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Kitchen Team Member | Queensland | 31 Oct. 2019
I did have bit fun working their just last around what happened went wrong. I got upset last minute around than I quit that end.
I was just getting excited when it came up. When the budget came in 2005 that what came true then for me. That how I got back to then and that what came true for me. I need work places give me chance and have ago. Since off work for while I have been little stress for while.
Regional Manager | Sydney NSW | 10 Aug. 2015
Challenging diverse roe with good support
A very independent role that had me working to timeframes that were established with little supervision over extended periods of time. A combination of environmental advisory roles, policy creation, compliance, green procurement and environmental innovation.
ProsGood people
ConsIT issues
Room Attendant | Sydney NSW | 13 Nov. 2016
work environment
It is a good place to work at, but after a 18 months of working in that company, I feel that I need to learn about new things and decided to leave to pursue or get a better skills.
Prosgood environment
Consbad management
Steward | Singleton NSW | 23 Apr. 2016
Productive and enjoyable workplace with a great manager.
I currently work in the Officers Mess at the Lone Pine Military Barracks, Singleton. I worked in the general mess which accommodates for up to 500, for 9mths, which is fast paced, labor intensive work. I now work in the Officers dining room and have done now for 4mths and love it! There's always a variety of tasks every shift, along with great staff to work with and a wonderful manager. I actually enjoy going to work and really would like to stay within this company.
ProsFun and safe environment
ConsShort staffed a lot, which increases workload.
Site Administration and LEAP Administration | Brisbane QLD | 16 Apr. 2019
Good learning environment
Compass Group was a good learning environment and stepping stone for personal and professional growth. My personal opinion is there was very little job security or professional support while I was in the company for over 4 years. I found more support from contracted companies I liaised with while in Compass Group which encouraged me to hold my positions in the company for the duration of employment. The most enjoyable part of working in Compass Group was the customer and client interaction and being able to achieve personal and professional goals to better myself. I don't believe I would be where I am today without those opportunities. It was a difficult but rewarding experience.
Technician | Newman WA | 21 Apr. 2018
not good
This company does not know how to manage people there are the worst company I have ever worked for and will never have a nice thing to say about them .
Supply Chain Manager | Parkville VIC | 21 Sep. 2014
Good Experience
Dealing with Clients and Sites Inventory Planning Procurement of new products(Retail) Procurement of Equipment and chemicals
Store Manager | Gladstone QLD | 19 Jun. 2017
This position afforded me opportunity. I was given reward and recognition. I had to work hard, but in turn I had opportunities that people would only dream of.
Consaway from home
Catering Manager | Melbourne VIC | 1 Mar. 2018
Not a bad organisation to work
I worked for Compass Group for over 14 years and found it enjoyable and challenging .Cooking for large quantities which I enjoy and that they have jobs in all ares like Prisons, sports stadiums , Hospitals, aged care Air ports cafes ,resturants
Head Chef | Cape Lambert WA | 30 May 2015
The single worst company you could work for
Never pay you right, You might have to weight 3 months for you pay. Treat you with distain They Will never consider your interests or safety, even if it effects your family or life out side work, eg. payment of wages, rosters, safety, PPE, working hours like rest breaks,
Prosno pros, every other employer will have better ethics, the copmany is going down hill, It wont last much longer before it is brough out
Consno ethics

Questions And Answers about Compass Group Australia

What are the working hours at Compass Group Australia?
Asked 1 May 2017
10 hour days for 14 days straight then 1 week off as full time my contract states $62000 per year... you do the math...
Answered 15 May 2020
7/12hr shifts.
Answered 30 Apr. 2019
What is the company culture like at Compass Group Australia?
Asked 2 Oct. 2018
No Duty of Care to the worker's / utility.
Answered 10 Jan. 2021
If emergencies happen with family can you come home do they look after there staff
Answered 22 Sep. 2020
What tips or advice would you give to someone interviewing at Compass Group Australia?
Asked 30 Apr. 2019
I would be confident , tell the truth, high light my strengths and who valuable I would as a staff to Compass.
Answered 1 Dec. 2019
Don't do it, there are better companies to work for.
Answered 30 Apr. 2019
Is the pay weekly or fortnighly and how much
Asked 28 Feb. 2018
Fourth nightly pay
Answered 16 Oct. 2018
Weekly.casual rate €25 .and that's casual!!!?.
Answered 20 May 2018
What interview questions do they ask at Compass Group Australia?
Asked 24 Jan. 2019
Not much desperate for staff
Answered 29 Mar. 2019
Can you cook? Will you work for agreed low rates and perform unpaid overtime as per your contract? Then sign your life away.
Answered 24 Jan. 2019