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Student Placement | Victoria | 31 Oct 2017
A day of Work placement at an Early Childcare Center
I started a day of work as an Educator at this center. Everything in the center seem attractive to my eyes - very neat and colorful. Educators worked as a team following the routine which was planed before. They were also ensure the ratios between rooms. Educators always apply programs that are appropriate for all ages. So they are very fun and excited. They were willingly to help students who did work placement job at the center. . At lunch time children were served with good food. They were free in enjoying their food without being compulsory from educators. Depend on the weather of the day, children can have good times outdoor, playing with obstacle courses, bikes, sandpit, dramatic plays with dolls, cooking, or play a role as doctor, constructor, etc. Educators always kept their eyes on the children to ensure everything were safe tor children and educators.Some children needed help for toilet or nappies change. This is done as planned. Educators also conducted children enjoy music and reading fantastic books on the shelf. Some children chose a book on the shelf and asked an educator to read it for them. the children were very confident. They found themselves as at home. In every room cultures from ethnic groups from over the world were performed with pictures or at room corner so children could learn about. The hardest part of the job was how to help children confidential learning in playing, or play to learn throughout the days being at the center. The most
Early Childhood Teacher | Toowoomba QLD | 26 Oct 2015
Poor management, poorly trained staff.
Working with children & their families should be rewarding, but not when you are constantly butting heads with a director who pushed the boundaries in terms of regulations. Constantly understaffed, I was left on my own with up to 17 children in my first week - without knowing the children or their families. They used "under roof ratios", which had safety implications for children & staff, & meant the quality of care, supervision & program suffers terribly. The lack of resources was appalling. I was purchasing resources myself. There were some serious issues with some children & their behaviours, but no support from management (director had no understanding of what these children needed & lack of resources & poorly designed playground with NO challenges only exacerbated the problem). This company is still ABC in disguise. It's still all about the profit over the children & staff are under enormous pressure to care for children under ridiculous conditions. The pay is appalling, the paperwork & accountability is crazy & the expectation that you will dedicate your life to the centre is ludicrous. Got out as soon as soon as I could & would not recommend this company, there are so many wonderful, rewarding early childhood places to work.
ProsThe children & their families. The staff were friendly.
ConsEverything else.
Childcare Provider | Townsville QLD | 21 Jan 2013
Education / Childcare assistant educator
A typical day at work would be: in the morning, play inside and have breakfast until it is time to go outside, (mats and equipment,should have already been put out ready for the day). At about 9am assist the children inside into their groups. Group time. Assist them to wash their hands ready for morning tea. Morning tea. Inside activities and programming. About mid morning, around 11.15 - 11.30 group time. Children then wash their hands ready for lunch. While they are eating, beds are put out. After lunch children go to the toilet or get nappies done, whichever the case. \wash hand and then lie on their beds ready for sleep / rest time. After lunch the children pack away their beds, if they can. Toileting and nappy change time. Wash hands. About 2 pm, afternoon tea. Inside play. About 3.30 - 4pm, outside play. 20 mins before going outside the children have to put on sunscreen 30 then a broad rimmed hat before going outside. Water given all day. Team work, cpr and first aid, experience,supervision, documentation, effective communication are some of the things that are needed and performed by the staff at the centres to assist in the effective care of the children and performance of the centre.
Educational Assistant | Western Australia | 9 Mar 2015
Overall a friendly, warm place to work.
My day typically starts by walking through the front door to a room full of greetings from staff, parents and children. I greet back and after putting my things away sign on. Walking into my room I am overwhelmed by all of the smiling faces that look up at me and the thudding of little feet has me knowing that cuddles are to come! My whole day is based on team work and communication and (if its not to soppy for me to say) love. I love what I do and I love seeing the beautiful outcome of the hard work I put into making sure those children have what they need to be the best 'them' that they can be. Although I do love my job, at times it can be quite stressful. Lets face it, I work with all women and a room full of Toddlers! But at the end of the day, all of the staff look past their own issues and I know that despite all of the stress, I will walk in the next day and still be bombarded by little arms wrapped around me! Knowing that I am playing a part in these children's development, and watching them grow and find themselves has got to be the most rewarding part of my job! I love being an Educator!!
