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Assistant | Melbourne VIC | 21 June 2019
Working here will be the biggest mistake of your life
This is the worst company you can work for, I made an indeed account just so I can write this review In hopes camp Australia will read and respond. Five years of my life I can never get back I will say the staff are lovely that you work with directly. But the head office and payroll team are a joke For starters payroll will withhold documents that legally they need to give you . Payroll also have no phone number so you can't actually speak to them if there's problems with your pay, instead you have to continuously email and spam them, and threaten them with legal action to get a response. You need to give 24 hours notice of cancelling a shift - fair enough and can be done in some circumstances but not in others. Whatever, but they can cancel a shift of yours as you're driving to work, and if you don't notice but show up, you don't get paid! They'll text you at 3am to tell you that your shift at 6am has moved 25km away Children with disabilities get no carers, you want an extra staff member because there's a child in a wheel chair in your care who needs help? Just file paperwork for 6 months writing letters begging for another staff member, then wait another 6 months for it to get rejected They also have single staffed services if ratio is low, so if you need to go to the toilet they recommend for You to "call another service near by so someone can come down" lol. Don't forget locking up the school 6.30pm in winter, I'm sure that's safe. I can go on for
ProsMy coordinator and fellow assistants
ConsAnyone else who works for them that is above the coordinator role.
Childcare Provider | Glen Iris VIC | 30 Sept 2013
The activities, games and experiences they provie are all designed to enhance development and encourage children to try something new.
The value working collaboratively with co-workers families and community to enrich children's lives and learning. Becoming part of a community in an optimistic, creative and progressive environment. Innovation and reflection to inform my growth and influence, now and into the future. communication that is open and clear through prosperous growth . I love seeing their innocence. I love seeing them grow and develop their own personalities I believe that what we do is a very important part of their growth and development. I can feel pride in what I do because I believe in what I do. I am able to change the world in a small way• .The hardest part has been dealing with a sick Child. •The most enjoyable part of the day is getting down on the floor with the children, actively engaging with them. My best attributes and qualifications include: Working knowledge of the QIP Certicate III in childrens services Chisholm Certified supervisor National Victorian Police Check Working with Children Check Bubbly and Enthusiastic Excellent communication skills Level 2 First Aid Anaphylaxis certification Asthma certification Strong Interpersonal and communicative skills Proven ability to work as part of a team Australian Citizen Experienced in fostering children's development in a caring and engaging learning environment. Passionate and Confident Liaising with parents, staff a
ProsCup cakes :) smile or a hug from a child :)
Conscatching cold
Coordinator | New South Wales | 1 Oct 2018
Under resourced and poor communication with in service staff
Services were inadequately resourced to meet the needs of the kids. Educators were supposed to be a teacher, a cleaner, a cook, a secretary, mediator, and somehow bond with children when given minimal hours to get things done and with little or no support from head office. Company policies changed on a whim without that being communicated to staff or families paying for the service. Also, regardless of the negligence of management (services not being given additional staff to remain at ratio for example) any thing that went wrong was blamed on coordinators. This was unfortunate as many staff bonded with children and cared about their health and wellbeing and were willing to put in the extra (unpaid) hours and spend their own money on resources but were not being compensated when this occurred. Concerns about child welfare were not taken seriously nor were concerns about single staff operations being unsafe, single staff services with high risk bathrooms mean that a staff member had to escort kids to the toilet and many male staff felt uncomfortable with the idea of being alone at a school with a few children or even one and having to take them to the toilet. When i was working at a single staff service I was instructed to call the next service over and see if they could spare someone to come look after the children if I needed to use the toilet or hold it. If you really care about the kids you are looking after be prepared to take home your work and spend quite a lot
ProsWonderful children and families, bonds with co-workers, and flexible hours
ConsNo communication between departments, high demands compared to pay, stressful
Assistant | Adelaide Region SA | 24 Aug 2017
worst company
For a first time job, it is okay but you I wouldn't recommend you'd want to be staying there for longer than 12 months with the company. Shifts are very irregular especially if you can only get a once off shift. They are also not very long approx 2hrs in the mornings and 2.5 in the afternoons. e.g if you were to be working 2 shifts 5 days a week you might be getting around 22hrs but that in thought if a worker was to rely on public transport they pretty much lose the entire day. I've also noticed that if you have less availability some shifts can be cancelled by Camp Australia as it does not support roster consistency this is pretty harsh especially if one may be studying full time. The food is terrible from what I've seen they get the same fruit weekly no seasonal fruit just the basics; Banana, Apples and Pears (sometimes Peaches and Nectarines) the food comes from out of state? in a box when they should be sourcing it locally? I also found that the coordinators do not support the assistants, especially if they are new and have never been to that school before. They have this unrealistic expectation that we are supposed to know everything. Yes, we may have a qualification of some sort but they don't mean we have the experience with children? nor the confidence even with doing the online training. They need to change the way they advertise and truthfully tell job seekers what it will really be like, they say 'Get paid to play' when in reality it's more like
ProsEasy to check shifts, Decent Hourly rate
ConsShort hours 3 hours or less, next to nothing support, Shifts can easily be canceled, Poorly managed company, Some coordinators are not helpful
Assistant in Nursing | Sydney NSW | 30 June 2019
Do not apply: wish I hadn't.
