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Overall Reviews at Australian Taxation Office

Tax Office has EEO opportunity, diversity, multicultural working environment. Processing area is focusing at quantity more than quality
A typical a day - one day at work was three managers asked me to do different jobs on the same day with top priority. They did not communicate with each others and I was blame not able to prioritise my own job as an APS4. In the end, my team manager apologized to me. what you learned - I have learned that I need to see them face to face to make sure what three of them expected from me on the same day. I should not assume they know what they have told me clearly or I got their expectation correctly too. I can not do everything on the same day. management - my senior always asked me to do a lot of new tasks and train staff. I have done more than they asked from me. I used a lot of own time to review and research the task from all relevant resources. I have passion to make the assigned job to be done more effectively by reviewing current procedures, provide feed back to procedures cell for not up today procedures in place etc. However, I had no time and was no opportunity to inform my senior for everything I was doing before I sent my suggestions to different channels. And, most of they are always busy or not interested to know. I strongly believed that there should be better communication between staff in processing work related issues rather than just focusing at how many cases/complaints have been processed. I suggested the follow up action is very important e.g. find out the root of the complaint. Is that related to staff efficiency, system problem, procedures problem
Proslots of training provided such as team leader academy, coaching skills
Conssupervisors are not fair on writing report about me
Inbound Customer Service Representative | Melbourne VIC | 4 Feb 2019
Salary was awful. I was making as much as my partner does in a week in a fortnight. For a government job you think you would get paid more. A lot of pressure to do well and no support. Was forced to work on phone after a day with a helper who was constantly telling me the wrong thing. Stress and anxiety was severe during my employment. Was lied to constantly, being told we would be working with someone for 3 - 5 days after teaching period to then be thrown into the deep end after a day. Helpers always annoyed that they had to help you and always making sly comments and asking 'why do you not know how to do this'. Was thrown out of my nesting area after 3 days for a new group to start employment, Everyone is young and turn over must be high. Had new people starting all the time. They honestly hire anybody. I thought i got this job based on my skills and degree. Turns out they hire literally anybody. The worst part was the pay, how any of these people survive on 21 an hour working for the government is beyond me. First day i had people already failing me on my phone calls and meetings planned with one of the head office guys to discuss that if it happens again maybe it is not the job for you. Way to make a first impression. Was going home everyday crying and anxious, i was good at my job but the pressure of being perfect with little to no training was ridiculous. Had other employees telling me constantly that the training was rubbish and everything you learn
ConsPay, No way to go up and no opportunities to move to better positions, Was told you had to re apply and hope for the best, no transfers to other departments or another position as this was something i wanted to do, no consideration of your qualifications
Coordinator | Albury NSW | 14 Nov 2013
A typical day at work has me prioritising the work and ensuring we have the resources to complete the work to meet business outcomes and times frames. I have learned to be pro-active adaptable to change and diversity and to never give up and also to be approachable and have empathy in other co-workers, staff and management. I have the ability to be on all levels of communication with co-workers and management and have an understanding of what management require, and liase with other stake holders to deliver positive outcomes and establishing great rapport. My natural ability to communicate on all levels with my co-workers has been noted as coordinator of the casual work force within the ATO. With my empathy and ability to relate on various levels and diversity to establish positive work relations. The hardest part of my job is advising the casual work force of reductions or of no shifts or no extensions on their contracts due to work loads and budget requirements. Although the term "casual" is what it means a vast majority of the casuals have been employed long term and the reality of no further employment can have devastating reactions to some. I have enjoyed working with a vast group of people, different cultures and meeting new friends both within the work force and outside. The APS has given me opportunities to rotate and expand my knowledge and be adaptable to change in a never ending challenging work place. I have embraced many opportunities and have ta
ProsFlex Credits
ConsUnexpected delays to overcome.
Operations Officer | Albury NSW | 10 Jan 2014
Committed to at all times behave in a way that upholds the APS values and the integrity and good reputation of the APS.
