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Personal Care Assistant | Toowoomba QLD | 17 Dec 2019
Not a happy place for PCs.
Under last management the PCs were treated with much more of the respect that front line workers deserve but not now, they are treated like menial workers whose lives don't matter. Rarely got to see other PCs as we worked on our own but when you did catch up everyone was unhappy but they felt scared to speak up. Only one team leader is trusted enough to listen to staff issues,. Huge amount of stress because of short periods given to drive to clients homes, no consideration given for different traffic situations in different times of day. There was a mass exodus of staff last year mainly due to Managements handling of all the changes happening but no one from head office apparently thought it was worth investigating. Management was quick to blame PCs if things go wrong but rarely support you . PCs were told they couldn't even come into office anymore to speak to supervisors about work issues, because we were disturbing everyone, (including our own supervisors apparently) that's ok but supervisors did not pick up their phones to PCs and the front desk line is always busy so it was hard to get hold of them , this makes a potentially hazardous situation for staff needing assistance in the community and not being able to get through to someone. Shifts change in an instant, what you had on your phone the night before is likely to be different to what is there in the morning, so having a work/life balance where you can make personal appointments or plan around family be
ProsThe brilliant, happy girls on the front counter, admin girls, Team leaders, package team, some staff and most clients.
ConsHours all over the place, never know if you'll have 9 hours or 3 hours on the day untill that day, Management doesn't care about staff stress levels and all with a low pay rate to go with it..
Caregiver | North Coast QLD | 22 Jan 2022
Do not recommend
First 4 years at blue care were great and then they amalgamated and things went down hill for my last 4 years there. Management did not care for staff or clients and only for the money. There was no communcation between the office and community workers even though they provided us with mobile phones to work from. Clients were always complaining about having different staff every visit and nothing was ever done. staff were asking for permanent runs which they kept saying we would get and then never did its like they changed there mind every 6 months just as things were starting to get done they changed and said theyd do something else instead. Blue care use to have a great reputation now hearing from clients it does not. Package partners are a joke and clients can never get in touch or called back even though the clients are paying them a monthly fee to work for them now alot of them are changing to different providers but Blue care dont care if they loose a client there is always another to take their place. I changed to a different part of the coast for my last year at Blue Care and the team leaders and co-ordinator there was great they communicated with staff and if there was any issues they followed them up but anything to do with payroll or scheduling was out of their control and they could only do so much. If you do work for Blue Care please join a union so if you have issues they can represent you when things go bad.
ProsInteraction and appreciation from clients Helping others Good leave entitlements
ConsPay issues not fixed for months even if not paid, Poor communication, HR and Management do not care for staff or clients, No regular run/clients
Production Coordinator | Cairns QLD | 22 Dec 2012
Employer of choice for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. No opportunities for career advancement at management level.
I provided ongoing mentoring and support for Indigenous staff and clients, as well as cultural advice, support and training for services across North Queensland and Far North Queensland. Worked in a pivotal role and worked autonomously, managing the Indigenous Employment Program in NQ and FNQ. I learnt how to step up into a senior role and meet deadlines according to funding KPIs and the organization's requirements. I worked with a team of 3 Indigenous Co-ordinators who took the Indigenous Programs to a higher level and exceeded my duties. Deadlines were met and the team provided quality outcomes to the Executive Team and entire organization. The hardest part of the job was the travelling, however, I did enjoy it immensely. It was also a challenge breaking down barriers with Indigenous and non-Indigenous staff. I enjoyed everything about my job, but most importantly, providing jobs for Indigenous people, providing cultural training to services and meeting new people. Winning the Qld Premier's Award, providing a report of the Cape York Indigenous Employment Strategy, being a member of UnitingCare Queensland's Reconciliation Action Plan Working Group and promoting the Indigenous Employment and Care Strategy.
