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Home Care Worker | Townsville QLD | 1 Nov. 2020
Flexible roster to balance family life
I can choose what times suit me and still get to spend time at home with my newborn baby. I can also go on holidays with my family on school breaks and come back and my job is there waiting.
ProsGood salary, weekly pay.
ConsNo physical interaction with management
Client Services | Sydney NSW | 29 Sep. 2013
Productive and busy position assisting all areas of administration
Managing and coordinating a very busy workload Management was supportive I worked well with all Co-workers and Stakeholders I have been complimented on my administrative skills both verbally and written, my attention to detail Well liked by all peers I enjoy working with people on a day to day basis, as a team and assisting where required I enjoy organising my daily workplan to complete all tasks
ProsBusy and varied position
ConsNo cons
Sales Manager | Melbourne VIC | 5 Nov. 2019
Somewhat disjointed
I felt an underlying rift between senior managment that made me feel slightly preterbed about reporting lines and actual job description. It turns out that my initial thoughts were correct
Registered Nurse | Australia | 19 Jan. 2015
Caring Consultant Staff
HCA is a great organisation to work for - the consultants are friendly and personalise their contact. They are supportiive in finding employment opportunities that staff are seeking. I enjoy working with HCA.
Welfare Worker (Crisis Accommodation Worker) | St Kilda VIC | 3 Feb. 2020
rewarding job, sometimes stressful, unpredictable shifts
friendly staff, rewarding job, sometimes stressful. Shifts unpredictable, sometimes not enough break between shifts. the hardest part of a job - assaults by children in care, very dangerous behaviour sometimes.
Disability Support Worker | Australia | 9 Nov. 2016
great flexibility
great job for those looking to travel and maintain a good work/life balance. ability to maintain your own schedule an asset great management good policies amazing clients, very rewarding
Prosmanage own hours
Consinconsistent hours
Community Service Officer | Box Hill VIC | 13 Jan. 2021
Run away, don't walk
This company were horrible to work with. Area manager low in value, total bogan, but big on being a smart Alec. Classes held in random locations, eg: golf courses, church halls, gyms No training equipment provided. Trainers are expected to supply everything including towels, sheets, pillows etc. Trainers are sent all over the place to train all different groups - don't get the same class for the whole of the course. Unpaid monthly meetings - out of hours. Not paid for marking. Really poor IT induction. Constant emails (which I kept getting months after I'd left) Management extremely rude and dismissively unavailable to trainers. Mandatory horrid uniform. Super taken out of your pay, no company contribution. I left after 6 weeks.
ProsYou're free to leave
ConsLow pay. No colleagues. Unrealistic travel expectations. Inadequate training settings.
Registered Nurse | Victoria | 12 Apr. 2020
Differs in state
I worked in WA and most of the time I have a lot of shift from them they even give double shift sometimes but when I moved in VIC there is a week that there is no shift. this is frustrating.
Clinical Nurse | Normanton QLD | 30 Dec. 2019
very good supportive
Excellent timely contracts. Organised and assistance when requested. Management of contacts and travel arrangements are detailed and completed as stated. Accommodation organised.
Business Coordinator | Gosford NSW | 16 Nov. 2015
A fun place to work. Every night is a different experience.
I enjoyed working for this company. It's a fine dining restaurant overlooking the Brisbane Water in Gosford Australia. Great co-workers and every night is a busy so there's always something to do. Very nice hourly pay most especially on weekend and holidays on top of tips. The most enjoyable part of the job is interactions with nice customers even the not so nice one.

Questions And Answers about Healthcare Australia

How are the working hours and what are some tips for doing well in the interview?
Asked 23 Aug. 2017
Being a team player Be compassionate surportive to each resident patient careing person
Answered 17 Nov. 2018
Averge working hours are very good also for paitient and for midwife.
Answered 24 Sep. 2018
How often do salary reviews and pay rises occur at Healthcare Australia?
Asked 11 Jun. 2020
Is your travel to various facilities for work tax deductable?
Answered 23 Dec. 2020
Never if you complain of the poor rate, you are immediately saked
Answered 17 Jun. 2020
How long is the hiring process?
Asked 31 Jul. 2019
A couple of days
Answered 7 Jun. 2021
One and half week.
Answered 4 Dec. 2020
What is the work environment and culture like at Healthcare Australia?
Asked 8 May 2021
if you get work it is great
Answered 7 Jun. 2021
Very nice 👍 all the staff were so helpful and good 😌
Answered 8 May 2021
How is feedback from management and/or colleagues delivered at Healthcare Australia?
Asked 26 Jun. 2020
one on one meeting held if you're not performing to their standard.
Answered 26 Jan. 2021
Never got any.
Answered 26 Jun. 2020