Our outcome Our outcome is to achieve confidence in the administration of aspects of Australia's taxation and superannuation systems through helping people understand their rights and obligations, improving ease of compliance and access to benefits, and managing non-compliance with the law. Key Management Committees and Consultation Our senior management committees are key elements of our governance and assurance. They include the ATO Executive Committee, Audit Committee and the People Committee (largely comprised of external private and public sector experts). We have a number of high-level committees that provide leadership and executive management of our performance. Integrity Our integrity framework sets out the behaviours, values and ethics that underpin the policy, processes and procedures for our work. The framework, complemented by our governance and planning processes, makes our integrity visible and measurable and assists us to deliver on our commitment of being an open and accountable organisation. Compliance model We use a compliance model as a structured way of understanding and improving taxpayer compliance. It helps us to understand the factors that influence taxpayer behaviour and to apply the most appropriate compliance strategy. Information management Our information management strategic framework provides the direction for managing our information effectively now and into the future.
ProsTremendous potential for growth of multi-skill sets and variety for work life/balance options
ConsNon to report
Financial Accountant | Hurstville NSW | 25 Aug 2014
Productive, enjoyable work with excellent team mates
Tell us about: •a typical day at work Daily maintain the integrity of the Asset Register by checking the transactions, advising officer in other discipline on asset related matters. At month end prepare reconciliation of asset register and GL account and prepare the asset movement tables for the monthly accounts and year end account. To maintain asset register current annually conducted software review and depreciation review. Co-ordinated the stocktake of fixed assets •what you learned Extensive experience in SAP and Excel •management No one reported to me but I have experience in training staff •your co-workers My team leader and colleagues were excellent staff. Not only the work was flowing soothly and deadlines were met without fail we also had morning tea on birthdays and other special events. All the staff had the required skill and knowledge. Occasionally work is shared when there an extra work load •the hardest part of the job When preparing the lease incentive the information provided were some time not adequate or accurate and subsequent changes were introduced rendering the whole analysis to be repeated. •the most enjoyable part of the job I found SAP is a very versatile system and uploading information to Excel for further analysis is very easy.
ProsFlexi hours, generous supper, good coprate culture
ConsI had to take trains and spent 2 hours in travelling
Service Delivery Officer | Albury-Wodonga VIC | 16 June 2020
Toxic - save your time
I worked at the ato for over 5 years in service delivery. If you want to work in an environment that truly embodies the issues of cronyism, nepotism and unchecked corporate sociopathy, this is the place for you. If you want to succeed all you need is superficial charm, a lack of fear of pink eye (because your nose will have to be lodged in many places) and the willingness to befriend other sociopaths whilst not being truly talented enough to be an actual threat to their false self image as capable and worthwhile employees or humans. Don't forget that in order to maintain a safe environment for the sociopath to survive you have to bribe and curry favor with the incompetent HR department who will be essential to backing up your many lies and false accusations against any employee who either outshines others in productivity and skill and/or isn't clearly happy to get paid and keep their mouth shut when witnessing the disgusting bullying and harassment that you instigate and/support the other employees from engaging in. Do not work here if your character is genuinely good and your IQ is above even 90, you will never get that time back.
ProsGood pay, nice office, flex time life balance (in theory), serving the people of australia
ConsToxic culture, routine and unchallenging work if you actually like to think, work life balance is dependent on your team leaders agendas/feelings towards you
Customer Service Representative | Queensland | 16 June 2021
Not too bad
GREAT TO REPRESENT. GREAT CULTURAL VALUES. 5/5. Low pay for INTENSE WORKLOAD. THE WORK WILL affect your health in all aspects – VERY HIGH CLIENT ABUSE. Poor management; not engaged with the reality of the stress related to the job vs the extremely low salary. Management did not care that agents were making mistakes on people’s tax accounts. Tasks like payment plan negotiations and delegating remissions - if I should grant / approve are very important to get right for all customers. The workplace culture is bad due to the constant complaints, and people are in a bad mood a lot. Unrealistic KPI’s, extremely low salary for the workload. KPI's, micro managed, care about the dollar, not the service. Stressful targets impossible to maintain, extremely low pay for high stress. Management are horrific, they pay painfully low for the stress you go through daily as you get abused daily from customers with no support and Management watch you constantly for any tiny reason to punish you and not pay the pitiful incentive. No value of the government contract they are lucky to have. Stressful targets impossible to maintain. Low wages, HIGH pressure.