Prosproviding employment for indigenous people and helping others to understand our culture
Consno security or career development for indigenous staff at managment level
Care Worker | Queensland | 30 Nov 2021
you get to no a lot of people
A the saying goes(its who you no, not what you no) making others smile and knowing that they are safe/well and happy is a great feeling to be able to pass on to others. I learnt many things over my time with BlueCare, good and bad. management isn't like it use to be years ago, its only about money now and if you dont fit in you dont get the shifts. The best part of my job was when i made the residents laugh and they hug me saying they love me. they are like family. they become family, they are family. But if you do not fit in with the team leaders and staff, you dont get a good name, even if you do your job right and with a caring heart, the care factor is gone now, and unfortunately English spoken their isnt very good and they residents have problems understanding some staff, staff just rush residents and dont let them speak much ,i found many of them to be unhappy and just want to go home. but in saying all that, it can also be a good place with the right staff , just need more mature staff with compassion . not staff who are family or friends to get into the workplace, and not people who just want to sit on their phone all the time. the floor mats and kitchen cups and mugs are always badly stained, and the tea pots are horrible inside also. staff dont have time to keep them clean as lack of staff, most staff will start an hour early if your in the kitchen.
Proshelping people
Assistant in Nursing | Caloundra QLD | 12 Oct 2015
Trainee AIN - Blue Care
Typical day at work means your constantly on the go, maintaining routines answering buzzers, attending to the needs and wants of the clients. Ensuring that their comfort and security is maximized. What I learned was that everyone is different, no two needs are alike. The different personalities, health issues and degrees of independence and non independence that I dealt with made me very aware of my own mortality. Management/Supervisors were friendly and available if required and allowed you to get on with the job at hand. I like that. Not once did I feel like someone was looking over my shoulder. Co-workers were friendly and helpful. I was accepted and nothing was too much trouble to teach me and very quickly I was trusted to do aspects of the job on my own. eg showering, feeding. Initially the hardest part of the job was being on my feet during the shift. It was only because I wasn't use to it. By the middle of the second week and wearing better suited shoes it wasn't a problem. The most enjoyable part was knowing that I had made a difference to someones day. It was an absolute pleasure to look after these people. I also enjoyed how busy I was. I am looking forward to finding a position within the industry to continue enjoying the job satisfaction that I had with Blue Care.
Caregiver | Queensland | 13 Apr 2018
Blue Care has become a very stressful place to work.
When I first started working for Blue Care as a Personal Carer, it was an absolutely amazing place to work. Then a couple of years ago, the company intregated. I loved my work, and I loved my clients. I always possessed, a strong work ethic, emboided in certain principles, that have guided my work behaviour, leading me to high quality work. My work ethics included, dependability, responsibilty, adaptability, honesty, and intregrity. In the last 6 months, I have found this a very stressful place to work. Long hours, wrong scheduling travel times which always fell on deaf ears, when other actions were submitted.The carers, have now become Professional clock watchers. I have also found, that I can no longer go on representing a company, Whose management, has No Respect, or Care factor, for its clients or staff. Clients have now become $ signs, and the Carers are now Robots. The Morale is very low. Carers are now Isolated completely from Management. It saddens me that Blue Care has now lost its values for which they once were. Its all about the mighty dollar now. Blue Care needs to realize, that without their hard working carers, and their clients, THEY WOULD NOT HAVE A BUSINESS!!!
ProsBeautiful clients
ConsLong Hours, no respect or care factor. No compassion, No Intregrity.
Support Worker | Charters Towers QLD | 15 Apr 2014
working atmosphere was beatiful good co workers
Work as a member of a team to provide direct care to allocated clients under the direction of a Registered Nurse. Assist with the implementation of the client’s personal care plan by providing direct activities including: Deliver direct care to the clients in accordance with Disability Services Policies and local policies, and participate in self-directed and/or other staff development opportunities to develop and enhance appropriate skills Help service users meet their personal care needs sensitively and appropriately to a high standard, including personal hygiene, assistance with laundry, and preparing meals and drinks. Provide transport to the clients at respite care. Provide transport to the clients for doctor’s appointments. Report the observations and incidents to the blue care team leader Manage private and confidential client information in accordance with Disability Services Policies. Assist with the implementation of the client’s lifestyle plan, communication plan, behaviour intervention and support plan, and community access plan
Occupational Therapy Aide | Cooroy QLD | 27 Aug 2018
Fantastic facilitators for student placement.
