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Distribution Centre | Murarrie QLD | 21 May 2019
Do not work for city beach distribution centre, murarrie
Please for your own mental health DO NOT work for this company! You will be mistreated, belittled and made to feel like you are as useless as anything. These are just some things to expect if you apply for this job. -If you do not pick/Pack fast enough your shifts will be cut. -Every time you turn a year (have a birthday) your shifts will get cut. -Be seen saying hello to someone your shifts will be cut. -Having a bad day? BAM shifts cut -Bend down to tie your shoe lace best to be prepared to be questioned about it and why your not working. You would think to be a supervisor of a department In this company you would need to have some skills right? maybe people skills, communication skills? but not with this company too be a supervisor for the e-store department all you have too do is be rude, walk around the warehouse like someone has just murdered someone and speak to every single human being like they are 12 years old and stupid, even if you are older or higher in management then this person. You are monitored throughout the day by your productivity, need to go to the toilet? be prepared that this will ruin your "idle time" even if you are fixing a mistake that you made you will be questioned why you weren't to working for this period of time. By all means if you see the conveyor that is operating throughout the warehouse and It happens to be stuck. KEEP WALKING and do not help others out or you will still be questioned why your productivity is poorly.
ProsMake Amazing Friends
Consestore supervisor!
Estore Casual | Murarrie QLD | 12 Mar 2019
Worst Place
This company's warehouse has the worst employment conditions. If I knew about these beforehand, I wouldn't have wasted my time seeking employment. A typical day at work varies in peak or low sale time. During peak sale time you are expected to work 10 hours everyday of the week. God forbid you want any Christmas holidays off or decide you don't want to work your 17th day in a row as the manager will lash out at you with attitude and fowl language. Low sales time means driving 40+ minutes to work to only be sent home a few hours later without warning OR for the lucky ones, not being rostered on for weeks on end. This is understandable as casuals are subject to inconsistent hours however, these decisions are based on manager favourites and "job performance." "Job performance" is based on productivity and consistency. Both of which are pressured on staff in impossible ways. To reach a decent productivity it is encouraged you don't talk to anyone, practically RUN and make no mistakes. However, if you do make a mistake, you not only ruin your productivity but your reputation with the manager. In a job that is mundane, repetitive and predominantly completed off of RF guns, mistakes are inevitable. Making a mistake is a spine chilling experience as the manager will often come bounding from her office to scream at you, often in front of everyone. Even if this is your only mistakes in weeks you will be sent home early, have your shifts cut or be rostered off for weeks. If
ProsHot guys in dispatch
ConsEverything above
seasonal casual | Penrith NSW | 14 Jan 2019
No training and messy store
Worked as a Christmas casual. Was super excited as it was my first job and I was super enthusiastic going in. Basically the only training I received was how to greet customers at the door. That's it. Was basically left clueless and sent into the store to "help customers" with no training on how to do anything, no routine on how to open the back door, rosters, store policies, how to get down bags and shoes, how to recover properly etc. Everything I learnt I either taught myself or was taught by another team member. Was scheduled on multiple 5am starts without being told on how to do staff parking etc. Other christmas casuals had the same complaints, most of the time there were heaps of us on the floor at the same time, all clueless and feeling very unhelpful and annoying. Permanent team members seemed annoyed by us being there (understandable though). Most of the time there would be a long line of customers out the door with only 1/2 out of the 3 tills being used, with no xmas casuals register trained to help avoid this. training was also inconsistent across team members - with some members being taught virtually nothing (like myself - was only given a 5 minute talk on how to greet customers and check bags), whereas some members had been taught some other small skills such as shoes, opening cabinets, how to get down bags etc. Store was also extremely messy, most of the time team members couldn't get into the back room because it was so messy. Changerooms were occupied with r
ProsGood pay, nice other christmas casuals
Consno training, messy store, poor management, often asked to work overtime with no notice, shifts irregular
Assistant Manager | Broadbeach QLD | 7 Mar 2016
Fast paced, sales driven organisation
On your average day a variety of tasks are completed with a minimal time frame. Being able to multi-task, lead by example, strong communication and organisation skills are a must to get through the days work. I thoroughly enjoy working with others and spent a lot of time training staff and also hired 55 staff for our Christmas Casuals, I found it highly fulfilling. I had a great deal of highly reliable staff and management who were thrilling to work with, I enjoy working in a happy work environment. I enjoyed keeping busy and am not a person who can stand there and do nothing, I enjoy a busy work life. There is much more to the scene than just selling and fixing up clothes and during my time I learnt a great deal of the different factors that are involved in running such a fast paced, high volume stores. I now have a vast experience of Visual Merchandising, Loss Prevention, Stock, Stock-take, Sales, Customer Service and much more. The hardest part of the job I found was task deliverance, not only were we responsible for running the store, helping customers and staff members whilst completing our management duties, we were also given set tasks to complete. Along with our many other duties that were simply not achievable at times due to the daily demands of the store. Noticeably during the holiday seasons this mainly comes in to affect and takes its toll of management and full time team members. These tasks were set often by the company and regional managers to push sal
Pros3 day weekend once and month, reliable co-workers, management
Conslong hours, no recognition, little room to advance, lacking in communication at times
Retail Sales Associate | Brisbane QLD | 8 July 2019
Not the best place to work.
