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Childcare Provider | Brisbane Airport QLD | 18 May 2016
To work in a progressive and challenging organization that utilizes and enhances my skills. My career goal would be to achieve advancement
To work in a progressive and challenging organization that utilizes and enhances my skills. My career goal would be to achieve advancement, based on personal efforts and abilities. Excellent administrative and communication skills with wide experience in multi-task assignments. Attention to detail and complete workloads within strict deadlines.
Center Director | New South Wales | 9 Mar 2021
Great Professional development opportunities
Great professional development opportunities to up skill your knowledge and professional practice. However, keep in mind this is a large company and too often it isn't about quality it is about the money. Yes it is non-profit but everyone still needs to get paid and budgets need to be available for a variety of things, so it always comes down to money. This means filling rooms (especially preschool because that room makes all the money with the higher ratios) to capacity as much as possible each day. Also not having enough budget hours to get all of the job requirements done each day. The excessive amount of paperwork that overflows (unpaid) into personal life is massive. Upper management don't address feedback from staff. You just get ignored. Glad I got the experience there that I did, but also glad I left and I havent looked back.
ProsProfessional development
ConsPaperwork, long days, pressure to 'do better', lack of support from upper management.
Development Assistant | Tannum Sands QLD | 19 Feb 2017
Most caring and beautiful workers ive worked with. these ladies are very professional and are excellent mentors to the newer staff members. It is very rewarding.
Office Manager | Brisbane QLD | 20 Jan 2014
Goodstart is the new kid on the block but has great potential with the right people in place. Great opportunities
A typical day was around 10 hours and operated at a hectic pace, really good. When one looks after 250 childcare centres the day is a full on one by all means. Learnt how to be a successful Facilities Manager dealing with Govt bodies, top management, childcare convenors, contractors and parents of the children. Co workers overall were great and very dedicated as they need to be when dealing with children and the parents. No specific part of the job was "the hardest", everything connected with the Facilities, Office Management and Fleet Manager roles had there own difficulties but that was great - it added value to the role. The most enjoyable part of the three roles I was responsible for was to see results being achieved and staff and parents going away happy with the end results.
ProsFlexibilty to run your own show and come up with the right end results
ConsI was on call 24/7 which at times impacted on family life
Early Childhood Teacher | Mont Albert VIC | 21 Apr 2015
Hard work emotionally and physically
involvement with the community Parents and staff are respected for what they can contribute to the environment.Staff meetings are regular and provide opportunity for staff learning to keep up with changes with in the childcare sector Extremely busy at times but the staff ratios are considered at all times Staff can be continually absent due to illness of themselves or their children. management centre directors are lacking in the fundamental basics required to manage a team of people and often misunderstandings are never addressed in a professional manner and often never resolved . Which leaves the unresolved issues to go underground creating a tense and unhappy environment
Conshard work with no recognition for all that the educator contributes daily
Early Childhood Teacher | Labrador QLD | 22 Jul 2018
GoodStart Early Learning is a good quality daycare centre
As I was a trainee at GoodStart Early Learning Labrador for more than one year. I was working with all experience staffs. All staffs engage children by using play-based learning that encourages the development of outcomes within the Early Years Learning Framework.
Student Assistant | Ingle Farm SA | 8 May 2018
It was good and enjoyable.
I am able to work as soon as possible that fits my skills and I love doing all my duties especially at work and I value the people around me. My most enjoyable job is taking care the children start from 6 months old up to 5 years old, that was during my workplacement in a childcare center. Also as a room attendant I love working with different people and taking care the people around our work and maintaining there health during there stay in a hotel.
Group Leader | Queensland | 9 Jun 2017
Good working enviroment
I learned so much in my time there. Resigned due to pregnancy. Met so many great people and families. Very rewarding to see children grow and reach the milestones.
ProsDifferent shifts
ConsDealing with difficult children
Bus Driver | Cairns QLD | 27 Jun 2017
Loved working with such a great company
. In my time there I loved working there being part of a team and working along side some really lovely people. They made sure their staff were well looked after it was like we all were apart of a family.
Group Leader | Helensvale QLD | 18 Feb 2015
Fantastic Staff Children and Families
A day is ensuring children are safe and happy and are engaging in daily learning activities, communicating with families about there children on a daily basis.
ProsMeeting and getting to know children and families
Assistant Leader | The Rutu Estate, Thane, Maharashtra | 31 Jan 2014
It all depends on the Centre Director
the best part is being with the children, watch them respond to me, all happy to learn with me, I dont mind which shift I work, but do like the early morning one to welcome the children, who were happy to see me and therefore mostly do not mind saying goodbye to their parents. Everyday I saw something in the child that was not there yesterday, progress wise. its exciting and interesting to watch development and milestones being achieved.
Prosnone, really
Consthe usual women cliques.
Group Leader | Lake County, IL | 9 Nov 2014
close to home
I enjoyed working at Goodstart until they changed the directors around from different centres. The staff were very easy to get along with. Working and intereacting with children and parents.

Questions And Answers about Goodstart Early Learning

What are the working hours at GoodStart Early Learning?
Asked 19 Mar 2017
12 to 13 hours
Answered 4 Sep 2019
Between 12 to 13 hours
Answered 4 Sep 2019
Do goodstart employees get paid weekly or fortnightly?
Asked 12 Aug 2017
Weekly i thing good
Answered 4 Sep 2019
Answered 15 Feb 2018
Does GoodStart Early Learning have a staff discount? How much is GoodStart Early Learning’s staff discount?
Asked 19 Jun 2017
No they need rise wage
Answered 4 Sep 2019
No never because they do very hard job
Answered 4 Sep 2019
What is the interview process like at GoodStart Early Learning?
Asked 19 Jun 2017
Listen and answer and respecting
Answered 4 Sep 2019
Phone and email
Answered 4 Sep 2019
How much hourly pay a casual worker get ?
Asked 22 Sep 2018
35 per hours
Answered 4 Sep 2019
$28 roughly per hour
Answered 28 Mar 2019