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Overall Reviews at David Jones

Executive Manager | Adelaide Region SA | 4 Dec 2013
A nice culture and pleasant working enviroment.
A typical day at work - is beginning with Sales Managers morning meeting then to the floor to engage with all staff and conduct morning meeting, mentioning how we are tracking with daily/weekly sales budgets for the department and also how staff are tracking with individual sales productivity targets. We also discuss daily tasks to be performed and ensure the number one focus is customer service! The morning also entails daily managing of staff connect (virtually managing pay roll for staff we are responsible for under our management) updating coaching plans etc. On the floor between 12-2pm running the floor and ensuring our customers are being served, leading by example and delegating where necessary. On the job one on one coaching is a focus for underperformers and recognition for a job well done for all performers, it is imperative to recognize and praise for a job well done etc. Always ensuring our staff are following all company policy and procedures. Learnings - to always have and keep a positive outlook in everything you do, achieve results through others and to lead by example. Co-workers - to build and maintain good relations with all co - workers on all levels and to gain respect and to give respect. The hardest part of the job - would be performance managing underperformers out of the business (but this is a necessary to be successful and achieve all KPI's an KRA's). The most enjoyable part of the job is when you performance manage a staff m
ProsA pleasant working enviroment.
ConsLacks in the area of Job Work/Life Balance.
Sales Professional | Melbourne VIC | 3 Apr 2018
Far better to be a shopper than employee
Chances for advancement are nearly nil unless you’re someone the other managers want to have lunch with. YES! That’s basically how advancement works, not through skill or ability, but by being someone who other managers think would make good lunch company. Seem to always be willing to transfer someone else in from another department to fill a vacancy or worse, hire externally, rather than giving addition working hours to experienced staff who already know the job. Be prepared to work under managers who have no idea what you do, or even how you do your job on a day to day basis. Look forward to basic IT necessities not working, you’ll forget to get things ordered for customers because the computers will crash so many times in the process, you’ll eventually forget what you were using it for in the first place. Have your own company undermine and undercut your job by advertising a deal on your own company’s website that is not available in store, be bombarded by customers visiting in store or calling on the phone (trying to keep you in a job) asking you to do the website deal when there is absolutely no way you can. Be hired for a retail sales role and discover that the most important part of your job is actually selling financial services (credit cards and interest free offers), no manager will commend you on achieving the massive sales targets, but they’ll hound you until you sign up a poor shopper to a 22% $99 annual fee credit card. My store had a resident
Pros10% staff discount, 20% in some areas
ConsAMEX card selling. Be prepared to only be assured of Christmas Day and Good Friday off
Sales Professional | Perth WA | 22 Dec 2019
Toxic environment
I was a casual for just over a year, I was not at uni so I was available full time and worked overtime and did tasks that were for a manager. I constantly asked for a party time contract and showed interest in management. The managers continued to say “we’d be more than happy to give you a part time contract because you work so hard and everyone talks very highly of yos told many times we are creating a part time position specifically for you” after a few months of the “trail” there was no more talk about it. I was told there was no part/full time positions going through n my department they told me they’d give me part time in another department. When the moves happened they told me that they weren’t going to give it to me anymore but make the new manager decide. The new manager quickly had her favourites which is also a problem in at David Jones, iits not what you know it’s who you know. They started to cut back my hours, I did have an incident at work but even finding out from scans that it was not caused by work and having two different doctors clear me for work they still wanted me to fill out more paper work and get another clearance from my doctors. Since leaving I have spoken to my friends who still work there and they are getting bullied, harassed and pressured. The David Jones card itself is a scam and the only reason they care about is because it makes them more money. Some managers bully you into selling a card with zero training or knowledge of the card. The flo
Sales | Elizabeth SA | 17 May 2020
They barely pay minimum wage and they still try to short change you!
