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Care Worker | St George NSW | 16 Dec 2017
Happy with Australian Unity after the take over from NSW Homecare
Working for a branch which manages itself is a bonus. All branches have now gone back to self managing as the Allocations rostering system did not work out due to staff not being familiar with clients needs. If you have a well organised and understanding Service Coordinator, working for Australian Unity as a care worker can be a very rewarding career. Having an unorganised service co could make your employment with Australian Unity a challenge. I am paid KM's and travel time between clients. Always have a 30 min break allocated after 5 hrs of work. Good idea to join the union United Voice so you have the backup of the union if you aren't getting your award conditions. I like the mobile Procura software, all client information at your fingertips, no more going into the office to hand back schedules every fortnight. Challenges could arise with difficult clients, extremely cluttered or dirty homes. There are policies and strategies in place to overcome these difficulties. I feel the St George branch is probably one of the best managed branches in the Sydney metro area. All PPE equipment is supplied also a full uniform. Overall very happy with the way Australian Unity has continued the service of NSW Home Care.
ProsUnderstanding service Co. Wonderful clients
ConsWorking in the heat of summer
Caregiver | Parramatta NSW | 26 Oct 2016
Needs a huge improvement
I've only been with the company a few months. One of the biggest negative issues with the company is COMMUNICATION. It's practically non-existent. The 3 months I've been there I've had no care plans for the clients - it's learn as you go. You are ill-informed important information; ie; code to a clients house key-locker to get access to the clientbto do the service if they're unable to get to the door. Most cases clients aren't kept in the loop of their own services and may expect you on a day and you don't show up be Aus even the office hasn't rostered you to them. (This is common). Staff will give feedback and information on clients and the office doesn't update that information on their profile or rosters. Clients and staff in most cases cannot get through on the phone to the office. Management turn off their phones after 4:30pm so staff have no one to call for assistance. Rosters are frequently incorrect (overlapping shifts for 2 clients on different locations at the same time) On some occasions you are expected to drive like a lunatic to get to a job 20kms away in 10 minutes during school closure times, - The list goes on.
ProsDecent pay, at clients house work is usually easy and rewarding, broaden your skils
ConsLong days (mostly driving and half the shifts), broken communication, bad mapping structure for roster distances
Project Manager | Albert Park VIC | 23 Mar 2020
Australian Unity - poor management conduct and control
I was working on a 4 months contract basis in the IT department and eventually I had to leave the organization because of very poor management and toxic environment. They had almost next to none program governance across the organization and each business units were running their own projects as they deemed fit. There was a very clear demarcation and competition between business leaderships and almost no collaboration between them. All of which had failed to adopt the true values set within Australian Unity. The IT GM at that point of time was signing off contracts with vendors without even understanding the scope involved. And managements wonders why their projects are always delayed, exceeds budget and never meets the agreed scope. Most of the time the contractors hired are thrown under the bus for the failures of Australian Unity management, causing them to be sacked or left the organization out of their own accord. Unfortunately, the toxic culture is across the organization. I would not work for Australian Unity or recommend anyone to be employed there, ever.
ConsAs stated in the above review context
Human Resources Specialist | Sydney NSW | 23 June 2020
Company purpose is lived and breathed each day. Great culture
When I initially applied to the job with Australian Unity, I thought it was a health insurance company. It wasn't until interviewing and first week on the job that I was aware of how truly diverse the company is and their large presence in community services and well being. I have learnt so much over the course of my employment and worked with a wide range of people from different walks of life. This role has provided me a great learning in terms of community connection, cultural and lived experience awareness as well as career development having held 3 various roles during my time. The values are lived each day, 4 years on still here and each day has a new challenge! I finally found an organisation that allows me to bring my whole self to the workplace ( virtual albeit these days) and connects to my personal values. Lot's of learning on the job, this is an environment of growth and transformation.
