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Customer Service Representative | Frankston VIC | 6 Jan 2020
A Secure Road to Nowhere Meaningful.
After working for Dan Murphy's for almost 6 years, I've experienced several stores and several management teams. It is true that each store has a different culture, so if you can, find out how the store you are applying for operates. My experience was not so favourable. My store management functioned initially on the model of Stalin's rule, under the original management - we would walk around with our heads down, terrified to speak to one another for fear of being sent to the Gulag (Manager's office). After some years that management was disposed and change arrived. Things became better at the store level, and quite enjoyable as a whole experience - so it does depend on the store management to a degree to set the store culture. After the tyranny ended, I learnt many more things and quite enjoyed working at Dan Murphy's. However, the real issue was the several poor interactions with upper management (that is management that is at a level outside of the store, usually taking care of several stores). The discrimination and total disinterest towards the day-to-day floor staff was incredible. My greetings were ignored, my suggestions fell on deaf-ears and mocked openly because they came from floor-staff. When disagreement occurred, the management would often flaunt their status and even their pay-grade as to why they shouldn't be argued with. One staff member had been unfairly fired due to a heated argument over uniform with the area manager. But with the little resources he ha
ProsEasy work, simple tasks
ConsHours are usually 9-3, or 3-9. Depending on the store.
Retail Sales Associate | Point Cook VIC | 14 May 2017
Great team, job security. Bad managers.
Good: Stable job, good pay, great rapport with the team because you're all stuck in the same boat. Stricter codes to abide by so you know you can't get caught out by your own ignorance if you give underage kids alcohol. Multiple jobs in one shift (depending on which store you're in). One store I worked in swapped around the register shifts every two hours because whoever thought of that idea had been just as drained as anyone else on a register for 4-8 hours, so that everyone got a turn to be on the floor doing stock and helping customers which gave you a break in a sense. Bad: If you're a young adult who gets a job at Dan Murphy's, expect to be put on the Saturday night shift for two years. That shift teaches you some real patience. And instead of the fortnightly Saturday night shift swap idea, they don't want you to change the fragile eco system if it means putting someone middle aged on a Saturday shift, because they don't like that. This might come off as whiny, but once you deal with the incompetence that one has in two different stores in Melbourne, there's not a concern for good management, but because everyone is mates up top and they don't want to make things difficult for themselves. HR won't listen to your complaints, and brush off most issues, even extremely problematic issues like having your boss watch you over your shoulder while you fill out a mandatory quiz on how the work environment is and the management. We were lucky to have a lady on our team who wa
ProsGreat team, stable pay and conditions and part time positions which are hard to come by.
ConsSaturday night shifts and the middle aged privilege.
Senior Product Manager | Melbourne VIC | 23 July 2018
Dan Murphy's has a positive and friendly work environment. Excellent customer service reputation.
The range of products is extensive and the prices are the lowest in the liquor trade. Customers come in mainly for that reason but I strongly believe that they also come to Dan's for the product knowledge that the staff have and for the manner in which they are treated, they get good staff service. A typical day at work is made up of setting up the tasting table and teaching staff and customers about the wine that we are promoting, completing planograms ,Ltos , doing the ends for advertised stock and the blueprints. My product knowledge is extensive and my ability to give the customers the quality service they desire with confidence. The Managers that I have worked with have great people skills, have good product knowledge,always give positive feed back to there staff. Another great attribute to the management and the company is the slow turnover of staff. The culture of the workplace is great ,all the staff get on well are respectful to each other which makes for an enjoyable place to work. The hardest part of the job is keeping ahead with staff training. The most enjoyable part of the job is the people I work with and offering quality merchandise at low prices and good friendly customer service.
Prosa good working inviroment, great skillful and staff oriantated managment
Constoo many un trained casual staff. Could do better in training.
Duty Manager | New South Wales | 26 July 2021
Don't waste your time.