I had worked there for about 3 years before they stopped giving me shifts. When I first started working there for about the first year and a half they would call me about shifts that I had for the next month onwards. They would always call about confirming shifts, personally I think that they set a high expectation for you as an employee when you start working because they all of a sudden stopped calling me about shifts and I would ask about them when I would call up and they wouldn't give me an exact answer besides when you come in next check the roster, which I found kind of pathetic because I asked for my shifts so I knew when I could check my roster. Mind you I enjoyed working there and a 3 hour shift would only feel like 1 hour because it would get so busy, but the downside of working there is the people you work with. Personally I wasn't sure if any of the older workers were a fan of me as I was newly 14 and 9 months old and applied for the job and got it straight away. I was spoken to like I was a child and in a very unprofessional way which I didn't like. They also cut my shifts down completely and completely stopped giving me shifts because I would occasionally call off work or say I couldn't do a shift to the manager in person and over the phone because I was sick, injured or had an event or something to study for that I couldn't push to the side and do later.
ProsGreat Hourly Rate
Sales Associate | Ipswich QLD | 12 Aug 2020
Not worth it
I worked for the Ipswich store, the management team are young and immature. The casuals are all high schoolers and definitely act like such, complain about each other to everyone and will throw each other under the bus. The manager was OCD crazy if you put a pen back into the drawer wrong you got written up. She would also just stand around watching staff instead of doing anything. You couldn't spend too long with a customer who needed help. But also had to spend time with every single customer whilst also maintaining the store and doing your job. I was always up the front of the store as that was my allocated area however the management team in the back would always blame things on me that involved the back of the store to try and cover their own backs. Also, you only have one person up the front of the store, whilst there are at least 4 team members in the back of the store gossiping and chatting, including the management team, however, if I spoke to someone longer than a min I would get in trouble. Was expected to know everything in a month but wasn't trained properly. I've worked for other companies where I have never had issues with time frames given, however with City beach you are expected to have everything done in half a day. Also felt excluded from the team, never got to know anyone as I was only ever up the front of the store
Conslong hours; horrible staff members
Retail Sales Associate | Erina Fair NSW | 28 July 2021
Bad workplace
So the idea of working at city beach seems all fine and dandy but the regional management is really really terrible. We had two really great store managers who left because of how terrible the company was and the hired two more with no experience, they’re both amazing people but half of the senior casuals ended up having to train them properly because they didn’t do it right elsewhere. The store is always a mess because of being over stocked. our store would be full and we would still get weekly stock even though we didn’t have a back room, this is something we would always get customer complaints about too. We also weren’t allowed to eat in the staff room or even keep food in there with our lockers because it was classified an office which I understand but still like wtf. We did anyway though because we’re human. They would also put casuals who had no idea what they were doing on to run the day. Plus getting paid minimum wage fortnightly is the absolute WORST, especially since we either got over worked and got 2 days off for the entire fortnight or we would get 1 shift the entire fortnight, no inbetween. Completely unfair for people who have rent to pay and for people at school and uni
ProsFriendly coworkers
ConsNo back room, overstocked, TERRIBLE regional management, dont listen to employee requests, overwork people or give 0 shifts
Warehouse Worker | Murarrie QLD | 24 June 2021
It's a Typical Warehouse Job
Having worked in the E-Store Department for over a year now I can say it's a decent job as long as you are willing to put the effort in and listen to your Controllers and Supervisors. I worked in other warehouses before this and they are all pretty much the same. Warehouses are always hot in summer (Duh! We are in QLD), shifts are performance based (all businesses are here to make money so they aren't going to continue to employ deadbeats), Pay is the award rate (no more, no less), if a 15 year old can do the job just as well as a 19 year old and is cheaper to employ they will get more shifts (it's all about the budget), people who whinge and complain all the time will get less shifts because they affect the overall vibe of the place. Management are only a problem when employees are a problem. If you do your job and meet productivity and don't cause any dramas (like constantly talking, mistakes, gossiping, wasting time) you won't have any issues. The job is repetitive 99% of the time so if you have trouble focusing and get bored easily this won't be the sort of job for you. It's easy to make friends here as most people are pretty social, but most of them will be fake work friends so don't expect life long connections.