ProsExcellent strategic purpose and company culture
ConsAmbigious & infant processes
Support Analyst | Melbourne VIC | 19 Jan 2015
An excellent work place
At Australian Unity my typical day would involve Level 2 Support where my team would handle the escalations from the Service Desk. And in addition I also used to attend to work given to us by the Technical Services team, and this would involve working closely with them and learning how to work with Active Directory for implementing group policies and also application packaging using SMS. I picked up a lot of hands-on experience in working with Windows Server, DNS, DHCP and Active Directory management. I enjoyed my time at Australian Unity as it gave me a real world opportunity to use the knowledge I had gained in passing my MCSA exams and this helped me greatly in raising my confidence and practical skill level. The hardest part was saying goodbye to an excellent IT team with whom I had made lasting friendships and made coming to work everyday was an absolute pleasure. The good thing is that I still keep in touch with some of my work mates from Australian Unity.
ProsExcellent IT team
Group Finance | South Melbourne VIC | 2 Nov 2018
Middle and Upper Management have no clue
Middle and Upper Management have no clue and are unqualified for the job titles they have/give themselves/rename themselves which is on a regular basis - you sometimes scratch your head and go 'what do they actually do given their job title is so convoluted". Too many strategy changes and recommendations but no action and meaningful results. Systems are prehistoric and nobody knows where the information comes from just push push push get it out. This organization is definitely top heavy with a lot of passengers/brown nosers who have been there for ages and actually are not qualified for the positions they are in. Too fragmented and too many silos and an emphasis of talking the talk but not walking the walk. When in doubt outsource it to the consultants who are more than happy to charge charge charge for advice that will never get implemented.
Prosokay work life balance and okay pay
Consso many so little space to write
Care Worker | New South Wales | 14 July 2019
Hard work. Can be rewarding
Trying to drive to clients house using your company phone ,which has your daily roster on it and try to be on time. Juggling the 5 mins travel to the next client, emails from the office which is situated in a different town and expect you to answer phone call while you are working in clients home is a normal day with Australian Unity. Management have their favourite care workers that they communicate to and receive most of the work and the others they don't. The Office have new service co all the time so care workers have no support and no one to report to if anything goes wrong with a client which falls back on the care worker. Time management and being organised is the hardest part of the job. The best part of the job is the lovely clients you have. Putting a smile on their face when they see you and helping do their daily P.C/ D.A is very rewarding
Consno suport, no family time, Being tracked with the work phone if late to clients service.
Coach | South West Sydney NSW | 1 Dec 2021
A positive culture and great people to work with
Australian Unity Disability Services is a great place to work. They offer work life balance, great remuneration, flexibility, great culture, support and ongoing education and training for staff development across the board. They provide a supportive workplace that really encapsulates the essence of what we strive for and that is Wellbeing. Disability Services maintain high standards to deliver an outstanding service with skilled and trained staff to provide a second to none service to our customers to assist in their independence. I love working for Australian Unity as Disability Services Coach. If you would like to join my team of wonderful Care Workers, please go to Disability Support Worker - South Western Sydney. I look forward to receiving your resume
ProsOngoing training, education, support, love everyone that I work with, my team is amazing
Consno cons
Care Worker | New South Wales | 30 July 2020
Low Pay, disorganised rosters
Pay is low for responsibilities required. You will need to use your own car. You will not be paid for all travel required as is stated in the award. For Country areas expect to travel a lot and be prepared to rack up over 1000klms a month. you will only be paid for travel between each client. nothing more. Wear and tear, tyres etc are bourne on your own pocket. Good luck with your employment, there are some brighter sides, some nice team members and some nice clients who appreciate you. But for money paid your better off at IGA or Woolies where the pay is roughly the same and you won't be driving you car into the ground meeting impossible deadlines and you will at least have a toilet to use and know what time your shift starts and finishes.
ProsWorking on your own / meeting nice clients
ConsLow pay for the responsibilities required, wearing your car out more quickly, never knowing what time your working day will finish or start until the day
Service Coordinator | New South Wales | 25 Feb 2018
Like the idea of h*ll? Work here!
This company has no clue what they are doing. Fellow co workers who have worked in this industry for over 30 years have never been so miserable since AU took over.. Overworked... stressed.. little to no training provided... they keep on shoving work onto you. Constant empty promises. They encourage you to work after hours and on weekends for nothing.. milk as much from you as possible as they don't want more staff. No point talking to managers because they put the problem back onto you but the real issue is the company and its structure. You will not be promoted in this company.. so don't bother working hard because they will hire someone else. The only good part of the job is meeting lovely clients who i genuinely care about.. They have inherited a team of amazing staff and want to work them into the ground to death.
