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Chef | Melbourne VIC | 24 Jan. 2019
Job security but at a terrible cost
As an experienced qualified chef I hoped to make a difference by joining Compass Group. Upon resigning I was disillusioned, burnt out and quite frankly appalled at the quality of workmanship from fellow chefs and the non existent professionalism from so called managers and the ah hem, management team (old adage, there's no I in team). Hire unqualified them low wages and wonder why the results are disappointing with high staff turnover. No care from these 'chefs', no inspiration/leadership/discipline from highly paid senior chef who played with the computer all day while subordinates slaved to reach unattainable targets. Severe lack of qualifications. Jobs for unskilled, inexperienced and image obsessed mates at management level and nepotism rife at base level. WHS not complied with, horrific breaches were commonplace, communication non existent except for the usual bully boy tactics. Stress cascades down from leaders at Head Office through to the scurrying mice Area Managers down to the overloaded Site Managers. Quality leaders/staff end up rejoining the outside world of hospitality leaving gaps that cannot be filled. Resultant situation of much outsourcing of apparently 'green' friendly food items with a massive carbon footprint, suppliers/supply chain not interested in quality just the lowest agreed price for the lowest quality raw food items....folks, you're eating this rubbish at venues around Australia, target levels aren't met, KPI’S aren't achie
ProsStable employment
ConsLow wages, awful management hierarchy lacking any direction
Utility Worker | Western Australia | 3 Aug. 2015
not a great experience
Overall not the best experience and a terrible Employer. HR literally argues with site management, over permant placement opportunities, meaning no job security. Site managers blatantly engage is Employee Discrimination. They not only encourage but cultivate a snitch mentality, thus creating dissent between its workers because nobody trusts one another. Bullying is rife at somesites, but management turns a blind eye. They encourage it in fact as these people are also the office snitchs who management uses as tools to decide which relief members they hire on site and who they wont use again. Disgracefull. They have a speak out program that i suggest you dont use, because when you do, your ostracised by management untill it is sufficient enough for your termination. This is a churn n burn company who gives less than a rats behind about its Employees, thats why it is always advertising, cause it rarely retains them. Hypocritical, because every employee has to be on a permanant site for a minimum of 6mnths afore applying for construction, Some people have been applying for these roles and were told that outsiders cannot gain these roles as it is unfsir to permanant staff who have been pursuing connstruction roles from within the company yet they advertise here fir new employees. Liars.
Proswonderfull people you meet onsite
Conspromotes autonomy rather than teamwork
Chef | Selwyn QLD | 17 Feb. 2014
An enjoyable place to work when dealing with the clients.
A typical night for me is rather busy getting the crib /salad bar /breakfast and desserts ready for the coming day. I work alone as it is currently a small camp of up to 60 people so I am involved with being my own kitchen hand as well and parttime dining attendant of a morning before breakfast. I do have help during breakfast when a girl comes in to wash plates for half an hour but I am left to my own devices after Breakfast has finished so I can clean up and wash up the pots /dixies. I suppose I have learnt to be a multi tasker. I try hard to get on well with management and co workers and am part of the team when things such as unloading the food truck occurs and also take an active part in team training such as when a recent fire fighting training morning occurred. I find my co workers to be mainly friendly and congenial. The hardest part of the job would be that when our numbers were higher, about 150 ,I was still left without an assistant during the night and only had a pot/plate washer come in at the start of service.Sometimes it is hard to have a decent sleep during the day too to revive the batteries for the night.I find the most enjoyable part of the job is the rapport I have with the miners as they come in to Breakfast each morning not to mention the plane ride home.
Bar Manager | Western Australia | 8 Oct. 2014
Tough but beneificial workplace
A typical day at work was about 10-12 hours long, based on a mine site in a desert location in Western Australia. I would attend safety meeting & 'prestarts' prior to commencing work, then handle any incoming communication regarding the Tavern, prepare my banking, set up/stock the tavern in preparation for the service periods, complete any paperwork/orders etc, clean required areas such as office spaces, recreation rooms, toilets & open once it was time for service of a night time. I learned how to effectively manage a business, along side strict safety regimes. I also learned how to operate within liquor/tobacco licenses, hospitality standards of cleaning, preperation, customer service etc. Working (and living) along side people for 4 weeks at a time to some can be a nightmare but I enjoyed developing bonds with people, working with people/amongst teams is something I have always prided myself with being good at. The hardest part of the job was the heat. Working outside, doing physical/manual jobs in temperatures of 45C+ can be quite debilitating but our company found ways to make it more comfortable. I enjoyed being educated while working, furthering my knowledge and my career is always what I like to get out of a job so being able to do that was a great plus for me.
Utility Worker | Injune QLD | 20 May 2015
Life at Clough
I started my new job in house keeping which was new to me. Making beds and cleaning bathrooms wasn't new to me but the pace was. After a few days on the job, making 50/200 beds a day, it got easier. After work, I would go to the gym - cardio and weights to relax and then have dinner with my fellow workers. As I have kitchen experience they asked me to help out in the kitchen for a few days as they were short on staff. My time spent at Clough was in housekeeping and the kitchen, probably half in both areas. Learnt how to make a bed - hospital beds. Time management I already had, but I had to learn quickly with the housekeeping rules - new arrivals and late departures. You had to be able to manage yourself well. Management would help out with truck deliveries, got the job done and were always there when you needed them. Co-workers were hard workers and always up for a laugh to make the day enjoyable. Learning how to make a hospital bed was probably the hardest part, but after you make a few it gets easy. Working in the kitchen was the part I enjoyed the most, different hours, meeting the clients through the breakfast and dinner shifts.
