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Educational Assistant | Sydney NSW | 15 Sept 2020
Demanding and micro-managing. Manager and Lead Educators abusive.
When the manager interviewed me at the start, she asked me how is my English. I replied, I have no problem and in fact I have worked in an office environment before. She acted surprised and rudely asked, "How did that happen?!!" whilst shuffling through my CV. I should have turned around that time.. Lead educators often disappear with excuses like, "I have to check something quick" or "I have to talk to *manager* about something" When you pass by the office, they panic and starts talking about other things related to the centre. They leave the workload to the supporting staff. When it is their time to do an activity, they do something unmotivating activity then copy-pastes their old diary entry. Area manager comes often to "check" on things around. She goes one time around the centre(most often not even the whole centre) then sits back in the office with the centre manager to continue their blatant gossiping. G8 and managers are focused on the health of their circle of friends. ALWAYS throwing a party or "meeting" in the centre. Meanwhile, we, the staff, who work the hard work are not supported and dumped with more and more paperwork. Not enough time to finish anything!! When nothing is finished, they come back and tells us that, "You have to do this. Why are you not doing this?" If you tell them not enough time or staff, the answer is always the same: "I am trying to find one". The amount of paperwork is also astounding, it is micro-managing everybody. That is not h
ProsLovely co-workers, Nice families
ConsOver ratio, unsupported staff, lots of gossips, micro managing, paperwork
care and admin | Australia | 17 July 2015
Their business model is better suited to a different sector , staff are treated as costs that must be reduced every day
Both G8 and Affinity run a business model which gives staff in a challenging job no benefits ie not being paid wages for overtime but vaguely threatens them with discipline or change of contracts if they don't work over at end of day for carer to group of children ratios at end of shifts ( staff have been expected to leave on 'leave without pay' during the day because not all children turn up (but parents are still paying) but when staff start to leave having started at 6.30 or 7am, you end up with too many children) . So staff are expected to accept their weekly wage to chop and change to suit business , but are expected to work over their shift to keep business compliant when the staff did not create the problem. This means that every day staff are sent home and parents do not realise this practice exists. Staff are not given time paid to do inductions for the business, but expected to do hours at home online. Staff in childcare have a complex role and when companies see them as liabilities to cut costs on and not important assets, morale is low and turnover high which is unhelpful to children. The workload is huge : staff clean floors and walls and windows and bathrooms,, do maintenance and gardening and work over without wages and do without breaks and are expected to work as if the centres are community centres, giving their time on weekends (treated as not team players if they expect to be paid for their time) to build gardens and clean and host fun days simply to in
Consworkloads are huge, most staff training in own hours and not paid, only one uniform pay for others and they are not cheap, pressured to take leave without pay, do tasks that should be solely looked after by others professions.
Educator | Sydney NSW | 31 Jan 2017
Get greed out of childcare!
G8 is a great example of the frankly disgusting culture of milking parents of money while sitting on a billion dollar business that cares nothing about staff and children, but only about money and shareholders. As a G8 employee I have gained nothing- we pay for everything, all training, work shirts, unpaid overtime, unpaid meetings (you're not a "team player" if you don 't attend)- working at home unpaid because time is not given to do it at work hours. If you don't do these things for free you are constantly threatened to be reprimanded in various ways. They cut staff to bare minimum so we are constantly having to 'fake' the numbers so we are in ratio, even though we are not. We are forced to be the cooks because they don't want to spend the money on a real cook when they quit (with staff to child ratio way over), and until very recently we were the only cleaners as well. Meaning for years we had to leave the children and a staff member by themselves to do cleaning that should have been done by professionals (cleaning that is not included in our daily duties). They don't want to hire staff that are educated due to 'higher' costs (average cost 22 AUD p/h, less than a cashier at Coles) and asking experienced university trained staff to go because they don't want to pay them their rates which are incredibly low in any regards (34AUD p/h with 4 years university training and 14 years experience). Their company motto is 'your child is our priority' - change the word 'child' with '
ProsLovely collegues
ConsThe whole business model and treament and disregard of staff, children and parents
parent | Caroline Springs VIC | 24 June 2019
G8 Education penguin childcare Caroline Spring
This is a money making factory. Plain and simple. The children's education and welfare does not take priority above this. One example educator getting bully by other educator and management not address the complied , why because management is friends with the educator who has been bully 50% of the service and nothing was done everything is cover . They will not hesitate to be rude, demeaning, cut your shifts etc should you not follow every demand made by them. Do not be fooled, there is no education happening here, just bells and whistles. Avoid like the plague. But is ok two sister working together as management in the office and is full time position for both them . 2ic left because g8 education couldn't afford to have to person in the office but one she left the offer full time position to her relative how that is ok . And yes is true you not need to person to run the service one is enough . Also having family member working together that cause issues with other educator why because in this service the both sister always are taking holiday together 3 time are year how this is allow ,??? Also is not looking good in front for the families in the service having management always away in holiday and not management went they need them i believe if the both want to work as management and take family vacation they need to be working in other service separated for each other and then they can have all the holiday they want. Also is a poor respect for culture in this ser
Educational Assistant | Melbourne VIC | 3 June 2015
It was a wonderful and fun place to work at.
