. At the end I was told I seemed to be a very nice person. I got the position. Only within 8 weeks of starting the bullying and exclusion started. When I started I was told, process what you get, do not ask questions. I processed most things but still asked questions along the way. I processed some paperwork that a same level employee (and the one that said process what you get) believed I shouldn’t have. The senior management did nothing to stop the bullying even after I lodge a complaint with HR. This process isolated me and allowed this bully to up the anti. I resigned and management then spoke to me and said they wished they had known earlier!! YOU DID!!!! And you did nothing!!! Until Linfox are prepared to rid these toxic people the culture will not change. I was the 5th person in that role in Payroll in 18 months.
ProsTeam Leader was great
ConsToxic Work Environment
Clerk | Preston VIC | 9 July 2013
productive place with good people
at port adelaide opening boxes ,crates etc.checking invoices against goods received ,enter data into sap if any problems arrive talk to customers about missing purchase order numbers etc.also jumping on forklift to unload trucks or load them ,manifesting truck to be sent to olympic dam .learned alot about the ins and outs of what goods are needed on a mining site ,how much people rely the goods to get the job done and the kpi ,sthat need to be met to deliver these results management were very helpful in getting the job done safely and effiecently.hardest part of the job was coping when shutdowns occured and the amount of freight would double or triple to a normal days freight .got on well with all my work mates .Finally the most enjoyable part of the job was a) the people you meet and getting your kpi,s reached everyday
Prosbeing well looked after, free lunches
Conslack of staff at times
Receptionist | New South Wales | 21 July 2013
Receptionist and Office Assistant
A typical day would be opening mail, distributing to relevant depots and staff members, while answering phone calls. Organising any training sessions, setting up rooms, organising material for training, organising catering. Inducting all new visitors to the company. Accounts Payable: reconciliation accounts and forwarding for authorisation and approval. Calculating of Bundy cards and staff hours for payroll. Ordering and distributing of uniforms. Maintaining staff records ie sick and recreation leave. Banking and Filing. Organising courier for collection of post for Head Office in Essendon Vic. Maintenance of Coffee Machine. Ordering stock for staff. Ensuring that reception area and kitchen are kept clean and tidy. Ordering and maintaining office stationery. And anything requested of me:)
ProsVariety of tasks
Conslong hours.
Delivery Driver | Brisbane QLD | 6 Apr 2014
kept on the go
each day arrive at work , go see supervisor to find out what first job was .i learned how to think ahead and out of the box so things run smoothly for the night. the managers are pretty busy most times but will help you with what ever they can . my co workers are mostly a good bunch that will get the work done and then have a joke after the day is done. didnt socialise after work with anyone though .the hardest part of the job was making sure everything went smoothly and trying to get the deliveries to the dc's on time as they were constant and if there was a delay on one delivery it usually rolled on to the next. the best part of the job was the satisfaction of knowing i did my job each day very well getting all things done needed to the best of my ability. and then going home to my family
Prosconstantly busy
Conssometimes long hrs and not having enough hrs to do all the work
Operations Manager | Airport Oaks, Auckland | 28 Nov 2012
Intensely focussed on Customer Service / profitability. Good people.
A typical day at work included reviewing previous day's performance & planning for the current day's requirements. Focus on Health & Safety was always number one and a part of every day was spent rolling out the safety message to all staff. Every day was a challenge so no place for the faint of heart. A very strong focus on service & profitability. Knowing your numbers became second nature and understanding cost drivers absolutely vital. A strong NZ management team working within the guidelines of the Regional office. Very focussed on NZ customer & business requirements to ensure excellence in all aspects of our service. A highly skilled management team with strong leaders in specific areas of skill. Delivering a positive financial result week in & week out was the most challenging aspect of the job because of fluctuating volumes & the variability of customer stock holdings. The most enjoyable part of the job was working with such a talented group of people & customers. Positive service results & meaningful engagement was always the highlight of the day. It was good to catch people doing something good.
Prosexcellent opportunities for training
Consvery long hours, absolutely unforgiving if financial plans not met.
| Auckland City, Auckland | 25 Nov 2013
Productive workplace
Typical Day: * Collect all run sheets and collect data for each one to be entered on the run sheet tracking spread sheet. This would be emailed to interested parties once completed. * Scan every consignment note into system. * Enter Chep pallet dockets into database. What I learned: I learnt about the similarities/differences between the trucking and shipping industries. Management & Co-workers: The co- workers were friendly & assisted when needed. In turn I did the same. When I was hired the management was very supportive. New management then took over at beginning of Oct and everything changed. The Most Enjoyable Part of the Job: Working and challenging yourself in a new enviroment. The Hardest Part of the Job: Nothing was difficult for me in my daily tasks.
ProsAble to wear jeans instead of trousers/skirt with your corporate shirt.
ConsLack of communication between management and staff.

Questions And Answers about Linfox

What is the company culture like at Linfox?
Asked 13 Feb 2019
Toxic, hypocritical, bullies , unorganized
Answered 10 Aug 2020
Bad. Mentally unhealthy. This is who we are and you will do it this way regardless of external factors that inhibit it. I.e. seeking permission from supervisors who conveniently forget this fact and leave you getting to get written warnings
Answered 13 Oct 2019
How long does it take to get hired from start to finish at Linfox? What are the steps along the way?
Asked 23 Nov 2017
About a month, depending on your medical and police check
Answered 17 Dec 2019
Through an agency. Action workforce.
Answered 28 Feb 2019
Does Linfox allow for flexible working hours? Or are the hours set?
Asked 29 June 2019
Flexible hours
Answered 22 June 2020
Not flexible at all
Answered 18 Apr 2020
How do you feel about the future of Linfox?
Asked 3 Apr 2019
Not Good. Communications poor for such a large company. Management is ego driven with little experience and will take any opportunity against good hard working employees and keep the dead wood
Answered 13 Oct 2019
Not very rates are quite high which in the future cannot compete with companies that are paying less
Answered 29 June 2019
Does Linfox require a background check? What kind of background check does Linfox do?
Asked 12 Apr 2017
Yes , Police
Answered 16 Apr 2018
Excellent and well connected.
Answered 23 Nov 2017