ProsOwn room, bathroom, fridge, internet, cupboards
Chef | Nowra NSW | 28 Apr. 2020
Unique fun workplace
A typical day at work begins with "pre-start", a run down on the expected events for the day ie: number of clients to be expected which could include training groups on site or away up to 300 people. Maintanence or safety issues that have been reported and these sessions are always hosted by management. Chefs would then give handover to those starting shift and there would be discussion on what prep needed to be completed prior to service or for the next day, each team (breakfast/lunch or dinner) then began their prep constantly collaborating on the menu and ensuring each team member was on top of their tasks. I have learnt that as a team we are all responsible for the completion of tasks safely and in a timely manner helping one another where necessary. We are all reponsible for managing the completion of shift paperwork including temperature monitoring of food and allergen reporting and all end of shift cleaning and recording. We enjoy each others company and accept that each person has unique skills to share and are happy to do so in a safe environment without harassment or prejudice.
Supervisor | Brisbane QLD | 21 Jun. 2016
Worst company to work for in Australia! Under payed, and under staffed!
This company posted a Billion dollar profit, they make this money off the staff, they understaff you, and underpay you, to make profit! They take on contracts with such tight margins, that is almost impossible for them to make money, so they push the staff to work in a ridiculously difficult work enviornment. upper management are completely disorganized, with unrealistic expectations! The work ethic is all about pushing staff to their limits, above and beyond what is even your job description. They make you sign contracts to take away all your working rights. I signed a contract as a supervisor, however, at the induction, they get you to sign even more, unknown contracts, which enables them to use you in jobs, below your pay grade, one minute i was supervising staff, next minute i was expected to clean the toilets! I would never recommend to work for this company! My area manager was a bully, and im sure if i had stayed in my position, i would have reported her.
ProsNo pro's, cant think of even one!
ConsUnder payed, under staffed, with unrealistic work expectations!
Administrative Assistant | Cannon Hill QLD | 4 Mar. 2020
Pretty toxic workplace
I had the unfortunate pleasure of being placed in a team where the culture was "work yourself to death and we'll do everything possible to make it harder". I was in a position that was a high workload but manageable with the support from the other 2 members, but the company decided that a team of 3 doing the work of 4 only needed to be a team of 2 doing but also decided to do this during the busiest period the company had faced to date. So the workload almost tripled and they sacked one person but did not replace them or even give us even casuals for support. Working 60-70 odd hours per week and paid for 38 made for serious impacts at home. When I was hired I informed them that my child was due in a few months and that I would need to work from home for 2 weeks doing non-standard hours when it happened, which was agreed on by the team leader, HR & department head. During this period I was informed that my commitment & availability was not satisfactory (even though I was still working a total of 10-12hrs per day, just at night instead of day) and I was given my notice of termination over the phone...
Utility Worker | Pilbara WA | 22 Apr. 2016
Horrendous Company
Management regularly told us, especially at Tool-Box meetings, how useless we were (they weren't quite as polite as me, add a few swear words!), and that there are thousands of people who would like our jobs. They had absolutely no idea of the jobs we were preforming (or how long it took to do them). Work-load was huge, and then tasks were added on because they wanted us to do extras! And they thought we were being lazy! Staff on leave were very rarely replaced, everyone had to 'pick up the slack & work harder". I regularly worked my shift eating on the job, as it was impossible to take a break, and all work had to be completed by end of shift. Purple Circle definetly exists, and they run straight to Management, who see what they want to see, and assume you are lying if you say different. Pay-roll is useless, I recon some of them are jealous of the wages. Pay was OK, but earnt. If you must work for this company - use them as a stepping stone, and network with other company's, the Wett-Mess is a great place to do that.
ProsNo Pros
ConsNo Breaks
Utility Worker | Western Australia | 21 Mar. 2016
productive & fun work place
A typical day at work would start with a morning pre start tool box meeting advising staff of current changes to our work environment. From there on we would conduct resume normal working duties as per usual. During my time with ESS I learnt how to become versatile in all various different departments of the organisation - mine site - kitchen - housekeeping and the airport picking up and learning new tasks fast to be able to work efficiently and productively in each of these departments of the business. I found management to be extremely approachable and helpful at any given time. My co worker were exactly the same very helpful and team work orientated bunch to work with. The most enjoyable part of the job was team bounding every Sunday, where we get to let our hair down a bit playing engaging games to find out about information about our co workers.
ProsAccommodation and food supplied
ConsWorking away from family

Questions And Answers about Compass Group Australia

What are the working hours at Compass Group Australia?
Asked 1 May 2017
10 hour days for 14 days straight then 1 week off as full time my contract states $62000 per year... you do the math...
Answered 15 May 2020
7/12hr shifts.
Answered 30 Apr. 2019
What is the company culture like at Compass Group Australia?
Asked 2 Oct. 2018
No Duty of Care to the worker's / utility.
Answered 10 Jan. 2021
If emergencies happen with family can you come home do they look after there staff
Answered 22 Sep. 2020
What tips or advice would you give to someone interviewing at Compass Group Australia?
Asked 30 Apr. 2019
I would be confident , tell the truth, high light my strengths and who valuable I would as a staff to Compass.
Answered 1 Dec. 2019
Don't do it, there are better companies to work for.
Answered 30 Apr. 2019
Is the pay weekly or fortnighly and how much
Asked 28 Feb. 2018
Fourth nightly pay
Answered 16 Oct. 2018
Weekly.casual rate €25 .and that's casual!!!?.
Answered 20 May 2018
What interview questions do they ask at Compass Group Australia?
Asked 24 Jan. 2019
Not much desperate for staff
Answered 29 Mar. 2019
Can you cook? Will you work for agreed low rates and perform unpaid overtime as per your contract? Then sign your life away.
Answered 24 Jan. 2019