ProsAny job will be a walk in the park after this
ConsWork here if you want to be miserable
Resident Care Associate | Carlton, SK | 24 Jan 2019
Supportive company, knowledge enhancement and sociable environment for the residents and staff to keep a quality living of individuals.
Company keep updating us of training and seminars to continue to give the high quality services of our patients and maintain their quality of living. A very recreational environment with mini theater, hydrotherapy and Friday Band to keep the healthy social interaction of the resident with their family, friends and caregivers. A typical day at work, assisting residents to secure that they received quality care with respect,dignity and according to their care plan. I learned that every individual have their own uniqueness and needs. Put respect at the middle of the relationship and everything will be alright. relationship to residents, relatives of residents, all healthcare professionals, co-workers, and staff of the company. Time management is very important in this job to meet all the necessary obligation for the services that must receive by every residents, record and reporting residents data to the appropriate staff, keep the environment clean and safety. Workplace is composed of diversity,but it is not a hindrance to us because everybody is working with unity to meet the goal of the company. Working as a team is the key of happy place to stay. The hardest part in Dementia Unit in where I was regularly worked, when the residents are in pain, dying, sick and cannot say verbally what they need and also when they their family member is leaving. Those are things that may trigger them to be agitated and hard to assist. A simple "Thank you" from the family, co-
ProsPhysical fitness
Consunexpected absent of co-worker that sometimes you need to cover.
Human Resources Specialist | Melbourne | 28 July 2014
A challenging industry with huge opportunity that requires innovative leadership
In the particular division that I worked in (retirement Living) it was generally characterised by an old institutionalised system and a lack of government initiative within the elderly retirement space in Australia. Therefore, Australian Unity had positioned themselves at the forefront of innovation for this specific problem in the market, which was quite exciting. I thoroughly enjoyed working in and on the business, however there was a very heavy work load regarding people disputes and the general complaints of the nursing industry - Therefore the work life balance wasn't great, however I believe the remuneration benefits compensated for this. There were great opportunities with high level grievances and HR contribution concerning acquisitions and looking at the due diligence from a strategic HR prospective and then working on the transitioning of these acquisitions. Unfortunately I realised that this was not the long term direction (health industry) that I was wanting, which lead me to find other opportunities.
Prosforefront of innovation, huge opportunities to redefine the market
ConsHealth sector is riddled with people complaints

Questions And Answers about Australian Unity

If you were to leave Australian Unity, what would be the reason?
Asked 19 June 2018
Understaffed at every level. Care Workers burning out due to long hours of physical and mental demanding work. Serice Co's stressed with too many clients to manage. Allocators thrown in the deep end with little training and also too many services to manage. In the end everyone suffers including the elderly clients.
Answered 26 May 2022
Great management in the Disability Services team - they are really creating a great culture - some people are just not suited for working in Disability Services though.
Answered 8 Nov 2021
What are the benefits and perks of working at Australian Unity?
Asked 4 Apr 2017
In the new Disability Services team there is a lot of collaboration around the customer. The training and development pathways are really good. The EBA is quite generous and especially for out of hours work. A lot of flexibility regarding the time s you work.. Back up and support especially when you are sick. Generous leave provisions.
Answered 8 Nov 2021
Residents are great
Answered 14 Feb 2019
Does Australian Unity require a background check? What kind of background check does Australian Unity do?
Asked 17 Mar 2017
You will need a working with children and criminal history background check (AU organise this at their expense) You will need to be triple vaccinated against COVID-19 as per government mandate for aged care and disability workers.
Answered 26 May 2022
Police check
Answered 18 Oct 2019
What is the interview process like at Australian Unity?
Asked 18 Apr 2018
The recruiters seem very professional. They are thorough because they are looking for good applicants.
Answered 8 Nov 2021
Superficial and incorrect information provided
Answered 18 Oct 2019
How long does it take to get hired from start to finish at Australian Unity? What are the steps along the way?
Asked 29 Sept 2017
It takes a couple of weeks - screening, then interview then background checks. It is quite painless if you have all of your documents.
Answered 8 Nov 2021
Easy they are begging for workers
Answered 7 June 2021