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Pharmacy Assistant | Australia | 15 Apr 2020
Save yourself the regret, don't work here
I've worked as full-time and part-time and in both cases I was treated awfully. As a full-timer they overwork you and give you things to do but never enough time to do them. There's no appreciation for hard work and although they pay award rates, it isn't enough to compensate for the stress and pressure that they put on you. When they need you to make a decision they intimidate you and don't give you time to consider your options. Working as a pharmacy assistant I learned how to lie to customers about products because although they train you how to run the store, they don't train you about anything to do with medical stuff unless you are a dispensary staff member. Big difference there in treatment. Management is awful, even if you have a good store manager, they are controlled by their own bosses who often interfere with your work and make you feel like you are bad at your job and that you are replaceable. If you take a job here, be prepared to have your shifts cut without proper paperwork, to not get paid overtime if you are part-time unless you fight for it and to have to take significant time off from work and life due to the stress levels. But don't expect them to be nice about you taking sick leave either. Ever. Because even though you will work in a place that means you can catch a cold or other illnesses quite easily and you won't want to spread your sickness to customers or other employees, you'll get treated poorly for staying home. The most enjoyable part of th
ProsThey're constantly hiring because people are quitting all the time.
ConsConstant overtime during inspection time periods, worked too hard for such little pay, petty and passive aggressive management, unrealistic expectations.
Pharmacy Assistant | Victoria | 3 Feb 2019
Terrible - avoid at all costs
ive worked at three locations, all have been the same. (1) megalomaniac, inflexible and condescending management. special shout out to the sunbury stores where the managers will patronise you, give u the same mundane instructions repeatedly as though u are a child, and in general, treat u as though u are a burden. (2) expect no training. in fact, they were lucky i had previous employers who took OHS seriously, because they sent me to a training session 6 months after i started my employment with them. not even as much as an instruction on how to correctly lift a heavy box, use a box cutter or use a ladder. however, for being beginning the working life, not being shown how to do those things can be seriously detrimental. at chemist warehouse prices are low, and staff safety is lower. (3) have u read orwells 1984? well, chemist warehouse is the manifestation of that dystopia. management watch u on cameras, its uncomfortable, unnecessary, and probably illegal. (4) their environmental impact is atrocious. ticket prices are changed every two weeks, with massive amounts of paper thrown in the rubbish - not recycle. when i suggested management implement a more environmentally friendly policy, i was dismissed. who cares about the environment when ur making money, right? (5) anti-competitive and customer manipulation. they own wagner and healthy care and force u to promote those brands, even though the pharmacists ive spoken to agree that those arent the best for
Prosfellow coworkers are the best thing about this place
Conssee below
Pharmacy Assistant | Sydney NSW | 4 July 2019
The worst company management
Customers are not REAL customers. Stores are full of daigou shoppers who are only there to resell the products for a profit in China. The shop is so busy and hectic there is no real customer service at all. In fact staff get told off for spending too long with any one customer, being told that you are wasting company time. Not to mention the serious OH&S breaches littered throughout the whole store. The tiny aisles are near impossible to manoeuvre in, especially with warehouse boxes full of stock we need to refill the shelves with. Fire exits and fire extinguishers are blocked with mountains of stock... thank goodness there hasn't been a fire hazard yet. The staff fridge has had cockroaches found inside of it at one point and we are expected to use that same fridge still everyday. Everything is filthy and disorganised. Shelves have never been cleaned for years. Pay is award rate but they are extra sneaky, they will only roster you consistently if you are a pharmacy student, pharmacist or in the vitamin aisle. Speaking of which there is a huge bias towards Chinese speaking staff because management are all Chinese and in on the daigou business. No career progression, pharmacists with actual degrees are being paid less than casual staff. If you are a serious pharmacist who values patient care you wouldn't be caught dead in this store. Most pharmacists and pharmacy students want to leave this company as soon as they find another position anyway and I think that says a lot a
Consshort breaks, 10% staff discount, management and owners are bullies and treat you like slaves
Pharmacy Assistant | Perth WA | 7 June 2019
Do you enjoy being broke all the time?
