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Team Member | Aberfoyle Park SA | 10 Aug 2020
Night Management Emasculate and Demean Male Subordinates
An absolute abomination to have as an employer! Now Job Work/Life Balance was meant to get two stars out of five - but the sheer fact that the harassment perpetuates even after the highest point of Lower Management and People and Culture are made aware gives this a solid one. Not to mention the self-worth and self-efficacy of the employee being tarnished! Any Learning and Development Manager at Head Office should surely know that when a high degree of external factors caused by the store start to impact internal factors in your daily life beyond work, like your sleep, relationships, and the human drive to go on, you know you need to leave them high and dry for a comparable chain. When the sun is down, you have to behave however neurotic the Nightfill Manager left in charge is. It's dubbed, "You have to meet the status quo of the store." one Manager said. So what you have here, is a company that actively tarnishes itself with some of their own managers. Singling people out and being hostile and yelling at the target employee while the store is trading in front of everyone and whispering threats to you to assert masculinity, steers away from the common goal of the business and when that happens, what you get is a toxic culture that negatively implicates the practices a responsible manager must take, orchestrate high-performance teams. It is the very fact that some of these young male Assistant Managers that pass through the recruitment phase, into an in-house co
ProsThere are some good Managers in the company
ConsNight Management have been seen: Inflicting on others, using coercive forces, and hindering motivation, decision and actions through an unstable moral compass.
Customer Service Representative | Adelaide Region SA | 8 Feb 2022
Good place to work as a first job.
Was a great place to work as a first job, especially during covid employees were fairly well taken care of. Lots of larger issues with management and higher ups that translated into poor behaviour from a lot of those staff members. If you’re looking to get into any supervisory or management roles make sure you’re prepared to stand your ground when it’s required. Was given no training aside from being initially showed how to use the point of sales system on front end. It’s a good company to work for as a first job but compatibility of hours with Uni study was very poor. Availability was provided and updated every couple months and rosters were always done incorrectly even after availability updates. Would also provide that they wanted you to work a particular pattern of hours and then change it before they’d be legally required to provide you a part time contract. In changing what they wanted you to work they would also resent that you couldn’t work exactly at the times they wanted you too. Management lack accountability for issues of their own doing and are unwilling to admit they are the cause of their own problems. This is mainly why it would suit younger staff as a first job, particularly those at an age where they will not be expected to take on any larger responsibilities.
ProsFun coworkers, 5% staff discount, nice uniform, all employees hired for stores are casual and at minimum wage.
ConsTerrible work culture from upper management, terrible study compatibility for uni students (no issues when in high school though).
Foodland | Adelaide Region SA | 28 July 2014
productive and fun workplace
A typical day at work requires good customer service, appropriate manners for the work place, cash handling, EFTPOS, stock refill & unpacking. Since working at Drakes Supermarkets ive learned good customer service, cash handling, how to unpack and stock shelves & how to work in a team and make the people around you feel good and safe. The Management at Foodland is good, when needed the managers help you and support you with the job you have been given to do. The Managers try their best to make the workplace a safe and productive place to be. The co workers at Foodland are fun, caring, supportive & good to be around. We all have learnt to work as a team and get the job done when told too. The co workers at Foodland are all respectful and caring towards the customers. The hardest part of working at Foodland would be the customers that come through and be unkind towards the staff and make you feel uncomfortable. The most enjoyable part of working at foodland is making new progress in your career and gaining more knowledge in the criteria of retail. Also serving and giving good customer service to the customers that come through.
Prosserving new people that come through and making them feel welcome.
Consnot enough hours.
Cashier | Caboolture QLD | 22 Aug 2012
great values and work environment with smart uniforms.
I thank this industry as a whole for the training and giving me the skills i need and could possibly carry through into the future. i think this company as a whole has great values,and over all treats their employees well,it is unfortunate that these values in my oppinion arent always upheld to their fullest potential,and room to grow and succeed into other areas of this bussiness are minimal. I enjoy going to work and being appart of this team,i enjoy serving our customers and knowing they leave satisfied and with a smile, it is a good feeling to know you and your team have done a great job and have been successful at representing your company possitivley. My reason for seeking a new career is not a negative towards my current workplace in any way, i feel i have acheived all i can within this company and i feel my sklls / services would be more benificial in a new feild.
Prosgreat people
Consinconcistant rostering with minimal opportunity for growth.
Customer Service Representative | Elizabeth Park SA | 23 Feb 2016
Overview of my time at Drakes.
My overall opinion of Drakes Foodland is possitive. They've been good with giving me flexible hours and they treat me well, however I have not been able to progress in the company and I am looking to go into a new direction within the work force. My typical work day is normally rather steady paced and I get to enjoy the company of my workers and, the company from the customers. Of course we get our fair share of unpleasant customers as well and I find them increasingly difficult to deal with, this being part of the reason I want to leave. I think our management staff is kind and does their best to run the store and I believe that they are doing a great job at it. All the staff members get along well and I have made a few friends there. I believe he most enjoyable part of the job (as cheesy as it may sound) is when you see a customer smile and you know that your customer service has helped brighten up their day.
