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Maintenance Electrician | Sydney NSW | 11 Oct 2020
Great supportive management, communication is good. All policies are great, and up to date. Great work environment.
I Worked on naval ships @ Potts Point. Great environment. Management were nice to communicate with, they were understanding. Apprentices respect their tradespeople, and their seniors. Apprentices are all willing to learn & extend their knowledge and skills of the trade. The typical day, was learning the orientation of the base, ships, the legislation of paperwork, and procedures. The hardest part for me, was the long walking with material. I tried a trolley for my tools, but was difficult lugging the trolley about on the ship. The best part of each day, was lunch breaks, sitting outside, on the waters edge, watching fish, birds. Peaceful. There is a lunchroom provided on other side of the site, but travelling there and back is on your time. There are a few Tucker / Food shops on site. Parking is free, once the parking pass is given. 5mins walk from parking area to the site, then another 5-10mins walking through the naval base to the work shed.
ProsFree secure parking, easy going work pace. Great work environment. Personal locker is provided. No timesheets to fill out, as Bundy Card is given.
ConsTravelling to lunchrooms is on your time. Cannot bundy out until 5mins to leaving, and may take 15mins until you get to your car. Afternoon traffic from the city is as normal, horrible.
Customer Service Representative | Canberra ACT | 9 Dec 2021
Productive, daily standup meeting and diverse tasks.
For a typical day at work, I help customers with claims, linking services to Mygov account and with Mygov issues. I have learnt a lot since I started. I have received many trainings. These trainings include Covid 19 disaster payments, disaster recovery claims, reporting employment incomes and rent assistance. Management is friendly, supportive and proactive. I joined at the time when most Australian states and Territories were under the lockdowns. The management acted with care and we were allowed to work from homes. While working from homes, there were resources in place to support us. Workplace culture is friendly, inclusive, collaborative and fun. We attend daily standup meeting where we meet face to face. The hardest part of the job is that change is rapid. This means we have to learn new things from time to time within a short time. The most enjoyable part of the job is constant learning and friendly team.
Forklift Operator | Seven Hills NSW | 15 Aug 2015
Just wasted my time with Chandler
If your interested to know about the pharmacuetical picking job and forklift job at Seven Hills i was there. Don't expect stability or for that matter permanency after you jumped all the hoops they put you through . Some casuals have been there for over a year. Also that client seems to have a lot of casuals for very few daily spots so what seems to be a good start ends up being nil shifts a few weeks later. Do yourself a favour if you already have a job don't leave it for this and if you do get a job there start looking for another one immediately as Chandler aren't going to tell you the truth as they don't care about you only their client. The hourly rate might be good if you get enough work but who's giving out the shifts ? And to whom ???? This is coming from someone with 16 years of forklift and picking experience who's getting no work there. Be warned.
Prosthere were none
ConsNo Hours No Reason
Factory Worker | Newcastle NSW | 3 Dec 2018
A joke!
So I did my induction at Steggles with Chandler on the 22nd August 2018. I was told I should be starting the following week so I made sure I had all my affairs in order with my kids. Come the following week I contacted them twice that week as I had not heard a peep out of them. They had told me they had not heard from the plant and that they would see right to it. Little did I know this would turn out to be the start of many calls being made from my end trying to find out when I was to start! I have had many "we'll get back to you as soon as we can" and "the person that you need to speak to isn't in at the moment, can we take a message?" I have never dealt with such unprofessional people in my life! It is now 3rd of December and I have already made a call this week and Chandler answering with a "we'll get back to you this afternoon" (which never happened!). Be weary!
Corporate Employee | Sydney NSW | 17 Aug 2020
Wellbeing & Communication
I have really enjoyed my time with Chandler Macleod. Joining my team over a year ago I was impressed and optimistic by their high tenure rate. I feel I have grown my skillset and had a more diverse workload than in my entire career. I took the opportunity for another level of autonomy as I led my own projects, while still always feeling like I had a strong support system. In my experience there were many opportunities to learn and develop within Chandler Macleod. I also feel the company was more invested in wellbeing, with wellness programs and advice - which I really value in an employer.
ProsFlexibility, Communication, Professional team members, Diverse workload, Opportunities to develop
ConsLarge company means it can be hard to get to know everyone
Factory Worker | Morley WA | 21 Mar 2017
Great employers, but depends on the work they give you.
I had a fantastic time working for Chandler Macleod, doing 6 months as a factory operator in Perth. The job was relatively simple but the people, pay and management of the place were all fantastic. However there's a huge caveat in the fact that I was doing agency style work so I just got lucky with the place I was given. After the job ended 6 months later, the next factory they sent me to was terrible, low paid and boring. I suddenly felt like I wasn't very valued at all, just a cog in their machine, even after all the praise I'd been given from management at the previous place.