Managers are hit and miss. You may get a good one or you may get one that is a total bully. My old manager was great but after moving to a new store I got stuck with a manager who bullied staff, belittled them in front of other staff and also made us do product training in our tea breaks. The once a month catalogue training isn't paid training and we are expected to do it in the evening after work. It is not compulsory but you will be made to feel bad if you don't go. The pay is absolutely terrible, pharmacy award wage is one of the lowest in the country. You will only ever earn about $21 an hour which is ridiculous considering all the training you will be made to do, the amount of abuse you will cop from customers and the how hard you will be expected to work. It's Chaos. I am also completely disgusted and embarrassed by the amount of waste this company produces especially every two weeks on catalogue day when all the old tickets are thrown in the bin (not recycled) and new ones are put up. It is often the same product on special with the same ticket price just a different expiry date. Such a waste of paper. In addition to this all the promotional material - batwings, gondola headers, display boxes, security gate covers etc (a lot of which is plastic) are all changed fortnightly or monthly and usually thrown in the bin and then often replaced with exactly the same promotional material. So much waste in a world drowning in rubbish. I am ashamed I contributed to this for as l
ConsYou will earn minimum wage for the rest of your life which is almost impossible to live off.
Team Member | Melbourne VIC | 27 Apr 2022
Uncompromising and untrained management
The minimum wage pay is simply not worth the stressful environment that management will put their employees under. The retail aspect of the store takes itself too seriously. If you make a mistake, it will be brought up, no matter how small it is. This is because there are cameras at every single corner of the store. If you feel uncomfortable because you feel like you’re being watched your entire shift, that is because you are being stalked. They only look for your mistakes. Don’t expect to be rewarded or applauded for handling poor customers greatly or stocking shelves at a fast pace. Managers only want to put you down. Management has not had corporate training and are simply employees who have survived that far at the place. They do not know what they are doing, don’t understand how to compromise with their employees, and will do everything in their power to keep their power and ensure you do not touch it. With management so tight, you best believe that some employees will throw you under the bus to avoid being told off. This isn’t all employees, but only some. The work environment forces this behaviour. Only take a job here if you are trying to get your foot in the door of the retail or pharmacy door. If you already have that experience, you can do better.
Pharmacy Assistant | Melbourne VIC | 20 July 2021
Changes from store to store - mine is on the better end
Working for a multi-billion-dollar company with countless store locations, the work culture and management is going to change vastly between each one. However, overall, you're working for a giant corporation with thousands of employees, so surprise surprise, they don't give two tosses about you. Thankfully I get along with most people at my store and the culture is pretty cute. Work security is fantastic as it's permanent part/full time. Advancement opportunities though are almost non-existent to most staff, as they don't want to spend any more money than they need. Personally, I take on weekend manager responsibilities without the pay or job title as my manager just expects it of me at this point. Staff get 10% off most things We get lots of free stuff when it is taken of the shelf for being expired or almost at expiry. Pay is minimum wage. My store manager is a fantastic woman - but management above her is terrible. If you're just a kid in high school or even studying in uni I would actually recommend working at a CWH as a first job or just to make some money while you study - but if you're looking for a 'career' then definitely stay away.
ProsSet shifts
ConsMinumum wage, management doesnt care, stupid customers
Pharmacy Assistant | South Australia | 8 Nov 2020
So happy to be no longer working here
Coworkers are great, they’re the only reason I stayed for as long as I did. Management is disgusting and have serious double standards for workers. If they like you, then feel free to stand around talking and going on your phone during your shift. If they don’t, make sure you’re constantly working and don’t go a minute over on your breaks otherwise you’ll get in trouble. Pay is absolutely TERRIBLE. They will hire you with all of these promises to advance and improve just to throw you on tills for 8 hours at a time without even providing you with a mat to stand on, leaving your feet to constantly ache even when you’re not working. I’m pretty sure my feet are permanently damaged from it tbh. I HATED working here. I worked weekends mostly and they didn’t even give us penalty rates. The expectations are just ridiculously unrealistic for the amount of money they give you. Not to mention they can afford to run two TV shows but can’t pay you above minimum wage. Chemist warehouse is an absolute joke.