I had the most wonderful time working with G8 education. G8 education took over the centre I was working at, I was an educator with this centre for three years before G8 took over the centre. I was an educator for g8 education for a year, all together I was with the same staff and families for 4 years. It brings great sadness that I had to leave G8 and the wonderful staff and families as I was moving away. I worked with the most amazing people all with different ways of educating children. A typical day with G8 was, Great I came in said good morning to staff and then started my day of educating. Loving and supporting all the children for that day. also helping any staff that may need help. What I learnt with g8 education is that there is not just one way of educating but many different styles, Some were new and different and took time to learn and understand, But keeping an open mind made it a little easier. The hardest part of my job was working in the babies room, I find it difficult to work with the babies but in the end I got the hang of it and proved I could do it and did it well. ( still not my preferred room ) The best part of the job was watching all the children grow each day and knowing I was apart of it and I helped them, Also coming in and working with the staff, they are such a bright and happy group of girls who I know call my life long friends.
Educational Assistant | Adelaide Region SA | 3 Oct 2018
Money human company
G8 education is a profit driven company, with extreme amounts of pressure put on centre managers, from head office, to meet certain numbers surrounding occupancy and budgets. This pressure is felt by all 'educators' who work on the floor, to meet unattainable expectations set by operations managers and stressed centre managers. As educators you are rarely given time off the floor to plan or complete the programming cycle (obs, learning stories etc) just told to "find the time" during the day even though there are no spare staff, so you have to ignore the children to get obs, daily reflection, uploading photos etc done during the day. And these are expectations of your job role. So be ready to be stressed by being surrounded by crying children, not being able to comfort them because you have to get this paper work done in the day with minimal to no support from management. Not child focused or child lead AT ALL. If you adore children and want to be apart of their learning journey, do not work for G8 education. It will kill your passion and make you lose hope in the childcare industry.
ProsYou'll get plenty of shifts because they're always losing staff
ConsYou will be sucked dry of any passion you have left for early childhood education
Team Member | Sydney NSW | 24 Mar 2018
Sad for Australia to have a early childhood sector like this
I am a causal teacher and worked in various G8 centres. The company is only after money and to pass accreditation. Staff wear beautiful nice neat uniforms, but nothing else. They r not experienced and has limited knowledge , some r only kids themselves. Young staff has no proper mentor in the workplace, and always work over ratios. On top of this tight ratio , I don’t even understand why they need to fill up som crazy ratio chart (to know better of keeping minimum ratios?). For the company to have maximum profit, they draw staff away from Children for cleaning tasks. Parents think the staff make the centres nice and clean, but they don’t know the cost is actually on them. Early education sector is getting more regulated yearly, but there r still many conditions should be put in places where centres won’t cut corners and provide the best possible care for our younger generation.
Early Childhood Teacher | Merrylands NSW | 8 Aug 2017
Very wonderful place to work, all the staffs are helpful and friendly and easy to work with.
I have been working with this company since last 2 years. I find this place very nice. Feels like second home to me. Understanding director. Helpful co-workers. Everyday I am learning new things from my senior educators. They respect and value the culture. Equality is the first priority of this place. Children comes first. Taking care of them, teaching them, make them feel comfortable and confident so that they can be good human being in the future is the philosophy. Welcoming parents. Make them think and feel happy that they are not leaving their child in strangers hand. Over all I would like to say the best place ever that I have worked with.
Pros10 mins paid lunch breaks, 50% discount to permanent staffs child
ConsSome time have to stay back an hour or 45 mins in order to balance the ratio
Educator | Victoria | 5 May 2019
Not a good place to work at all
I've been working for G8 for over 2 years now and I've lost so much of my passion for the childcare industry. All the company cares about is money and not at all about it's staff or children. Our centre is so run down, we have mould in the bathrooms and cracked tiles, the tiles are slippery but we were told we "don't need a new bathroom". We've been waiting on shade sails for 3 years with no luck, we keep getting knocked back even though we have no shade in our outdoor area so in summer if it's above 27° we can't take the children outside. Absolutely do not work for this company and do not send your children here. The staff I work with are all lovely, but upper management and the company itself are horrible.
ProsAbsolutely none.
ConsMoney hungry, dont care abour safety, or education of children.
Director | Gympie QLD | 10 Apr 2016
Fast Moving
Through my time working within the G8 Education group I was given the opportunity for constant learning and development in a variety of ways. We shared ideas with other Directors through regular meetings at other services and having these Directors come to your centre to share and offer new ideas. I feel that the networking opportunity was a great way to never feel alone. G8 Education ensured that all educators were kept up to date with current information and offered training to all educators as a whole company and found ways to do these where educators could do training online at their own pace. Educators were encouraged to participate in various training opportunities.
ProsSupportive Management
ConsFast Moving - rapid expansion

Questions And Answers about G8 Education

Does G8 Education require a background check? What kind of background check does G8 Education do?
Asked 11 May 2017
Police Check
Answered 1 Dec 2018
Police Check and Working with Children's Card
Answered 25 Apr 2018
How should you prepare for an interview at G8 Education?
Asked 11 May 2017
I moved house so had to travel some distance.
Answered 18 June 2019
Be prepared
Answered 8 Mar 2019
Why do/did you like working at G8 Education?
Asked 26 June 2018
Training was excellent as not only very easy to accomplish goals but very supportive as well
Answered 22 Jan 2020
The team support me lots
Answered 18 Mar 2019
What is the company culture like at G8 Education?
Asked 20 June 2018
Horrible place. Bullying culture as well as semi or unqualified staff.
Answered 4 May 2019
Great. Everyone is really supportive and works together to get things done.
Answered 18 Mar 2019
What culture that G8education respect the most?
Asked 22 Mar 2018
Respect and compassion
Answered 19 Mar 2019
Making a profit at the expense of children, families and educators.
Answered 29 Sept 2018