I worked alongside the Occupational therapists and allied health team at blue care for four weeks during my third year block placement. Bluecare ensured that I had multiple experiences to assist develop my understanding of OT including multiple home visits to clients. My supervisor ensured that we were able to meet our learning goals and provided us with multiple exposures to community occupational therapy. I learnt the benefit of community exercise programs for older adults; including hydrotherapy and tai chi. I was taught how to recommend equipment, apply for equipment grants, and discuss with nursing staff when to refer to OT regarding equipment safety. Multiple opportunities were made available to discuss equipment with providers and attend in-services. Furthermore much focus was placed on pressure care and falls prevention as the majority of our caseload were on my aged care packages. Students were invited to join the allied health team at a regional conference addressing falls prevention.
Nursing Assistant | Labrador QLD | 30 July 2019
Consistant inconsistancy
I have worked here for 5 years now. Over this time I have witnessed many changes. Morality has dropped, workload is increasingly hard to keep up with, stress with coworkers bursting at the seams, never enough staff or inexperienced staff in a high care ward. This is felt not only with the nursing staff but all throughout other areas. It's such a shame as it was a very fair place to work years ago. I find that it's the support of your teammates and the fun you create together to get through what is a tough, challenging day for all. I know that of many facilities we are of the luckier ones, but it's a far from being at it's best. The good things are it's a newer facility, systems in place, you know what your doing and tools of the trade are normally available. Time management is a problem for many sectors with too many things on the to do list and not enough time or hands to help.
ProsNewer facility, free undercover parking
ConsDouble shifts to earn a descent wage, you pay for uniform
Caregiver | Brisbane QLD | 23 Feb 2016
First Personal Carer work in Aged Care
There was a very large learning curve as a Personal Carer for 41 Residents, 30 in Hostel area, 11 in Secure Dementia Unit. Initially as Casual Staff, doing all shifts, both during the week and weekend shifts. Later as permanent part-time, which enabled accruing long-service leave hours, paid holiday leave and paid sick leave. The most difficult shifts were night shifts for me, not being able to catch up on sleep after the shift and being requested to work the following morning shift. I learnt that I did not have as much patience as needed, also being physically fit really helps and having excellent communication skills is very important. Treat all Residents with respect even though you may be subject to verbal and sometimes physical abuse. Report all incidents, as even mild verbal abuse is still abuse.
ProsMeeting lovely Residents, enjoying social events with the Residents
ConsVery sore feet, being physically and mentally exhausted

Questions And Answers about Blue Care

Why do/did you like working at Blue Care?
Asked 6 Mar 2017
I loved my job as a Community Registered Nurse with Blue Care, I had great managers in Brisbane's South Side, then I was offered a job at Elanora, there was a great team spirit but an awful manager, I believe she was sacked for bullying! Not soon enough in my experience with her! Otherwise I would still be working there.
Answered 2 Nov 2019
Blue Care they very good in introducing quality care to residents.
Answered 23 Oct 2019
Is it possible to get a 38/40 hour working week
Asked 25 Sept 2018
Depends on how flexible you are and who you know, the culture of Blue Care today is towards casuals as they are easier to manipulate and they do not have to commit any type of loyalty as far as hours or time frames to them. You will get no hours one week, a few hours another and then won't have time to breath in yet another. No consistency unless you are privilaged or know someone. It's even hard to get part time positions now.
Answered 9 Dec 2019
Very difficult. No consistency if service with so many part timers. Meant often doing work in own time, unpaid.
Answered 24 Dec 2018
Does Blue Care have a staff discount? How much is Blue Care’s staff discount?
Asked 6 Mar 2017
No. Staff discount.
Answered 20 Jan 2019
Was never advised about any discounts available
Answered 24 Dec 2018
What is the hourly rate for personal carer opposed to personal carer domestic
Asked 16 Aug 2018
Loading for casual?
Answered 19 Dec 2019
PC is paid at a slightly higher rate.
Answered 3 Jan 2019
How long has B.ue Care been around
Asked 14 Feb 2018
Years. But now an outcomes / processes based not a care based focus.
Answered 24 Dec 2018
Many years. No longer what it used to be.
Answered 29 Sept 2018