Pros10% discount, friendly coworkers
Pharmacist | Queensland | 24 Feb 2021
Unethical, do not care about customers or employees
I worked for chemist warehouse for around 7 years across multiple different roles and stores while I was studying pharmacy and becoming a registered pharmacist. It is very fast paced, they throw new staff in the deep end with no training - which puts extra pressure on the remaining staff. Virtually no staff have any pharmacy training or qualifications (no certs). They expect shops to run at minimal staffing . Heaven forbid you have a customer who needs assistance or advice. They push only the products that provide them with the highest profit margin, ignoring therapeutic guidelines for health. Head office is aggressive and rude. Expected to be dispensing 300 scripts per pharmacist, well over recommended guidelines. Once I became a registered pharmacist and worked out how little they actually care about health and patient safety, I got out as quick as I could. They are only interested in dollars and do not care about people or healthcare at all.
ConsUnethical, long hours with no breaks, huge workload
Pharmacy Assistant | Mildura VIC | 22 Feb 2022
Stressful, fast paced and minimum wage, but secure.
A great job to learn soft skills and a wide range of products but horrible for its management team, longer shifts and pay. The only time l would recommend this job is to someone looking for a first job to learn great soft skills and learn composure under pressure. All staff is underpaid for the jobs done, with most stores understaffed and under constant pressure. I personally experienced the managers cornering me to take extra shifts or overtime, but other staff members were all a joy and great company throughout shifts. There are often incidents with customers being aggressive and even threatening to staff, with generally very little protection in place. If any customers were to complain, irrelevant of whether it was the customers fault or not the problem is usually blamed on staff regardless.
ProsGenerally a great floor staff team. Large catalogue of products to learn.
ConsLong hours. Poor management. 'Customer is always right'; even when they're wrong.
Pharmacy Assistant | Brunswick VIC | 29 July 2020
Do not work here
Working at chemist warehouse was the most depressing experience of my life. Management only cares about feeling important and making money. Staff were almost never trained appropriately and “senior” staff members (been there for years so were forced to assist others without extra pay) were required to pick up the slack. Management would just yell and threaten people’s jobs if work wasn’t completed how they wanted without actually listening to staff or addressing the (very obvious) issues. Most bizarre approach to “management” I’ve ever seen. Incredibly poor hiring process. Almost everyone has been hired because they know the owner or someone else who works there. This has created a toxic environment where certain staff members are favoured over others because they have a personal relationship with the owner/management. Management only cares about making money and as a consequence they treat their staff like they are subhuman.
ConsLiterally everything

Questions And Answers about Chemist Warehouse

What interview questions do they ask at Chemist Warehouse?
Asked 15 May 2017
Why do you want to work for chemist warehouse Tell me about a time you provided excellent customer service Where do you see yourself in 5 years
Answered 9 July 2020
1.Tell me about yourself 2. what do you expecting your previous manager will tell about yourself? 3.your three strengths 4.How do you deal with angry customers ? 5. How long you worked previous working place? 6. Your availability
Answered 31 Mar 2020
Does Chemist Warehouse require a background check? What kind of background check does Chemist Warehouse do?
Asked 15 May 2017
Yes a national criminal back ground check, since you are working around medications and drugs
Answered 16 Feb 2019
Yep criminal background check, they will ask you if its okay for them to do criminal check.
Answered 21 Jan 2019
What is the company culture like at Chemist Warehouse?
Asked 19 Mar 2017
The culture at Chemist Warehouse is quite diverse. It can be overwhelming, however I have overcome situations and gained alot of experience from the workplace. It was an interesting environment. You aren't going to meet everyone who is friendly, so it was definitely a challenge to show kindness and be nice, to those who are mean. I stayed my ground and grasped the ability to keep calm and continue with work. At the end of the day, I have gained alot from being at this workplace for a while. I hope to grow and pass on my great skills, into another workplace.
Answered 12 Mar 2020
Like a big happy family.
Answered 22 Feb 2018
Can 15 year olds work at chemist warehouse?
Asked 14 Dec 2019
Yes, they can after school hours and weekends
Answered 15 May 2022
Yes they can
Answered 20 Apr 2022
How much hours?
Asked 26 May 2019
38 per week
Answered 24 Mar 2022
38 hours a week, (full time)
Answered 2 Mar 2022