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Sales Advisor | Victoria | 30 Aug 2018
Fun environment if you luck out and get a quiet store with great workmates
I was initially employed as a salesperson but got an opportunity to move into media. Some people might think that it is a downgrade (since no commissions) but to me its easy money without the stress of budget and the fear of getting fired because you didn't make it. The work itself is hard. You clean, you serve, you stock, you delegate - rinse repeat. The pay is minimum wage, and now they've changed the law so that if you get a new contract you no longer get double pay on Sundays. Management is a hit and miss, depending on what store you get to work in. I've been transferred to four different stores and they have been some AMAZING managers and some.... not so much. I have been bullied in a store and I got a lot of learning experience. Bullying shouldn't happen, we are all adults, but sometimes some people stay childish. Luckily, the bully was fired but only after a year of running around from HR and managers - and I was only bullied because the person was not happy with management and had used me to let off steam. Obviously, like all companies, JB is out to make money so they're going to have pretty unrealistic goals and push you to meet the department's budget. If you meet them, yay! If not, you're going to be understaffed and even you do hit the goals, they still won't replace the staff that quit so they can continue to profit off of you. If you are a hard-worker, watch out, they won't actually promote you - they'll use you until you get sick. If you want to get p
Prosgreat discounts on certain products, great work culture depending on your store, ability to transfer to different stores in other states
Consunrealistic goals and budgets, hr don't actually care about you - only about making sure you abide by the rules (if you get bullied, whelp expect nothing to happen to solve it so suck it up)
Seasonal Associate | Sydney NSW | 29 Feb 2020
Surrounded by technology, friendly faces and a chill environment with awesome in-store discounts
as far as being a christmas casual, the typical day has you dealing with customers on a regular bases, if your not dealing with customers, your dealing with paperwork / or setting up for the next customers. i was working as a cashier and having to deal with 30 people in line all at once can be challenging. there is alottttt of multitasking, taking calls during a busy time, sending info around and asking questions is intense. greeting customers and making sure your doing the right thing is crucial. one muck up and you anger a customer and delay them (not checking the price tag before confirming the purchase). there is a system in place at JB that's easy to follow and takes care of everything. though it can be extremely difficult to keep up with the intense work, the members at work will always look out for you and support you when you ask. my experience with management was pretty good, there was a looming feeling of doom if you did something wrong because it costs the business but there generally nice people who are professional at what they do. there is alot to enjoy at JB, the back and forth between colleagues preparing customers for you, hoards of people buying interesting items, the variety of customers and regular faces, the challenge of being in a busy environment, the rewarding satisfaction you get when you see a person leave with an item happily. theres alot of stuff involved but if the staff prices don't interest you then just observing the people while you work is en
ProsStaff Discounts, good vibes, awesome colleagues.
ConsExhausting, taking your break is on you (you don't get paid during break time)
Store Manager | New South Wales | 9 Feb 2015
Fast paced, very rewarding work. Great team environment.
I was responsible for the full accountabilty for the sales and operation of the business. Open/close procedures including but not limited to, cash control, analyse reports and communicate data to team at morning meetings where I set the daily targets and fire the team up! Daily walkthrough would ensure merchandising standards were maintained. The day would generally encompass delighting customers, inventory control, staff development and coaching and promotional execution. I developed my leadership style by receiving honest feedback and through personal reflection. I honed my ability to energise, organise and mobilise a highly effective team by adapting to an ever changing environment. The management team are highly effective, intelligent, sales driven unit. They are the defining factor in the strategic development of a nationally loved brand. JB Hi Fi are built on great people. It was a privilege to work with and develop hundreds of like minded people. We are passionate about what we do. The hardest and most enjoyable part of the job was managing and leading the people. I appreciate this is not exclusive to JB. The diversity of the colourful and wonderful people we attract requires a solution based mind set, empathy & experience. The ultimate goal is that we make our customers and staff feel engaged, valued and satisfied.