ProsAs long as you meet productivity and don't make mistakes management will leave you alone
ConsYou are expected to work for your pay
Retail Sales Associate | Wollongong NSW | 28 Sept 2021
Usually stressful and disorganised. But I consider them my family.
Work is stressful for those looking to provide quality customer service and team work. Laziness is not discouraged and individuals seem to work either too hard or too little. Christmas casuals tend to be temporary and a waste of resources during the busy holidays. Hiring standards needs to be better. Often those that are putting in the most work behind the scenes are not recognised or appreciated, while many others are. Management is usually too young, and capable managers are not well supported by higher-ups. The hardest part is not going home stressed, frustrated, and exhausted. The most enjoyable part is the relaxed and genuine friendships that form between coworkers. Though, this job has taught me patience, and forced me to learn to work in a stressful and sometimes extremely dysfunctional environment. **Management makes a massive difference. When an unpleasant individual is overseeing the bigger picture, it effects everyone on every level of work. So, the job fluctuates, but in general the experience has been character building, probably not for the right reasons. It also depends on which store you are in. Different teams create different dynamics, and sometimes you might just get unlucky, or lucky. Such is life.
ConsEarly mornings
Warehouse Worker | Murarrie QLD | 25 Feb 2019
Management is by far the worst thing about working here.
Work is boring and repetitive, that in itself is expected. The temperature inside the warehouse is hot (again expected), but there is hardly any airflow/fans/air conditioning and the fans that are there are pointed at 5 out of 50 staff. I was there for around 4 months and during that time I saw 3 people overheat and pass out. I worked in the e-store department and can say the manager was the worst part about working here. She was nothing but rude, foul mouthed, and always on a war path. When she would come storming out of her “office” you could see everyone flinch and pray she wasn’t charging towards them. Asking for any time off regardless of the amount of notice is “not on”. Casuals are made to bring in medical certificates for sick days (even though they’re not required to) or their shifts will be cut. Majority of the other full time staff were fine and didn’t have any problems with, but even they are all scared of the manager, so no one would take a stand against her regardless. Pay was average, got over time but it wasn’t optional. There’s no doubt in my mind the manager and bad working conditions are the reason there is such a high employee turn over in this place. I wouldn’t never go back.
ConsE store manager sucks

Questions And Answers about City Beach Australia

What is the company culture like at City Beach Australia?
Asked 9 Feb 2018
Very eager willing to start first at any time will arrive at work on time hard worker
Answered 12 Sept 2020
Toxic! Very cliquey. Store staff refer to head office as unqualified and only hired if they look the part to senior management. Then working in head office I found that is totally true. You only get ahead by playing the part and not by knowledge.
Answered 17 May 2020
If you were to leave City Beach Australia, what would be the reason?
Asked 22 Mar 2017
Too much High School type drama from other workers
Answered 24 June 2021
Harassment from senior management
Answered 17 May 2020
What is the interview process like at City Beach Australia?
Asked 16 Dec 2017
Applied online, got an email for an interview the following morning. One on one interview with the manager, simple questions such as tell me about yourself, why do you want to work here, you’re career goal. Very smooth interview! :)
Answered 2 June 2021
Applied online. got an offer for an interview about 2 weeks later. did a one on one interview- very standard questions, it was in the back room. they pretty much focused on the computer and typed in your answers. they said they would contact me a week later but 2 months later and no response. very unprofessional if you ask me but the manager was nice
Answered 15 Oct 2020
What questions do they ask at the job interview?
Asked 12 Oct 2017
Tell me about yourself, why did you choose city beach?, what is your career goal? and what do you study at school (if you’re still in school or your interests if you’re not)
Answered 2 June 2021
I was asked - am I planning to have a baby soon, how old am I, am I single. Very inappropriate.
Answered 17 May 2020
What would you suggest City Beach Australia management do to prevent employees from leaving?
Asked 22 Mar 2017
Allocate more hours and appreciate the good workers.
Answered 6 June 2022
Reward the good employees with more hours regardless of their age. If you are willing to put the effort and money in to get them trained up to a level where they are consistently hitting productivity and always turning up to their shifts they should be worth keeping when they turn 19 (and wages go up) and they should be rewarded
Answered 24 June 2021