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Sales Assistant | Victoria | 22 Feb 2019
Poor management, no advancement opportunities
When I first started working for BWS, I had a store manager who was experienced at his position and offered opportunities for me to thrive in the business and receive adequate hours to fit my schedule. I was provided with an opportunity to become a manager in training and learnt all opening and closing procedures, and was thoroughly taught how to conduct most required operations. Due to studying circumstances, I relocated to another town and was thrown around stores. The first store I was positioned at provided me with three shifts in the whole 8 months I was there. The manager was extremely rude and said I would be placed below "all the boys who did footy training because they were more important". I was then relocated to another store with a high theft rate and was not supplied with any training on how to deal with these situations. I had several confronting encounters with intoxicated individuals and had even been asked to replace a staff member who was previously assaulted by an individual the night before. The manager at this particular store was condescending and did not allow me to perform tasks outside of serving despite my previous training. Additionally, he would roster me on for shifts I had not agreed to nor been notified about and would abuse me if I did not attend. Fast forward and there was an incident due to misinformation passed on by several managers. The manager of my current store sent nasty e-mails about myself accusing myself of lying. Human resour
ProsHourly rate, 5% discount
ConsManagement, pressure to work
Assistant Manager | Gold Coast QLD | 10 June 2020
Terrible managers
I’m a 2ic I run around like a crazy person while the store manager takes the credit and sits on her a## while I do the load which I have work injuries because she sits on her a## texting her boyfriend or staring at the same emails that she’s checked 100 times in the day. Oh and if there’s any chance of leaving the store to do a “meeting” or share stock to other stores she’s onto it. she’ll come back just in time to relieve you for a break then go home. Any excuse not to be there, where myself working hard to get my own store so I can actually get the help from a staff that actually want to be there and do the job we got hired for. Save yourself applying for this time wasting job it will take you years of killing yourself and your back to just get a 2ic role, don't know how much longer I can keep doing this job. I lost a family member and they told me I can only have 2 days off later on found out by sda union I was entitled to 5days off for a death of a parent. What a joke. Oh and causals and 2ics you can work 9hours and you only get a half an hour break that's it don't think about any 15min breaks that you're entitled to because you gotta do the load that the manager doesn't wanna do herself. They say they're there for you mental health saying they'll support you but that's just as fake as their promises for a step up. I ask for time off as I'm a 2ic and my store manager gives me the look like I killed her pet dog if I ask for time off. When I do get the time off she messes w
Pros5% discount with staff card
Assistant | Central Coast NSW | 25 Nov 2019
Not A Good Place To Work
A very laid back and easy job. Load Work (moving stock to the showroom and refilling stock) some RF gun work. Don't expect to get anything permanent! like PT or Full Time... Management is a joke! my first manager was GREAT! did her best in everything from running her store to it's best and regular feedback to staff then a few months later she got transfered to another store and we got another manger.. EVERYTHING CHANGED! He barely did any work himself and expected other staff to do his work for him. He barely spoke to me or even appericate any of my hard work, usually would praise other staff that he favoured at the time... YES FAVERTISIM IS IN THIS WORK PLACE! All the staff that taught me at the store and were there for years before I went there.. LEFT.. cause of the poor managment! For a whole year me and this manager only spoke a couple of times! Everything that I did was WRONG! THIS JOB DON'T CARE ABOUT STAFF! CUSTOMER FIRST! Work/Life Balance? gotta be joking! even if you try to balance work and life.. You are simply stomped on.. no longer offered shifts (OTHER STORES GET THE JOB OFFER BEFORE YOU ARE OFFERED) and talked behind your back making you look bad even though you are the hardest worker there and you have done nothing wrong! Dealing with secondary supply/ underage/ intoxicated people/ Drug effecteed and Theift. This job you put your life on the line risking your mental health, Phyically stress on your body (it's work that you'll get injured from es
Sales Representative | Brighton SA | 9 Jan 2013
Diverse and enjoyable work environment.
- A typical day begins with ensuring the stock is presentable and the store is tidy. As the day goes by and sales are made, stock is required to be refilled. Often Stock is delivered from the warehouse and is needed to be packed away appropriately in the cool room and throughout the store. The day ends with a final clean of the store to ensure it is ready for the next day. The sale of wine and beer is perhaps the most enjoyable part of the job as it allows you to dialogue with customers about their thoughts and attitudes to different brands, tastes regions, etc. -I learned a great deal about the products we were selling, their strengths and weaknesses. I also learnt how to nurture customer purchasing habits in an environment whereby our USP did not revolve around the lowest price point. -Middle and upper management within the company framework were stiflingly restrictive at times, as we endeavoured to bring a good name and profitability to the BWS Brand. Management served as a negative distraction, rather than a driving force behind propelling the BWS brand. Having said this I am of the opinion that this is not the case in other states and territories. The hardest part of the job was the knowledge that you were contributing to an industry that has many casualties, those being the individuals who have succumbed to alcohol abuse and dependence. The best part of the job was talking to customers about products you were passionate about, and sharing that passion with them.