ProsEstablished growing brand
ConsLong hours
Seasonal Associate | Narre Warren VIC | 14 May 2021
One manager can ruin your work experience here
I was a Xmas casual for a busy South East suburb store and I was initially excited. The workplace is great because of the fun, lively and quirky co workers and other managers but my experience with one manager made it sour. On my second day I made a mistake on putting a warranty on a product that was not meant to be included. He had a group of people watching me as he told me my mistake and left a final note saying "I hope you know the damage you have done." In front of everyone and the person who's sale I have messed up. Never have I felt such unprofessionalism from a manager and spite. I found out later the process was reversible and could be undone in a few hours... On top of that is the +30 min wait time you put customers on hold because you're only limited and trained to ONE area (eg: if a customer needed assistance in the games area and you work in the music area, you must radio-in a request for a co-worker in games rather than helping the customer immediately and cutting waiting time). Overall became a bad working experience and I was stressed out after every shift because of them.
ProsGreat discounts, busy and fast paced (time can go really fast), lively environment
ConsTime consuming requests on the radio, bad management, can be full-on with little time to rest, limited learning
Media Manager | Hobart TAS | 13 Jan 2015
Used to be fun, now boys club mentality with little recognition of hard work
As a Media Manager, the role is largely thankless, yet the expectations are almost insurmountable. Unlike the Store Manager or Sales Manager roles, there are no financial incentives, which does not correlate with the responsibilities. As an MM, you are responsible for the CD, DVD, Games, and Accessories departments as well as the counter. All merchandising is your responsibility, as well as daily monitoring of KPIs and weekly budget targets. You are also required to roster appropriately and it is paramount to learn effective delegation and recognise people's strengths.. The hardest part of the job was seeing others do less whilst reaping the rewards of a generous commission structure or bonuses for management. As well as the expectation to fulfil all the duties of an SM on occasion for no extra credit The most enjoyable part was sharing your passions for media with the customers. What I learned was that it has become a popularity contest and political minefield, and if you're not with the IN crowd, then you are well and truly ostracised.
Prosyou have a job, some of the people are amazing
Conseverything else
Telecommunicator | Melbourne VIC | 15 July 2015
Fun workplace with the best staff I have worked with in retail
In a typical day at JB HI-FI I would start by ensuring my department was clean and orderly and ready for trade. I would then check the intranet to ensure I am up to date with any changes that may have occurred. I then hit the sales floor in search of sales opportunities and work it until I'm successful and then I'm back to the sales floor to repeat the process all over again. Due to working in Telecommunications there was always something new to learn whether it was technology or pricing focused. The most enjoyable part of working at JB HI-FI was actually the staff that I worked with including the Management who are now some of my best friends. The hardest part of the job was keeping my department working like a well oiled machine due to casual and part time staff not being trained in selling Telstra solutions yet doing so and leaving me to fix any errors, this was very time consuming and sometimes frustrating and took away from time I should have been selling.
ProsStaff purchases for products meant a substantial saving of the retail price
ConsRosters always had issues/conflicts which was frustrating
Salesperson | Campbelltown NSW | 17 Aug 2017
Good company to start your sales career with, not so great management, pay/commission & rostering.
With my 13 months of full time experience at JB Hi-Fi I was exposed to many different sides of selling (being a retail environment) & was definitely pushed to my limits many times. It's a good workplace with good culture but very disappointing when it came to management. Even though I was full time I had my roster changed many times throughout the 13 months I worked there (even having to work wed-sun for 6 months or so.) Leading me to miss out on a huge amount of time with my friends & family over the weekend. The commission structure was quite awful as well & management only seemed to really care about warranty conversions as well as Telco sales/contracts. I don't regret working with JB, just wish the company/store management wasn't so fixated on how they're numbers looked & cared more for their staff. It's a shame to think I never received any proper training while I worked there, just had to wing it most days until I learnt from my mistakes sadly.
