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Drakes Supermarkets
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Drakes Supermarkets Reviews

Overall Reviews at Drakes Supermarkets

Produce Associate | Queensland | 25 Feb. 2020
Productive and nice work place
In Drakes there are allot of staff members that are always giving their best effort and are always trying to archive professional customer service, always looking alive and well on their feet always looking to serve others when seen waiting or trying to find a certain item.
Customer Service Supervisor | Queensland | 27 Nov. 2019
Workplace with a Terrible Atmosphere
I learnt a wide variety of customer service and interpersonal skills while in this job, however, the management were often rude and careless. Myself and other staff members had made formal complaints to management about issues going on within the store which were said they were gonna be addressed, and were instead completely ignored and brushed off. As a result, this caused the deterioration of the mental health of myself and other staff members. It was not an enjoyable job to be in, which is why I decided to leave the job and move to another store.
Customer Service Representative | Adelaide Region SA | 7 Jun. 2016
Great and diverse environment
Allows me to improve on my communication skills on a daily basis and interact with a culturally diverse environment. I can build on my relationships with my co-workers which allows us to achieve a smooth operational day. The hardest part of my job is that I am hard on myself when i do not achieve my desirable standard of work. The most enjoyable part of my job is the people I work with.
Baker | Chinchilla QLD | 10 Dec. 2017
Great staff members and great store
Typical day at work is busy but enjoyable. Everyone including customers, management and staff all work hard. Store is handled well, clean and organised. The hardest part of this job would be lifting and climbing up high shelves to reach as it is dangerous.
ProsLovely staff and customers
ConsDealing with heavy weight and climbing stairs to reach high shelves is dangerous
Replenishment Associate | Flagstaff Hill SA | 22 Jul. 2016
Great people, not many hours.
In my opinion, the work i have had at Flagstaff Hill Foodland has been unsatisfactory. I repeatedly asked for more shifts at Foodland but it has never been enough. To focus on my year 12 studying, I asked my employment/shift manager to give me a few shifts a week, but they never give me any. I work in two areas of the store, replenishment and cashier. The replenishment staff never fail to give me a shift, so i work ever Thursday... but the cashier employers never give me shifts. Excluding that problem, I learnt how to operate as a cashier under stress, understand store cleanliness and replenishment processes. The hardest part of the job was reaching a cart rate of 60 crates an hour in replenishment. It was tough. The most enjoyable part of my job is moving all possible products forward on the shelves (facing) after a hard few hours beforehand.
ProsSome good people
ConsNot many hours
Cashier/Stocker | Queensland | 29 Aug. 2014
Everyone worked as a team, great enviroment
Learned how to work in the butcher wrapping meat. Also learned how to run the deli, dealing with food, Learnt how to deal with customers directly good situation and bad. Stocktaking, Stock rotation Co-workers- everyone worked as a team and everyone was happy There is no hard part to retail, i love keeping busy finishing whats needed to be done and i loved to ask for more jobs when i finished my jobs.
ProsWorking as a team
Lead Cashier | Wallaroo SA | 22 Mar. 2016
Excellent team environment.
I loved working for Drakes supermarket. I enjoy customer service as I would say I'm a people person. The fast paced work made the day go faster and I always had a laugh with staff/customers. The management at Drakes Wallaroo was great, always there for any issues.
ProsFriendly staff
ConsSore feet after long day
Store Manager | Adelaide Region SA | 28 Jun. 2016
Drakes Foodmarkets is an excellent choice when considering retail.
I am reviewing from having worked in a management position. Its a fast paced environment, where multi-tasking is necessary and prioritising and problem solving is necessary. You will never be bored, as there is always something to do, its not all office work either, walking the store, daily job lists, training,meetings, checking plant and equipment, follow up etc. I could write pages on the tasks involved, but as with any good manager, surround yourself with good people and your job just gets easier. The management above myself are realistic, but expect you to manage the store like its your own. Hours worked was about 48, callouts at night was depressing. Standards are high.
ProsMuch less hours than Coles where I used to clock up 70 hrs a week.
Conslong hours 48 hrs would be the minimum, callouts at night are not good.
Deli Associate | Queensland | 25 Jan. 2020
Drakes supermarkets
Providing responsive, exceptional service to deli counter customers by answering questions, making recommendations, providing samples, and responding to requests. Recommending, slicing, weighing, packaging, and pricing meats and cheeses. Preparing special orders and party trays, Assisting Deli manager with ordering stock, doing stock-take, daily shrinkage report and managing Deli team.
Deli Associate | Adelaide Region SA | 10 Mar. 2014
Great people/customers, good place to work, fun.
Being the assistant manager i go in every morning and do our normal routine. We set up the entire deli to a scheduled time, serving customers and cleaning are priorities during the day. The most enjoyable part of my job is working with my staff and the customers are great. The hardest part of my job is stock taking, Ive been trained and shown most things to do.
ProsGood people, enjoyable days, great customers.
ConsDealing with rude customers.
Customer Service Representative | Newton, MA | 27 Jan. 2020
work place is productive and professional with good appliances in the break room
drakes is an extremely good and professional workplace. everyone in the department gets along well and works together to achieve the highest point of work, we are all working together in order to make sure our work is not only effective but efficient.
Temporary Easter position Drakes Fish bar | York | 8 Jan. 2014
Temporary job
I only worked here for 1 month over the busy Easter period, I enjoyed the work and also dealing with the public and talking to people from all nationalities.
ProsStaff lunches
Conssplit days

Questions And Answers about Drakes Supermarkets

What should you wear to an interview at Drakes Supermarkets?
Asked 9 Apr. 2017
White shirt and a black suit pants.
Answered 5 Feb. 2018
I am interested working at dreak supermarket
Answered 27 Sep. 2017
What interview questions do they ask at Drakes Supermarkets?
Asked 24 Apr. 2018
Would you be willing to work across a range of departments? How would you handle a difficult customer?
Answered 17 Nov. 2019
What are your availabilities what qualities do you have
Answered 15 Mar. 2019
Why do/did you like working at Drakes Supermarkets?
Asked 26 Sep. 2017
It was closet to home walking distance
Answered 23 Apr. 2020
I choose so that because I'll get a better life.
Answered 5 Feb. 2018
How would you describe the pace of work at Drakes Supermarkets?
Asked 6 May 2019
Fast which is good but management Can make it difficult at times.
Answered 21 Jul. 2019
Old fashioned and too dictatorial
Answered 6 May 2019
What benefits and perks does Drakes Supermarkets offer?
Asked 3 Apr. 2019
5 percent discount
Answered 12 Jun. 2020
Great working conditions great staff friendly clientele
Answered 3 Apr. 2019