Initially I was not paid for the hours and hours I spent training. Some of that training was even spent on the floor! So, basically they tried to me as free labour. I repeatedly raised this issue with my manager because we were not allowed to contact payroll directly. It took her almost three months to forward the email on to payroll. Then the payroll employee she contacted went on leave and could not action it for another three months. Does only one person work in payroll in this huge organisation? Then you will find yourself axed when you finally force the issue! But hey, that was all just a coincidence, right? No, they took issue with the fact that your area was untidy when Visual Merchandising came to visit before opening one morning. No mention of the fact that you were only rostered on for five hours on the previous day. Two and a half of those were spent downstairs in the freezing cold handing out flyers, and the other half was spent trying to make sales targets. I was on my hands and knees in the babywear section trying to tidy it up when a woman approached me asking how to order a pram. I went into that section and lo and behold no staff were available. When one finally showed up she had no clue how to do it, so I called my manager for help. Did she come? no, and while I was busy with someone else that staff member told her to come back the next day. Somehow I got the blame for that as well!!
Sales Professional | Queensland | 10 Aug 2015
Challenging and rewarding
David Jones is generally a great place to work. A typical day at work includes communicating with co-workers and upper management,as well as customers. Stock handling and working with a target budget in mind is also a few of the many things I do. Having the ability to juggle a few different things at a time is essential for this position. The hardest element of this job is the uncertainty casual workers face with gaining enough hours of work. David Jones does not have any minimum hours policy for their casual workers which means that very often, these people can find themselves out of work for a few months at a time. All of this depends on the season, how many other employers are contracted on part time or full time work and whether the target budget has been met. The most enjoyable element of this job is being able to meet and communicate so many interesting people who could be employers or customers. I anticipate the times where I am able to help a customer find exactly what they want. The satisfaction they get from purchasing their desired product is enough to make my day at work enjoyable. Most other employees are easy to get along with, and I feel I connect with them on a very personal level.
ProsGreat staff and department level managers/supervisors.
ConsCasual hours are often unbalanced.
Good for a part-time worker
Part-time worker was good as our shifts were guaranteed but when applying for annual leave, management rarely checks them which is troubling because in the end, they will blame it on you for not doing it "earlier" and tell you to find other employees to take your shift. Long hours and is tiring if you do a 9:30 to 7pm shift. Good pay once you're 20 though. Casuals only get one shift a week in the quieter months though. A lot of talking behind people's backs in the workplace and managers play favourites. This would be fine until they make it too obvious. They will give shifts to those they like and joke around with them during the shifts but will tell you off or order you around if you're not their "favourite". Super unprofessional. Also A LOT of upper management walking around the floors so be ready to dress professionally and be on your best behaviour. I felt like I was working at an office on certain days because it is a very professional workplace. Don't think they are like other retailers where you can slack off. I've only been working here for a little less than a year and the other girls with me want to leave already. We're just tired of the workplace. Same routine, typical rude customers, tiring and nothing new. Wish we had longer breaks since we work an all-day shift.
Sales Professional | Sydney NSW | 11 Mar 2022
Great place to work, good atmosphere and friendly staff
Having had several jobs at David Jones I can say that it is a typical retail workplace. The hours were fair and there was always a lot of work to do, but the team members were great to work with and the salary was good for the role - especially casual rates. The management were a bit of a mixed bag, some were fantastic and some were terrible. The customers were much the same, some very grateful for your help and attention and others thinking that they are better than you because they are shopping at “such a prestigious store”.. you just have to ignore those people, they can and do find their own way. The company culture is fantastic however and there are always chances for promotion if you are flexible, hard working and show initiative. It’s a great place for management pathway development. There are always competitive staff discounts, but I advise against opening a company staff credit card.. that is designed to gouge customers and staff alike. All-in-all, it is a good place to work.
ProsStaff are usually treated well, the staff discounts are nice and the atmosphere is pleasant
ConsSometimes you get stuck with bad management, snooty customers and may have to travel between stores
Sales Assistant | Sydney NSW | 13 Mar 2021
Lack of support + poor training + poor management
I thought it would be fun and a decent place to work at but i dont recommend it: - Managers don't listen to you (ignore your availability and roster you on times that just suit them) - Ask you to do a million things when it's pretty much impossible (check fitting room but also never lean counter, retag all returns immediately but always help the customers first and dont keep them waiting) - Don't treat you with respect (make you take your break only a few hours into the shift and at hours when there aren't lots of customers, meaning you might have a long time without any rest) - Poor scheduling (as a casual> make you work in departments that are not your own with no previous understanding of products and expect you to just deal with customers when you wouldn't know anything) - Lack of support (Dont answer phone when you need assistance or just vaguely explain stuff and leave you to figure it out yourself even if its your first time and your not familiar with a procedure) In conclusion, not the best place to work. Better off being a concession in DJs.