ProsGood team, good work experience
ConsManagement, pay/horrible commission structure, roster changes, barley any training, stress, not much support
Retail Sales Associate | New South Wales | 12 May 2021
Fun workplace, good discounts and uncapped commision. But terrible management
I just want to start out by saying the coworkers throughout JB hi-fi in general are great. It's a good place to make friends and have like minded people come together. It's nice to be informed of new stock and deals happening. Good discounts and uncapped commision as a salesperson is quite nice too. But management, by God. Management. I've been through a few jobs in my time but I have never come across such disrespectful and petty managers before. And not just towards me, I've seen how they treat others, Ive heard them speak about others in such a horrible way. I worked through a couple of JB stores and while not every manager is like this a good majority are. It's a very either you're a favourite or you're someone else sort of work environment. If you decide to work here, have some iron skin, don't take it to heart, don't doubt your abilities and job security after one screw up. Hold your head high and just know that you're just dealing with a C*** of a manager. I had to leave because I couldn't deal with it any longer
ProsGood commision, great coworkers and good discounts
ConsManagement, lack of training.
Sales Consultant | Melbourne VIC | 21 Jan 2020
Some great people, some decent perks, but it's still retail
In an ever increasing digital marketplace, online sales are driving harder bargains The company believes that commission-based sales account for a lower average rate, but does not account for the fact that staff are getting less or NO commission due to competitive price-matching to other retailers and online stores Customers can be very demanding Upper Management are only focused on dollars and cents, how much the stores are doing and rarely consult with staff on any decisions Staff are considered easily replaceable Sales targets mean that some people can be extremely competitive instead of helping out each other, they can work against one another for their own benefit Progression within the company is not flexible, you typically have to hold a certain position before moving to another, and people can be looked over for promotions simply because another applicant is older or has been in the company longer (without proper assessment of the applicant)
Warehouse Worker | Perth WA | 5 Mar 2022
Good benefits, not so great culture and lacking in organisation.
While I don't believe my experience is in any way universal, I found my time at JB Hi-Fi to be severely disappointing. Great benefits and a lot of awesome people you work with. But there was a constant passive-aggressive culture there, largely over the radio system, that while I never was on the receiving end of, ended up being distracting and morale lowering. My main issue, however, was a lack of proper, comprehensive training for my role. Which often left me with inadequate knowledge to properly do my job. While many were helpful, I asked numerous times for proper training only to never get it. With already shaky casual job security, I believe this lack of training led to me falling out of favour in terms of shifts when the store wasn't in a busy period.
ProsGreat benefits and discounts, free snacks in busy periods, many great co-workers.
ConsShaky job security for casuals, lack of practical training, passive-aggressive culture.
Sales Assistant | Tocantins | 7 Apr 2019
Depends on what you want out of it
As a sales assistant, a typical day at work includes learning about the needs and long-term interests of customers to ensure they don't walk away unhappy. Workplace culture is great, friendships are common in and outside of the store. Which brings me to my next point - The hardest part is usually growing your career, which is why there has been the same co-ordinators at my store for the past 20+ years. You can leave and apply for a job elsewhere, or within another store, but unless you are willing to change store or failed to build a strong connection with your team and the way your store works - every store is different and it's almost like a different company when you visit another store. You may know some managers or casuals but it the fact that it doesn't even feel like it's the same company says enough. the most enjoyable part is the social aspect, engaging with energetic colleagues and passionate customers. People make it fun which is circles back to the difficulty of growing your career. If you're into creative advertising you can make stickers and posters like the infamous artwork we have all over our company stores. You don't get paid for it but the company will recognize your efforts and talents, often supplying the materials and allowing you to lead the advertising campaigns. It depends on your qualifications, and if anyone else is even interested in doing it. It's just for fun to some people, y'know? Management can be lazy, fair enough they get overwhel