Sales Assistant | Croxton VIC | 28 Nov 2016
An overall pleasant job that suited my needs and current life goals.
The overall work environment at BWS was quite enjoyable, I like dealing with customers, I like keeping busy with tasks and I even like the heavy manual labour. Management could be frustrating at times, but that is the case in any job. I never once had any personal issue with any co-workers, and I worked in a lot of different stores filling in, and had a lot of people come and go in my permanent store, overall the people that work at BWS are relaxed, easy going and generally do their tasks and jobs promptly and effectively. There was no single part of the job I found hard, except for maybe requesting new product into the store to match our demographic, there was a lot of hurdles to jump through for that. Apart from that 1am close shifts followed by an 8:30am start the next morning were pretty horrible for me, they often gave me a headache. I really liked multiple things about the job, sometimes just dealing with delivery in the cool-room all day, marking it off, dashing around carrying heavy boxes in a cold environment I actually quite liked that. I also really liked it during busy customer periods, I just enjoy dealing with pleasant customers it's a fun social interaction. I ended up making a lot of friends from regular customers who came into the shop.
ProsFlexible hours, pleasant customers, friendly work team, good balance of physical and paper work.
ConsMinimum wage, often work weekends and nights, overly dramatic management, not enough promotional career options.
Customer Service Representative | Colac VIC | 23 Jan 2019
Steady work with Fun Atmosphere
A typical day at work requires making the shop look neat and tidy and also filling up the shop with goods from out the back. I have learnt how to be a more assertive employee and confidant in what I do. Management is awful. Nearly every BWS has poor management and employee relations. They manage the store well, just not the people that work there. Workplace culture is fun and there are a lot of jokes. Be sure to make anyone know if the jokes go too far though. Dealing with bad workmates is the hardest part of the job, if someone acts badly then you should fix the problem instantly as it will escalate and increase to the point where people will quit. Dealing with bad customers is easy as you only see them a couple of times but the only reason why many business have good staff turnover is when they like who they are working with. Most enjoyable part of the job, the reason why I'm sad to quit, is how peaceful and non stressful the job is. Sure you have deadlines but it's about the customers who enter the store that are happy. They have just finished their shift and are coming in to buy their alcohol. Having nice and really kind customers that you can not only talk to without you being a robot, but you also see them come in again and again, which makes you remember their names and start to want to come into work to see them also. Just watch out for management and stop bad mouthing straight away.
ProsNon stressful environment
ConsYour Ideas aren't taken seriously
Assistant | Balaclava VIC | 1 Feb 2017
challenging and hard work with rewards at the end
Working at BWS Balaclava presents itself with a lot of hard work and challenges, but is rewarding once all the hard work and tasks have been completed. For me, a typicla day at work involves working with fellow colleagues to ensure that the load gets put away as quick as possible in order to be able to complete other tasks that need to be done. Doing all these duties as well as ensuring that customers are being served and all the stock is there available for them. BWS Balaclava is one of the busiest shops in the area, therefore, there is a constant flow of customers that come into the shop throughout the day and night. The customers that come in vary including customers that are incredibly challenging to deal with and who push the boundaries. However, as I continue to work there longer, you learn how to deal with those people appropriately with the help of other team members who have worked there for an extended period of time. All team members who work at BWS Balaclava get along well and work well as a team. Everyone supports and helps one another with the tasks that need to be done as well as teaching others how to do tasks for efficiently based on what they got taught from other team members. The most enjoyable part of working at BWS Balaclava for me are the people that I work with. I enjoy working in teams, completing the tasks at hand together and assisting each when others may need help.
Store Manager | Melbourne VIC | 18 Feb 2016
Work/Life balance is a fallacy. You will work weekends, unpaid hours, Christmas & your days off at times
On paper BWS would seem a great employer. Backed by mega company Woolworths & its Hotel group and modern premises, huge back office. In truth as a Manager you will get little assistance from from the company working autonomously with no career advancement opportunities as 30+ other staff are fighting for the only promotion: Area Manager. And while safety is of paramount importance to BWS any incident occurring in the store with fall on your head and the legal ramifications. In fact many staff will injury their backs with repetitive heavy lifting and some back injuries will be with you for life!! You will adhere to a law of non-service of alcohol to insistent young or intoxicated patrons and heavy fines of up to $17000 may apply to you if break that law. The best part is majority of drive thru sites do not have toilets on site and often you work alone with no "relief" for hours. ***I would recommend working for this company....if you have no other options***
ProsStaff are usually a great bunch of people, but some have hidden agendas & will talk behind your back to your bosses!