Company always looking to cut costs at the workers expense. Don't expect decent employment as they DO NOT hire full time workers and hire 20 part timers. They will make you sign a minimum contract of 8 hours as part time but expect you to work like a casual and do extra random shifts all the time but not pay you casual penalty rates (this may seem ok as you build up extra sick pay and annual leave but you can only claim the 8 hours a week you are contracted for even if you generally work 30+ hours a week normally). You also work in a retail environment but they pay you as hospitality staff under the general award (very low pay) and most of all they have a very terrible covid response. They had everything planned in stores to keep business running during store closures and could easily implemented click and collect / delivery only but still refuse to do so until the government makes it mandatory even though they have more foot traffic then ever since lockdown and even made much more money during the pandemic than beforehand. Corporate don't care about staff, managers are overpaid and they delegate you the work they are meant to be doing themselves. If you aren't scanning members cards all the time and signing up loyalty members then you aren't doing your job and will management come down onto you even though you can be the best at other things.
ProsOccasionally taste good drinks (most time not so much)
ConsToo many to list, read review.
Stocking Associate | Canning Vale WA | 1 Dec 2014
Busy workplace great for those seeking the opposite of a desk job
Was a great place to work when I had a certain manager. Things ran efficiently then and everyone knew their responsibilities and place within the team. Was a great team culture. Since management has changed, regrettably the store has lost structure, direction and we are all often barely keeping the business functional. Manager is terrible and enforces no team structure, so job roles/responsibiities have become unclear and details have been missed for months to the point now where they are near impossible to fix. On top of that we are severely understaffed, particularly in duty manager roles, so staff often have to pull double shifts or come in on their rostered days off because our manager is too cheap to make new hires. Different stores may have a better structure than ours. Job is fairly physically demanding which I enjoy because it keeps me fit and makes the day go quicker. The business has very busy periods so not good for people who arent used to working in an environment dealing with high customer/stock volume. Hard to leave because I am on a permanent part time contract where I am able to design my hours around University. As soon as I find something permanent part time in a similar role I am out of there!!
ProsVery flexible schedule for Uni/TAFE students
ConsWorking nights-never beyond 9pm though
Customer Assistant | Melbourne VIC | 9 May 2014
Excellent Management but unfair scheduling
A typical day of work was usually alright. I could find many things to entertain myself with and little tasks that needed to be completed but something I have learnt here is that being a busy worker will not get you the hours you want. A lot of the time, you had to flirt your way into more hours or be 'popular' in the work force. I do have a lot of really great co-workers that recognize this and just focus on their work, but, there are some that take advantage of this knowledge. Working at Dan Murphys was generally an easy job, I sometimes wished that they would allow me to learn more about the company and let me do other, more difficult jobs but one thing I did have to deal with was refusing customers service. That was a tough job because either the person was really kind and left the store calmly or they would put up a fight and insult me, threaten me, or make a large scene about how upset they were. Even though there were some pretty nasty customers there were also the really kind ones. I always look forward to seeing the face of customers I know because you get to talk to them about their lives, say hello to their kids and just gain a relationship with them that you wouldn't normally working in any other part of the store.
ProsGreat Management Team, Friendly Workplace
ConsNo way of advancing, Not fair hours.
Duty Manager | Hervey Bay QLD | 25 May 2021
Can be a great job.
As every job goes they have their ups and their downs. As for the store I worked in I witnessed and experienced many unethical behaviours with upper management such as temperamental behaviours, poor communication, use of scare tactics including treats of loss of job and blaming injuries on staff not being fit for the job instead of upper management not using appropriate rotations of staff to avoid repetitive movement injuries. Team members were helpful and friendly. I did witness and work with many stores with amazing management and team members that had great spirit and pride and it was reflected in their store. Great ability to grow, learn and with ambition and effort climb the industry ladders. Lots of HR resources. If you have a passion for the industry you can learn so much. There are so many opportunities to experience, explore and to try so many different products and learn the histories. Event nights can be so much fun being able to engaging with customers and share your passion and love of products.