Music Advisor | Auckland City, Auckland | 29 Sept 2014
Chill out workplace with a fun environment and the work still gets done
Typical day at JB Hi-Fi ...assisting a customer on a certain product they were after but end up chatting about random things and their lives and such like you have known them your whole life lol. Then these customers become not only friends but also loyal customers who will come in now and then to shop, chat and ask for suggestions on products, for example newest release music albums and upcoming artists, movies or games. Co-workers range from the ages of 18-50 and all get along well together, hang out outside of work such as going to a bar for drinks, movies, bowling, night markets, laser tag, ice skating to name a few. Playing pranks on each other for laughs... Which is awesome and fun! One time I had a customer ask if it's a REQUIREMENT to have TATTOOS in order to work at JB Hi-FI hahahahahaa. Most of my co-workers have tattoos of some sort including myself so if you have tattoos of your own, you will blend in very well here or even if you don't have any it's perfectly fine nobody judges you on it. NO UNIFORM! So you can pretty much wear whatever you are comfortable in as long as it is neat, presentable and appropriate. Managers are usually laid back but serious when need to. Very easy to get time off any time of the year except on stock take days (usually 2 days) unless you have a very good reason not to work and of course around Christmas time is the worst! Can NOT get time off at all zzz One of the most enjoyable parts of the job is suggesting a product a c
ProsSometimes free lunches and freebies (shirts, shoes), Awesome discounts, Laid back environment
ConsCan't get time off for Christmas period (blackout hours) so typical retail no surprises
Dispatch Manager | Auckland City, Auckland | 9 July 2017
Social, fun, many career opportunities
Commercial works with business outside the company, catering to their needs. I process these orders through a system called "Back Orders". I collect the stock from either the store I work in, or through other stores. Once I have the stock, I confirm the orders then pack and dispatch accordingly. I have 3 courier times- 9am, 1pm and 4pm. Jb Hifi is a very social environment. We always have fun, always laughing and quite casual too. There are quite a few outings after work too, so we get to know each other better which helps work closer as a team. Every Friday, the Manager of the Commercial team takes us out for coffee/breakfast. I really enjoy this as I get to know my team on a personal level, and we always seem to find things to talk about other than work. The only thing I probably struggle with the most is my job being mostly a desk job. I am quite an active person, so like to be out and about doing things and interacting with customers. I don't really have that with my current position.
ProsFree coffee every Friday, hour long lunch breaks, team outings for lunch/dinner, free movie screenings
ConsSitting down for most of the day, lack of customer interaction, long quiet periods

Questions And Answers about JB Hi-Fi

What should you wear to an interview at JB Hi-Fi?
Asked 5 Feb 2018
Yeah and tidy
Answered 22 May 2019
Meet and tidy
Answered 22 May 2019
What are some tips for doing well in he interview?
Asked 12 May 2017
Just be yourself and answer with reference to previous experience you may have had.
Answered 1 Apr 2019
Say what they want to hear even if you don't think it's the right thing to say. DO NOT tell the truth about everything. Managers expect you to lie in interviews however they themselves normally have extremely fragile egos so if you do not immediately say everything they want to hear, they won't be interested. Don't end up like me not getting the job after you were interviewed by a psychopath who made a personal attack on everything you said because it wasn't what they wanted to hear. ALWAYS say what they want to hear regardless of whether you think it's the right thing to say.
Answered 8 Jan 2019
If you were to resign from JB Hifi can you return to work there?
Asked 26 Apr 2018
Yes so long as you end on good terms and are not blacklisted you can easily get back into JB.
Answered 9 July 2019
Yes 100%, I get along with all staff
Answered 7 Mar 2019
Can you give staff discounts to family members and friends?
Asked 23 Jan 2018
You can apply your employee discount to *immediate* family only. Extended family and friends, you let the sales team know they're good people and they'll look after them and give them a good deal but no staff discount for them.
Answered 25 Apr 2022
No Because the company own by someone else
Answered 5 Feb 2018
What are the benefits and perks of working at JB Hi-Fi?
Asked 7 June 2017
Great staff discounts, overall experience in so many departments, management that listen to you
Answered 19 Mar 2018
Good work culture and good staff discount
Answered 31 Oct 2017