Prosstaff discount.
Consnot enough hours. rude customers.
Replenishment Associate | Flagstaff Hill SA | 22 July 2016
Great people, not many hours.
In my opinion, the work i have had at Flagstaff Hill Foodland has been unsatisfactory. I repeatedly asked for more shifts at Foodland but it has never been enough. To focus on my year 12 studying, I asked my employment/shift manager to give me a few shifts a week, but they never give me any. I work in two areas of the store, replenishment and cashier. The replenishment staff never fail to give me a shift, so i work ever Thursday... but the cashier employers never give me shifts. Excluding that problem, I learnt how to operate as a cashier under stress, understand store cleanliness and replenishment processes. The hardest part of the job was reaching a cart rate of 60 crates an hour in replenishment. It was tough. The most enjoyable part of my job is moving all possible products forward on the shelves (facing) after a hard few hours beforehand.
ProsSome good people
ConsNot many hours
Cashier | Caboolture QLD | 25 June 2014
productive and fast paced work enviroment
Working at drakes supa iga is great . On busy days you are able to meet heaps of new people and on slow days your are able to catch up on duties given by managers. The hardest thing about working at drakes supa iga is when your a victom of bullying. On your orientation day all empoyees are to sign a form stating "work place bullyig will not be tolerated". I was a victom i told my supervisor, manager and store manager and nothing had seemed to be done bullying kept happening for 3 years straight. I had to give up hours and day shifts so i didnt have to work along side the bully. The most enjoyable part would be the customers and regulars. They became a great addition to my work life every day was joyful when they came in to greet you and have a quick chat. I also loved that it was fast paced and there was always something to do.
Consbullying in work place is not handled seriously
Store Manager | Adelaide Region SA | 28 June 2016
Drakes Foodmarkets is an excellent choice when considering retail.
I am reviewing from having worked in a management position. Its a fast paced environment, where multi-tasking is necessary and prioritising and problem solving is necessary. You will never be bored, as there is always something to do, its not all office work either, walking the store, daily job lists, training,meetings, checking plant and equipment, follow up etc. I could write pages on the tasks involved, but as with any good manager, surround yourself with good people and your job just gets easier. The management above myself are realistic, but expect you to manage the store like its your own. Hours worked was about 48, callouts at night was depressing. Standards are high.
ProsMuch less hours than Coles where I used to clock up 70 hrs a week.
Conslong hours 48 hrs would be the minimum, callouts at night are not good.
Cashier | Port Lincoln SA | 28 Jan 2017
fun, enjoyable, safe and excellent workplace
A typical day at work is nice and welcoming and gives more opportunities to try new things.I've learned that hard workin, keeping a great smile and working hard at my current job is a great way to enjoy it and make the best of my days. I never had to be a manager but dealing with them are easy and i understand everything they teach me. My workplace culture is very nice and comforting when entering the store. We try our best to keep customers coming back with our great service, great sales and a nice clean work place. The hardest part of my job is not dealing with customers but trying new things. But then again i will eventually have learned them. The most enjoyable part of my job is making customers happy and that's what makes me happy because i know they enjoyed it and will return. And also a safe environment to work in.
Prosfriendly people
Cashier | Seaford SA | 13 Aug 2013
great workplace for students that are studying and very flexible
Working for Drakes Foodland, I have been able to excel in customer service and have become more experienced with money handling and everyday procedures. I have learnt many new skills such as a sound knowledge in customer service, answering the work phone and completing various paperwork. My co-workers are always friendly and are easy to get along with making work enjoyable. The hardest part of the job is our core values " the customer is always right". In some cases the customer is not right and this makes it hard as i have to be professional while explaining to the customer that they are incorrect. The most enjoyable part of the job is the friends and relationship that you make with them followed closely by when a customer acknowledges your service.
Prosconsistent shifts
Consbeing a casual worker

Questions And Answers about Drakes Supermarkets

What should you wear to an interview at Drakes Supermarkets?
Asked 9 Apr 2017
White shirt and a black suit pants.
Answered 5 Feb 2018
I am interested working at dreak supermarket
Answered 27 Sept 2017
What interview questions do they ask at Drakes Supermarkets?
Asked 24 Apr 2018
Would you be willing to work across a range of departments? How would you handle a difficult customer?
Answered 17 Nov 2019
What are your availabilities what qualities do you have
Answered 15 Mar 2019
Why do/did you like working at Drakes Supermarkets?
Asked 26 Sept 2017
It was closet to home walking distance
Answered 23 Apr 2020
I choose so that because I'll get a better life.
Answered 5 Feb 2018
What is the minimum age to work at drakes
Asked 7 Nov 2019
Minimum hiring age for most stores in generally 14 yrs.
Answered 8 Feb 2022
15 with parental consent
Answered 20 June 2020
What are the working hours at Drakes Supermarkets?
Asked 14 May 2019
Answered 17 Nov 2021
Morning shift starts at 630 and afternoon at 11. Hours of work are varying and often insufficient to cover living expenses.
Answered 14 May 2019