ProsGrowth ability. Large industry. Great for learning and experiencing. Flexible Hours
ConsIf your store has bad upper management it will negatively affect your entire work experience
Cashier/Stocker | Malvern VIC | 24 Feb 2014
Keeps you fit and busy with many things to alternate to and from
An average work shift at Dan Murphy's as a Stock Assistant will include moving stock coming in off a truck to the floor of the store each morning continuing until about lunch time, sometimes longer. Between that time once the store opens at 9 AM, you will be back and forth dealing with customers and trying to finish putting out the load. The fridge and the cool room has to continually be replenished to provide cold products to the customers such as beer, white wine and champagne/sparkling wine. You may also be required to take up a register momentarily if the counter queue starts to get longer than 3 people to avoid wait times for customers. Dan Murphy's closes at 9 PM on a normal working day, if you're doing a closing shift the fridges must be full, the stock on the shelves must be pulled forward neatly with labels facing outwards and you may be required to count a register if more than two were used, general tidying up in the warehouse and on the floor and you're out of there by 915 PM.
ProsTaste and learn about different alcohol
ConsDraining due to manual handling and dealing with customers all day
Duty Manager | Queensland | 26 Dec 2016
Not a very nice place to work.
When I first started at Dan Murphy's I loved it. As time progressed however, it became clear that this is not a job you would like to have for a long period of time. The management use you when they need you and cast you aside when they don't. Hours are frequently culled in the quiet months of the year. They'll give you 40+ hours through November and December and then in January and February some people don't even get a shift a week. The job is hard on your body with a lot of heavy lifting for long periods of time. There are some genuinely good people who work there, some really great managers, but they are rare and move store frequently. Your contract will mean absolutely nothing when they decide they can't afford to roster you that week. They frequently tell staff to take their holidays to deal with tightening wage budgets etc. To be honest the entire 5 or so years I spent with this company not once did I truly think my job was secure. It's not worth it. What the upper management want and expect and what the line management want and expect are at complete odds with eachother. Don't injure yourself, you'll be punished for it.
Crew Member | Burwood VIC | 15 June 2021
Mixed bag
Is a mixed bag in the sense that it is all dependent on the management and colleagues you work with. Some have been respectful and a joy to work with and some are toxic borderline sociopaths with insecurities issue who enjoy the little power they have. Lot of this behaviour isn't at all reprimanded and just ignored either because the manages don't care or spineless and afraid of confrontation. Besides the usual hypocrisies or arrogance the worst thing I've witness is the gossip culture which isn't at all productive and again a sign of insecurity that resides with some higher staff members, though to be fair this is a Danmurphys I'm talking about. Lower and higher Management tend to have ego issues, possibly because this is the only sense of power they'll have or just raised poorly, take your pick. Sad to say as some managers I've had have been down to earth and completely understanding and don't yell at their staff because unlike some they don't have a power complex or possibly drug issues from what I've witness.
ProsSome good work colleagues.
ConsAbhorent lower and higher Management.

Questions And Answers about Dan Murphy's

Why do/did you like working at Dan Murphy's?
Asked 2 May 2017
It's a good job if you have a good team and good manager.
Answered 24 May 2018
Dan Murphys was biased they were rude the management, you get told to do their jobs while they all sit in the office and they get paid for it.duty managers got $6.50 per shift don't bother not worth it too much bullying and nothing done to fix it I left after long service it was appealing. Never got paid right ever disgusted never again Woolworths
Answered 12 Apr 2018
What are the working hours at Dan Murphy's?
Asked 31 May 2017
Any hour work by dan Murphy gives
Answered 8 Mar 2018
Available as required
Answered 26 Sept 2017
How should you prepare for an interview at Dan Murphy's?
Asked 2 May 2017
The new buzzwords in Dan Murphy's at the moment are Connect and Discover. Say things like "I've always found it easy to connect with my customers" and "I'm just starting my journey in liquor appreciation and have already discovered new and interesting things which I'm passionate about".
Answered 4 June 2018
Be honest work in a team respect customers
Answered 11 Nov 2017
What should you wear to an interview at Dan Murphy's?
Asked 17 May 2017
Smart, Business shirt and trousers, not Jeans
Answered 12 Sept 2018
Comfortable clothing neat and clean apperance and on time
Answered 5 Sept 2018
Why do you want to work for Dan Murphy’s
Asked 29 Mar 2018
To grow as an employee and further myself in the work force.
Answered 14 Dec 2021
Good time great customer service
Answered 8 Jan 2019