ProsLove, friendship, learning from the children, watching the children grow, cuddles, art, outdoors
ConsLong hours, poor pay
Early Childhood Teacher | Nowra NSW | 16 Feb 2015
Disgusting and dirty place with poor ethics
These people who have reviewed GoodStart Early Learning have not worked at East Nowra. Working there has to be one of the worst experiences of my life. The children are out of control throwing chairs, tearing around the centre and knocking all the books off the shelves and ripping other children's artwork up. A lot of inappropriate behaviours where these children have been exposed to things they shouldn't have been exposed too. The workers appear to turn a blind eye to their behaviours and it was not recorded. I was told by the Director that there was nothing they could do change this. If they attempted to contact parents they just wouldn't answer their phone. No soap in baby area the entire time I worked there which was approximately 1 month. There was a sign saying wash hands but no soap. They didn't wash the 0-2 children hands once before meals. I would suggest to them to wash their hands and would get the reply oh don't worry about it. A lot of the other workers are unfriendly and not welcoming to new casual's coming to work there. How on earth GoodStart Early Learning East Nowra received accreditation is beyond me.
ConsAll of the above
Office Manager | Brisbane QLD | 20 Jan 2014
Goodstart is the new kid on the block but has great potential with the right people in place. Great opportunities
A typical day was around 10 hours and operated at a hectic pace, really good. When one looks after 250 childcare centres the day is a full on one by all means. Learnt how to be a successful Facilities Manager dealing with Govt bodies, top management, childcare convenors, contractors and parents of the children. Co workers overall were great and very dedicated as they need to be when dealing with children and the parents. No specific part of the job was "the hardest", everything connected with the Facilities, Office Management and Fleet Manager roles had there own difficulties but that was great - it added value to the role. The most enjoyable part of the three roles I was responsible for was to see results being achieved and staff and parents going away happy with the end results.
ProsFlexibilty to run your own show and come up with the right end results
ConsI was on call 24/7 which at times impacted on family life
Center Director | New South Wales | 9 Mar 2021
Great Professional development opportunities
Great professional development opportunities to up skill your knowledge and professional practice. However, keep in mind this is a large company and too often it isn't about quality it is about the money. Yes it is non-profit but everyone still needs to get paid and budgets need to be available for a variety of things, so it always comes down to money. This means filling rooms (especially preschool because that room makes all the money with the higher ratios) to capacity as much as possible each day. Also not having enough budget hours to get all of the job requirements done each day. The excessive amount of paperwork that overflows (unpaid) into personal life is massive. Upper management don't address feedback from staff. You just get ignored. Glad I got the experience there that I did, but also glad I left and I havent looked back.
ProsProfessional development
ConsPaperwork, long days, pressure to 'do better', lack of support from upper management.
Operations Coordinator | Perth WA | 11 Dec 2016
Committed to professional development and career pathways for employees
They invest a lot of their employees - professional development, career pathways and opportunities. They provide a lot of support and are committed to rewarding and recognising employee's achievements. Being a part of a social enterprise whose primary goals is to ensure children get the best start in life is very rewarding. This also means that you are working with a team with the same vision and values as you. The work environment is very positive and management look to empower and support their employees to achieve great things. Starting with the organisation 4 years ago, I have been provided professional development and support as well as opportunities for career advancement. Being in a number of roles within the organisation, I have witnessed the amazing commitment to quality outcomes in many teams. I recommend this organisation very highly.
ProsProfessional development, training, career pathways and opportunities
| Melbourne VIC | 14 Mar 2020
bully and scary
Directors and Area Managers are buddy-buddy, making it uncomfortable to make formal complaints. It goes without saying that the children are the best part about the job, along with the few good eggs you might get to work with. This centre is bully and discriminate staff. work pressure is very high and no support from CD. Cd has her own friend circle and there is so much favouritism. different people have different rules for the same thing. if you in friend circle you can do anything but if not then big trouble for you. Cd is racist. Cd treating non- Aussie educator like servant and talk to them very rudely there are 4 people in her favourite group and she control other educators with the help of them. it is scary to work in such a environment and such scary people.i dont recommend anyone to work such place where you cannot get any support, face discrimination and bully. management is not taking any action as result educators resigning or getting transfer to other centre, this worse centre to work. .