I worked for Camp Australia for 6 months and I regret ever applying for the job. It is poorly run and offers minimal support for its employees. I live in the inner west of Sydney (20 minutes from CBD) and all of the schools that are available to work were over an hours travel away. Shifts are up to 3 hours long but mostly 2 hours. The job requires food prep and supervision and engagement of children after their day at school (the only positive aspect of the job). Be warned - Shifts can get cancelled at ANY time, this can be half an hour before - The staffing department are ruthless (they once called me 21 times in 24 hours while I was rostered off studying at uni). I raised concerns to HR regarding this incident and nothing was done. - You can get called and pressured into taking a 2 hour job over 1.5 hours away. - I am lucky to have been trained (previous job) and am proficient in caring for children however there are workers who clearly do not know what they are doing and it makes it a very stressful working environment, looking after them, looking after the kids - Permanent shifts are available however difficult to secure. Multiple co-ordinators offered me permanent shifts however the staffing department knew about my discussions about them to HR and refused to put me on. The only thing that kept me there was the kids, that is all.
ProsGetting to work with children
Consno support, low wages, minimal shifts, short 2 hours shifts, jobs over an hour away, staff are abusive over the phone, shifts get cancelled.
Coordinator | Belmont VIC | 11 Apr 2015
Creating joy in the workplace
This company is very team orientated and that is how I prefer to work. I have had the opportunity to have training with a coordinator before stepping into the role and now, to train an assistant, advancing their skills and knowledge. I work closely with staffing, casual staff, the school community, my RM and families to provide a learning atmosphere that allows all areas to thrive and participate. I work on the quality improvement plan, an ongoing program based on the children's learning, interests and ideas and the company provides nutritious snacks for children. It can be a very busy service with up to fifty children and three staff to supervise, but I am lucky to have an ongoing assistant who knows the program and the general running of the sessions well. The hardest part of the position is the demands on time and the organisation that I need to manage at the beginning of the session, but I have pride in my multi tasking skills and my ability to deligate and prioritise. I provide a safe, nurturing and joyful space for all involved and provide opportunities for communication so that everybody has input and so that we can continuously better the program. Clairvaux Catholic Primary school, where I am currently situated, provides a space to nurture the children's wellbeing and feeling of safety in an outside school hours setting. I have also coordinated holiday programs at Ocean Grove Primary school and the after school program at Aires Inlett.
Assistant | South Melbourne VIC | 6 July 2017
Camp Australia
Camp Australia is a great company if you would like to work with kids. It is a very poorly run and managed company. They place you into shift with minimal to no notice, you work with under qualified people, your constantly asked to do tasks above your pay and qualifications, staff are employed with minimal English skills therefore making it extremely hard to interact with the children. I have been with Camp Australia for 2 years, I've been at the same school for the whole two years, every child knows my name, the school and all parents know who I am, I was consistent at that school however this year all my shift were taken away from that school because I was only working 4/5 mornings as I'm also studying full time, I was left with no shifts and was told I would need to find new shifts. Today I finished my employment with Camp Australia, I have been very disappointed at the camp Australia staffing process, losing all my shift because I was unable to be at the same school 5 mornings or 5 afternoons a week (I'm a casual employee) this doesn't just affect my ability to pay bills but it affects the staff consistency at the school. The moto of camp Australia is "we make kids smile" a lot needs to be changed to see kids smiling again.
ProsBeing able to interact and teach kids
ConsPoorly run company, staffing giving late notice on shift change, taken away from shifts, under qualified staff, employed staff with minimal English language.
Receptionist | Malvern East VIC | 13 May 2021
Productive and enjoyable workplace with a family like culture.
I really enjoy the new changes Camp Australia is undergoing with their new Rebrand, the new head office is absolutely amazing, i enjoy coming into work everyday to see what challenges await. Everyday is a different day and i enjoy my varied work tasks, i have found that I'm always continuing to learn and building up my skills. i always feel heard when having a conversation with someone or bringing up information. Everyone is happy to assist one another and nothing is ever too much hassle. The hardest part of the role is when bookings from outside of the organisation fail and someone has to be somewhere quick smart and you have to think on your feet ,or when someone has forgotten to order Catering for the next morning- but that's what makes the role interesting and to learn. would be good if there was an option to learn other aspects of the workplace such as different departments to grow your knowledge. I really enjoy my role with Camp Australia! and love that my role incorporates qualifications i have that i didn't get real life experience for which makes me feel fulfilled.
ProsRecognition via a rewards based system where you get gift vouchers, Employee Benefits via Presidential Card where you can make savings on shopping, attractions + More, friendly and very approachable atmosphere and no micro managing.