ConsWeekend work, midnight hours, having to cover for staff on your day off
Cashier | Cairns QLD | 14 Jan 2015
fun fast paced job, lacks communication between management and staff
Fun fast paced job apart from the unrealistic amounts of pure physical work expected to be done whilst running around trying to keep customers happy, working as fast as possible. Biggest problem is the lack of communication between management/full time staff and casuals. Favouritism will usually play a role in whether you get what you want or not. This job will take you nowhere unless you can make friends with management or higher up. BWS do not even throw staff xmas parties. Heaps of whining and jealousy in and between every store. You'd think better from a store dominated by 'mature' male staff. Also you'll ve expected to sign the usual regular paperwork to say you know how to use manual handling techniques correctly as to not hurt yourself at work - however, doing these tasks wrong is unavoidable as the stores are set up badly and many cartons are hard to get to under shelves or in corners etc. Don't expect Woolworths to ever support you when you hurt yourself doing this work. Being on casual you will either get plenty of hours (30+ p/w) or you'll get the scrap shifts (3-5hr shifts here and there) all depends on who you are.
Store Manager | Penrith NSW | 5 July 2017
Good place for PPT work, avoid salary!!
Started as being a great place to work as a casual/PPT job, good hours and pay rates, nice people to work with on a store level. Was offered an opportunity in store management and found there to be little support in training or assistance. Management culture is one based on favouritism and popularity, where it doesn't matter how hard you actually work it matters how hard you seem to work, and where doing your job isn't enough, you are expected to publicly brag about how good a job you are doing. The reason you can get good hours as a PPT team member is because there are not enough staff to go around and any shifts that can't be covered are essentially left for the store manager to complete, so if you are flexible and will travel to other stores, its easily possible to work 36 hours a week. As a manager on the flip-side of this scenario, a lot of your time can be taken up trying to cover shifts for absent staff requiring a lot of overtime to catch up or complete the shift yourself.
ProsPPT/Casual staff can earn good money if you are willing to travel for shifts.
ConsManagers can work long hours unpaid, little opportunity for advancement past store manager level.
Kurierfahrer (m/w/d) | Hückelhoven | 25 Feb 2021
Nicht empfehlenswert
Das Gehalt ist zwar an und für sich nicht schlecht, jedoch für das was man ertragen muss bei weitem nicht genug. Der chef für Kurierdienstfahrer ist nicht menschlich, sexistisch, rastet gerne aus und macht Mitarbeiter vor versammelter Mannschaft fertig. Ihn interessiert auch nicht warum irgendwas irgendwie war und verlangt 24/7 erreichbarkeit und das man ja immer an seinem freien Tag (sofern man denn einen hat) einspringt. Wenn man dies mal nicht tut, kann man sich noch spätabends was von ihm anhören. Arbeitsrecht wird in der Firma mit Füßen getreten. Dienstplan kommt immer erst Sonntags, so das man keinerlei Planbarkeit hat. Selbst wenn man einen gesundheitlichen Termin hat, sollte man diesen besser nicht wahrnehmen, sofern man nicht sowieso schon Feierabend hat. Sogar beim Urlaub erfährt man erst mit dem aktuellen Dienstplan, ob dieser einem genehmigt wurde. Gehalt würde ich ja gerne angeben, darf man aber niemandem sagen laut dem Chef, da es gegen die Verschwiegenheitspflicht verstößt, obwohl es groß in den Stellenangeboten drin steht. Mitarbeiter dort wechseln auch sehr schnell. Bei Krankschreibung hat man auch schneller die Kündigung als man gucken kann.
ProsBonusprogramm wo man dann z.B. ein Kinogutschein gewinnen kann
ConsChef, keine Planbarkeit

Questions And Answers about BWS

What interview questions do they ask at BWS?
Asked 13 Dec 2017
These questions were asked in an online interview Your Availability What excites you about working for BWS? What is your drink of choice, who do you drink it with? Something about teamwork Something about your strengths What does amazing customer service look like to you? Can you provide an example? Talk about a difficult situation you experienced. What strategies did you use to overcome the situation?
Answered 14 Jan 2022
Have you ever told a story to sell something? Do you have any wine/beer knowledge? What is your favourite drink at the moment? How have you handled customer conflicts in the past? + general availability questions.
Answered 2 Sept 2020
What would you suggest BWS management do to prevent employees from leaving?
Asked 18 Mar 2017
Have proper contact ph numbers and email contacts that actually work in Head Office when you are trying to sort out a “Contract Issue”
Answered 16 Sept 2020
Don't expect your employees to work every weekend
Answered 27 May 2019
What is the company culture like at BWS?
Asked 24 Jan 2018
This company has only one Culture. To insure the shareholders get the best return regardless of the lack of support and wellbeing offered to the staff.
Answered 4 May 2021
Culture between staff on site is good.
Answered 28 June 2020
What should you wear to an interview at BWS?
Asked 3 Apr 2017
Dress to impress. So a nice but casual outfit.
Answered 6 Jan 2019
Neat and clean clothes
Answered 19 Apr 2018
Does BWS require a background check? What kind of background check does BWS do?
Asked 9 Apr 2017
No they don't check anything. I worked unknowingly with a criminal for 2 years.
Answered 15 Mar 2022
Ask your family and their friends Supposed to do a police check Previous employment checks - again supposedly
Answered 13 Apr 2019