Trainee | Point Cook VIC | 24 Oct 2014
Productive, By giving knowledge make them knowledgable,Independent or self help,Learning things in playful atmosphere
I am a kids loving person, I love to play with kids , make them happy & make them knowledgeable with play. Play is important part for their development. When I was in kinder room one day we did art work on paper. children did art in their own way which is quite appreciative , so my supervisor decided to make an exhibition of art in one corner so everybody can see their creativity. It was a good experience kids were learning new things, they were sharing their imagination with each other and thinking for new creativity. our team were managing all kids as per their needs. We work as a team to teach the kids. Some kids are very challenging they have lots of imaginary questions which I have to answer. eg. why we are doing this activity ? but each & every moment was different & enjoyable for me with kids. I like kids art activity which I most enjoyed . I like to work with them & be a part of their development & enjoyment.
Co-director | Victoria | 29 May 2015
Hard working team, friendly atmosphere.
arriving at 7:15 am, helping to set up for the day, arranging breakfasts, checking lesson plans, ensuring all staff are in for the day, checking appointments and reports. Opening the centre at 7:30am. Spending time in the Kinder Room (ages 4 to 6) and making myself available for all parents/families. heading into the office at 8:30am to do general admin duties - writing rotars, returning calls/emails, writing reports, chasing outstanding accounts, ordering stock, collecting data etc. Midday I usually went to spend some time in the class rooms to reconnect with staff, see how they are going, see how their lesson plans are coming along and to also foster my relationships with the children (Just because I'm predominately in the office I still think relationships with parents and children is crucial for the 'feel' of the centre). by 2pm I return to the office and have lunch at my dest and continue with admin work, including chasing up requests or concerns from staff, arranging staff meetings or confirming training sessions, booking and confirming incursions and excursions, checking lesson plans and so on. By about 4pm I try to free up some time to be available for any parents who wish to talk to me (suggestions, concerns, general chat about their child etc), especially those families who don't have time in the mornings. At 5pm I will usually leave to go home or head back to the office if there is anything else which I need to finish up before close of business. I find that the
ProsSupport throughout the company.
Conspotential for long hours.
Early Years Educator | Blackwood | 10 Aug 2018
Unsupportive and too worried about their image Blackwood, SA.
Wasted a year here as ELT (Teacher) as management were underqualified as they were only diploma qualified themselves (no disrespect meant but not qualified to degree standard or to manage). They had no understanding of how or what to teach just ticking boxes to look good! At times I worked rotas for nappies/meals/cleaning toilets which left me with no actual teaching time - a waste of my time, their money and only the children suffer. Staff grievances/ideas were ignored and not supported. If you stood up for your rights or the childs rights to a meaningful education you were ignored or pushed out. Too many pointless observations/paperwork instead of meaningful teaching and interactions with the children. Goals/procedures were changed without thought or understanding of practicality. Lack of money put towards resources meant bored, under stimulated children. Childcare workers do try their best for the children but management lets everyone down.
ProsFree lunch. Great team.
ConsOverworked, underpaid and not respected for your knowlwdge and experience as (UNQUALIFIED) CD always knows best.

Questions And Answers about Goodstart Early Learning

What are the working hours at GoodStart Early Learning?
Asked 19 Mar 2017
12 to 13 hours
Answered 4 Sept 2019
Between 12 to 13 hours
Answered 4 Sept 2019
Do goodstart employees get paid weekly or fortnightly?
Asked 12 Aug 2017
Weekly i thing good
Answered 4 Sept 2019
Answered 15 Feb 2018
Does GoodStart Early Learning have a staff discount? How much is GoodStart Early Learning’s staff discount?
Asked 19 June 2017
No they need rise wage
Answered 4 Sept 2019
No never because they do very hard job
Answered 4 Sept 2019
What is the interview process like at GoodStart Early Learning?
Asked 19 June 2017
Listen and answer and respecting
Answered 4 Sept 2019
Phone and email
Answered 4 Sept 2019
How much hourly pay a casual worker get ?
Asked 22 Sept 2018
35 per hours
Answered 4 Sept 2019
$28 roughly per hour
Answered 28 Mar 2019