ProsSome of the work they find can be great. Overtime pay too.
ConsAt the end of the day it's all down to chance. You're just a tool for them really.
Customer Service Representative | Brisbane Central Business District QLD | 2 Feb 2019
Customer Compliance Officer
CM is not a very employee friendly company. Zero care factor for their Labour Hire staff. The job with the Federal Government that is advertised is a job that has so much pressure. Unrealistic KPI’s . Rate of Pay is much lower than that paid to APS staff, even though Labour Hire Staff get no sick leave, annual leave or long service leave. Be Warned this is a high pressure, stressful position with a paltry wage , whilst CM pockets a healthy commission on each Labour Hire Employee. Exploitation !
ConsDoes not do enough to protect their Labour Hire Staff, willing to compromise values, integrity, and overlook breaches just to keep getting contracts from the Federal Government.
Process Worker | Brisbane QLD | 16 Mar 2020
Avoid , find other job agencies !
Brisbane office must have some major internal issues. Got offered a position for processing job then left to wait over a month for on site induction as they kept having excuses. Either the workplace was not ready or they were just flat out busy. You cant just go around offering employment and making people wait as if we dont have bills ! And every time you call they never have anyone available so your stuck trying to get answers out of the poor receptionist. They dont care about you, they only want money from companies paying them to find suitable workers. What they need to do is hire better people for their recruitment role.
Legal Contractor | Remote | 13 Jan 2022
Constant payroll issues. Never paid on time.
Worked as a contractor for Chandler Macleod. Never again! The worst experience I ever had as a contractor anywhere. Firstly they lied about PAYG with-holding tax. Then, over the course of my contract there were ongoing issues with payroll refusing to release my wages despite timesheets being signed and approved. There was never any notice given of any problem and the first you knew about any issue was when wages weren't paid on payday. Zero stars.
ConsThis company doesn't care about contractors, All they are interested in is making their commissions, They are nothing but parasites.
Warehouse Worker | Melbourne VIC | 6 Aug 2019
Best agency to go through in warehousing
I worked the afternoon shift starting at 3:30pm and finishing at 11:30pm. My role was to scan boxes from a pallet one by one using an RF scanner and to find its location and restock the merchandise to the shelf. Management is very organised with shifts, pay etc. Never had any problems with management. The warehouse is a great environment to work in because they challenge you, they set targets you must reach each night. The hardest part of the job is probably the physical part of it, lifting heavy boxes all night, bending your back etc.
Prosno one bothers you, you just do your own thing

Questions And Answers about Chandler Macleod

What should you wear to an interview at Chandler Macleod?
Asked 24 Mar 2019
Wear clean attire that's ironed. A shirt or nice top always do well with pants or a suitable skirt. Make sure your shoes are also clean and avoid wearing anything scuffed. If you have a job interview at a Chandler Macleod client site, your consultant should be able to give you a good idea of what to wear.
Answered 20 Oct 2019
Clean, neat and tidy casual
Answered 5 Aug 2019
How long does it take to get hired from start to finish at Chandler Macleod? What are the steps along the way?
Asked 11 Apr 2017
If take one month that's good I will waiting for your reply if not then I do my best part I will apply any company please do paperwork soon as possible please
Answered 16 Mar 2020
The timing will vary depending on the role, however Chandler Macleod make an effort to keep our candidates updated throughout the process. The steps often start with contact from one of our consultants after viewing your resume, we will then try to set up an interview with you, if that interview goes well we will send you for an interview with the client. Then we must wait to hear back from the client. This process may also vary slightly depending on client requirements or the role. The same day we hear news, you will be notified.
Answered 20 Oct 2019
What interview questions do they ask at Chandler Macleod?
Asked 12 Feb 2019
Interview questions will vary depending on the job you have applied for. However you can account for a mixture of technical and behavioural questions.
Answered 20 Oct 2019
Capable to work
Answered 17 July 2019
What are the working hours at Chandler Macleod?
Asked 11 Apr 2017
6x12Hr days
Answered 11 Nov 2020
Hours will vary dependent on the role and company. Your Chandler Macleod consultant will be able to notify you of the likely working hours of the job or jobs you have applied for.
Answered 20 Oct 2019
What is the company culture like at Chandler Macleod?
Asked 25 Nov 2018
Poor, very poor.
Answered 7 July 2020
At Chandler Macleod we embrace 6 core values! They are as follows: - We achieve with passion - We innovate for the future - We do the right thing - We respect one another - We empower people - We step up and own it These values flow through our company culture.
Answered 21 Oct 2019