ConsThe Commute, No registered courses to advance your skills.
Coordinator | New South Wales | 6 Aug 2019
In a word: 'pathetic'
Pathetic excuse for a company. It's unsuprising that Camp Australia is constantly having problems retaining staff, therefore diminishing their relationships with their schools. After being with CA for many years, you still are treated and paid as if you are nothing. Coordinators have ZERO say in their rosters and the way their service is run. Have a new employee allocated to my service nearly every day. Staffing refuse to allocate someone who I nominate. Parents are frustrated with the lack of agency provided to coordinators. Issues when unfamiliar workers are placed as coordinators (without knowing the children/school) inevitably happen, and management don't want a bar of it. This always ends up with coordinators taking time off, though ending up running the service by phone. Cheap cheap cheap company! Resources are stingy and don't provide what is needed. Often single staffed which is terrible for safety of children and employees. Even when not single-staffed, the company will literally hire ANYONE without ANY qualifications/certificates (no Child Protection, First Aid, CPR etc). Disgusting work culture. Impossible to get into contact with management. Requests for phone calls because of a lack of reply to emails go unanswered. Possibly because of the fact that if HR/payroll had a phone number, they would be swamped on the daily.
Educational Assistant | New South Wales | 10 Apr 2019
Staffing doesn’t care about staff or children
Having worked for 4 different OOSHC companies, Camp Australia is by far the worst. Working with the children, staff and school is rewarding but the HR managers and above are AWFUL to deal with. They cancel shifts at last minute with no notice or explanation, including ongoing permanent shifts you rely on. The have no loyalty to staff, some who have worked there 5+ years lose all shifts immediately if they are unavoidable one day a week. Anyone who complains is instantly terminated. If you wish to quit there is an option in the intranet and you quit effective immediatley with no contact as to why or to convince you to stay. All interviews and training etc is done online as company is run partly overseas. They do not care about staff safety as they only strictly follow ratio, even if it means there is one educator to 15 children (if that teacher is busy with a first aid or they themselves are ill or need to go to the bathroom there’s is no protection). The staff are also awful to parents and do not listen about complaints. They do not update their toys and resources ever leaving commuted educators out of pocket. AVOID - so many other great OSCH companies to choose from
ProsWork life balance, great kids, good wage
ConsEverything else
Assistant | Alwal, Hyderabad, Telangana | 11 Nov 2019
literally the worst company ever
I cannot begin to describe how bad this company is. They simply do not care about the children, only about the money. staffing is rude and unhelpful, schools are always understaffed (even though they are within ratio, there are special circumstances that are ignored and thus left the service dangerous for employees and kids). Coordinators had absolutely no say in anything even though they run a whole service which is shocking. they cancel on shifts without warning screening process is shocking, basically they hire anyone with the WWCC and some staff members do not have a clue what they are doing which makes it so much harder for coordinators and permanent assistants- there is no training involved so you are thrown in the deep end no consistency in staff, making it so much harder for the kids as it is very frustrating despite coordinators requesting permanent assistants. ONLY good thing is some of the coordinators and regional managers who are lovely and try hard to run the service the best they can despite minimal help from the company ie more resources, food choices, more staff and the kids are obviously amazing- do not do this job if you do not have a passion with working with kids. good experience for young people doing primary education.

Questions And Answers about Camp Australia

What is the company culture like at Camp Australia?
Asked 15 Jan 2018
Worst management team ever!!!
Answered 26 Dec 2019
High expectations with minimal guidance.
Answered 6 Aug 2019
What is the pay rate for co ordinator and do we get split shift allowance and how much? TIA
Asked 5 Jan 2018
Over $30 And yes about $16
Answered 5 Apr 2019
Award rates Yes - split shift
Answered 19 Oct 2018
I recently received an email saying that they will call me about my application. Is that a phone interview? How long is the recruitment process takes?
Asked 3 Apr 2017
Days to Weeks
Answered 18 Apr 2019
Phone interview only, very unusual when children are involved, i have had many people come in as workers who shouldnt work with childre they have no idea what to do
Answered 29 May 2018
Why do/did you like working at Camp Australia?
Asked 22 Feb 2017
The kids because making them smile was worth it
Answered 29 Feb 2020
Hated it management do not care about their staff
Answered 5 Oct 2019
As an assistant, do you get employed as a full timer, part timer or casual employee and if casual is the case, is there guaranteed work / hours per week? How does it all work?
Asked 28 Jan 2019
As a coordinator, you have the option to be full time or part time or casual.. They need good coordinators. It is essential to hire mature and compassionate yet dynamic people as situations arise that need sensitive handing.
Answered 23 Apr 2020
Casual, there is no guarantee you will receive hours, in fact in my service I had no control over which casuals I had each night and most often i wouldn't see the same one for more than a week, then i wouldn't see them for a couple of months.
Answered 10 Oct 2019