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Overall Reviews at Chemist Warehouse

Customer Service Representative | Mornington Peninsula VIC | 15 Jan 2021
Reasons not to work at chemist warehouse
Working at chemist warehouse is not beneficial at all, The management across the stores is shocking I have worked there for 5 years and have been doing the same thing for 5 years they don’t like to promote people, if anything they would rather hire Someone who has no idea how the store is run then training employees who have been there for multiple years, they only care about the money coming in, they don’t care about the employees at all
Pharmacy Assistant | Cairns QLD | 8 Mar 2015
my day at work.
a day at work for me at chemist warehouse is basically packing shelves. Its not my dream job. love the people I work with an stuff but its a warehouse. not a chemist. I'm not really enjoying it as it not what I want to do anymore. 10 years in pharmacy is enough. I want a different career. I work wed to sun to make ends meet as the money is like a retail wage, but I stay to get by and money isn't everything. Its nice to try and get ahead in life. I'm looking to change my career. To earn a bit more money would be good and to try something new. Management is not the best. There is no communication, although we are getting a new retail manager this week so hopefully things will improve.
Pharmacy Technician | Perth WA | 21 Aug 2019
Not fun
they were not very customer service orientated and are more interested in pushing sales and serving the next customer as quick as possible. They are more focused on their plannogrammes and store layout to get optimum sales which takes the focus off customers and actually working. You spend most of your time changing product placement and price changes
ProsHelping customers and learning about the industry
Consshort breaks, no benefits and over worked
Pharmacy Assistant | Rose Bay NSW | 12 Mar 2020
It has been an eventful journey at chemist warehouse, I have learnt and gained alot of experience and knowledge. It wasn't the best environment, but it was good to make the best out of it.
Pharmacy Consultant | Mirrabooka WA | 11 Oct 2017
Customers were the best part of the job,smelling the perfume,,
Customers were the best part of the job,they made the place bearable,good brands,excellent perfume selection excellent vitamin brands good priced Rinmel
ProsFree products
ConsToo many
Stocker | Redcliffe QLD | 27 Nov 2019
Productive but slow paced
- A lot of stock-take work and floor-work - Learnt about the application of different medical goods although wasn't a pharmacists' assistant - Well managed - Workers were kind and inviting
Retail Sales Associate | Bundaberg QLD | 25 Feb 2020
Poor company to work for
Manager is narcissistic, lazy, gossips, tells staff confidential information. No idea how she still has a job there. Toxic work environment. Head pharmacist enables the toxic environment by never taking complaints by staff seriously.
Customer Service Representative | Melbourne City Centre VIC | 10 Jan 2017
my review
For the past two years I have been working with Lincraft Australia LTD as a process worker, using RF scanners while also working part time at My Chemist warehouse with Southbank city center also before that I have been working 5 years with Bitzer Australia Pty Ltd Refrigeration Parts & Equipment Wholesaler & Manufacturer – Sunshine north in this all roles I have gained extensive knowledge as a store person inventory controller and a customer service officer. I very much enjoy being part of My Chemist Warehouse team and all I am keen to gain a full time position anywhere where I feel my skills would be better utilized. I enjoy working with people from diverse backgrounds and cultures and of varying ages.
Customer Service Representative | Melbourne VIC | 15 Dec 2015
Fun workplace
I think that Chemist Warehouse was a perfect and reasonable work experience for me in year 10 because I enjoy helping customers and people in general. The staff are very inclusive and nice.
Pharmacy Assistant | Fountain Gate VIC | 25 Oct 2015
Have learnt key elements that I have implemented in my life.
Every day I enjoy going to work, to meet with my colleagues and new challenges my manager give to me. I give 110% of my self to the department and my customers.
Warehouse Worker | Washington State | 28 Jan 2019
Stable workplace
Work was very tidious and boring despite it being fast paced because you do the same things over and over. The people are great and supportive and so is management.

Questions And Answers about Chemist Warehouse

What interview questions do they ask at Chemist Warehouse?
Asked 15 May 2017
Why do you want to work for chemist warehouse Tell me about a time you provided excellent customer service Where do you see yourself in 5 years
Answered 9 Jul 2020
1.Tell me about yourself 2. what do you expecting your previous manager will tell about yourself? 3.your three strengths 4.How do you deal with angry customers ? 5. How long you worked previous working place? 6. Your availability
Answered 31 Mar 2020
Does Chemist Warehouse require a background check? What kind of background check does Chemist Warehouse do?
Asked 15 May 2017
Yes a national criminal back ground check, since you are working around medications and drugs
Answered 16 Feb 2019
Yep criminal background check, they will ask you if its okay for them to do criminal check.
Answered 21 Jan 2019
What is the company culture like at Chemist Warehouse?
Asked 19 Mar 2017
The culture at Chemist Warehouse is quite diverse. It can be overwhelming, however I have overcome situations and gained alot of experience from the workplace. It was an interesting environment. You aren't going to meet everyone who is friendly, so it was definitely a challenge to show kindness and be nice, to those who are mean. I stayed my ground and grasped the ability to keep calm and continue with work. At the end of the day, I have gained alot from being at this workplace for a while. I hope to grow and pass on my great skills, into another workplace.
Answered 12 Mar 2020
Like a big happy family.
Answered 22 Feb 2018
What does the uniform that the staff wear look like?
Asked 8 Jun 2017
The staff wear professional black pants and a collared shirts with logo
Answered 1 Nov 2017
Blue top black pants shoes
Answered 11 Oct 2017
What are the working hours at Chemist Warehouse?
Asked 19 Mar 2017
I was full time, Monday-Friday 38 hours a week
Answered 16 Jan 2019
Hours at the Chemist warehouse for me were ridiculous. Over the period of 3 years working there the STORE HOURS changed on multiple occasions. I was a student and hours were originally 4-8pm however they then changed from 4-9pm which was ridiculous especially for students and then it did not work so they were then changed to 4-7pm which cut back hours even shorter which also meant lessor pay which of course is never fun. Meanwhile on weekends there was a point where we were working 10 hours day to then 6 to then 4. Hours for me were extremely unreliable.
Answered 3 Jul 2017