Prosstaff discounts ok
ConsSee above
Customer Service Associate / Cashier | Sydney NSW | 6 June 2016
Productive and great work environment
A typical day at work would involve a lot of customer service and stock replenishment, along with dealing with customer disputes and meeting their satisfaction. What I've learned at David Jones would be how to deal with customer complaints and using those complaints to break it down turning them into compliments to create an extraordinary experience. Management from David jones is very efficient especially the managers in your departments, they show a very professional attitude. Co-workers are david jones are very friendly and co-operative. Really give off a sense of family environment along with great team-player attitudes. The hardest part of the job is due to limited staffing, being able to serve customers and deal with jobs on hard becomes very challenging. Most enjoyable part of the job would definitely be the environment, talking and bonding with co-workers. Enjoying what we can of our working environment
ProsGreat working environment
ConsLimited staff so increase in pressure to current employees
Sales Associate | Queensland | 25 Jan 2020
Poor management & training
I never received training whilst working for the company. However, I met lovely co- workers, who were willing to assist me whenever possible. Though most staff were friendly, there definitely were unpleasant ones who became irritated when I asked for help. This goes for some managers I encountered as well. Particularly the store manager, who was passive aggressive & hostile. On my first shift I was left unsupervised for 3 hours, and throughout my time of employment it was common for me, along with other staff to work alone within a department. The conditions of the staff room weren’t very sanitary either. In the bag locker room there was a stack of used & mouldy dishes. An awful stench came from that area. Management knew of this, never dealt with it. Miscommunication was also a major issue within the store, which often resulted in tension forming between co-workers. Don’t recommend it.
ProsFriendly staff. Good discounts and employee benefits.
ConsManagement is strongly disorganised. Understaffed. No training.

Questions And Answers about David Jones

Would this be a good first job? i do have anxiety.
Asked 3 Oct 2017
No. Lots of people in these places. Anxiety patients usually need to be able to have more control of their workload. DJs can be manic especially around sale time and Xmas.
Answered 16 Mar 2020
Yes it's will
Answered 17 July 2019
What is the interview process like at David Jones?
Asked 19 Mar 2017
You have to love the work and confidence Good communication and friendly also Respect your work mates
Answered 22 Sept 2018
No great, very unprofessional, poor communication....
Answered 30 June 2018
How long does it take to get hired from start to finish at David Jones? What are the steps along the way?
Asked 3 Apr 2017
From my initial application, to phone interview, face to face (1 on 1) interview, to being offered the job = 5 days
Answered 23 Feb 2022
Personally I suggest once you look at the current opportunities page apply and if shortlisted contact the talent acquisition team as soon as possible this way you can prove how much interested you are in getting a job at David Jones also if you don't get a job as they haven't shortlisted you its always alright to apply again and again until you actually get a job there just remember the group interview shouldn't be intimidating its farely calm and easy just questions and answers and its like an airport, literally they ask for your passport and yeah! MAZÉL TOV BEST WISHES & GOOD LUCK!!!
Answered 14 Oct 2018
How would you describe the pace of work at David Jones?
Asked 6 Aug 2019
Depends on the DJ and which department you're in, but most days I have a steady flow of customers, busy tidying, greeting and refilling throughout the day. Finding stock and sizes for customers. Now in Christmas, VERY very busy, time goes fast!
Answered 14 Dec 2020
It's slow and quiet days most of the time, can be expected on weekends only.
Answered 23 June 2020
How do you feel about the future of David Jones?
Asked 30 Nov 2021
An excellent service for better future
Answered 3 Apr 2022
Great will go from strength to strength
Answered 20 Mar 2022