ProsGreat team mates
ConsStressful KPi's need higher pay
Client Services | Albury NSW | 1 Mar 2013
The ATO is extremely productive, provides a sense of team spirit, an excellent learning enviroment and good working conditions.
The ATO provides an extremely busy, team oriented work environment which allows you to work through your daily tasks without noticing the time of day has gone by. My co-workers are friendly, helpful and enjoyable to work with. My supervisors are also friendly and always ensure that assistance is provided when needed. The supervisors make every effort to ensure the staff are trained correctly and follow procedures. The ATO also provides opportunities for cross-training and provide excellent in-house training sessions. This allows us to be able to work in other divisions during their peak times while still undertaking the duties of our own division. There really is no 'typical' day as things can quite often change during a shift. Overall, the ATO provides good training and opportunities, a variety of work types, good supervisors and a very busy workload. I think the variety keeps me motivated and continually push myself to improve in all areas.
Prosflexible working hours. variety of work. excellent training.
Consthe off-peak work times when there is minimal work
Economic Analyst | Brisbane QLD | 12 Sept 2018
Work life balance is good. Management and work culture is quite poor. Glass ceiling is there for women and people from different cultural backgrounds.
A typical day starts with reviewing the cases on hand. Staff were required to have at least 10 active cases on hand and sometimes when all cases have deadlines, it can be hard to manage. Then you go to internal with other audit teams or to external meetings with taxpayers. You also spend time researching or writing your reports. Each case is different, I learned a great deal about how companies operates, how to analyse the financial reports, how their business grow and what are the likely areas of problems. Managers are more concerned about achieving the revenue target rather than listening and considering the sustainability of the work load. Rewards/advancements were usually made based on who you know and how well you talk rather than on actual work done. Inappropriate focuses made on how a report is presented rather than whether you have solved the problems.
ProsJob security is relatively good. No need to work overtime if you don't want to.
ConsWork culture is poor and office politics is distressing
Customer Service Representative | Adelaide Region SA | 4 Mar 2018
Customer Service Officer
Communicated effectively with a wide range of people using different media (e.g. face-to-face, telephone, written). Assessed customers’ needs and broker solutions with them, considering their requirements and the outcomes sought by government and client agencies. Acted upon a customer’s enquiry, recorded action undertaken and finalised all transactions in a timely, courteous and professional manner. Developed partnerships with fellow team members, co-workers and, where applicable, the wider community to ensure customers were provided with a holistic approach to their circumstances. Provided a quality customer service in accordance with the department’s internal and external customer charters and displayed business acumen by safeguarding our reputation as a quality service provider. Educated customers regarding the compliance aspects of their payments. Undertook keyboard and data entry tasks efficiently using the departments computer systems. Managed own workload using the departments tools.
ProsTime Management
ConsStudy needed

Questions And Answers about Australian Taxation Office

Why did you leave your job at Australian Taxation Office?
Asked 16 Mar 2017
Team leader wasn't fair. She gave me a hard time if I didn't finalize many more audit cases to cover my lazy colleagues 's minimum case requirements as they could not meet their target. Team leader pressured me to take a voluntary redundancy in June 2014.
Answered 27 Feb 2021
Because I directly witnessed defamation by team leader, HR and the EL 1. Not once, not twice... I also witnessed verbal abuse by a male employee to several other employees. Not once was that man formally reprimanded and to my knowledge he is still abusing. I heard team leaders slanderising the physical appearance of more attractive females as being... Well, you guess what jealous females say that would be inappropriate language here... I saw an employee resign the same day that an EL 1 dragged her into a room and verbally abused her over a personal matter, completely unrelated to her wonderful work ethic. She knew there was no point going to HR because once one of these people decide you are their next target they will attempt again, and again, and again, and again to "performance" manage you out. Everyone eventually leaves, regardless of how good they are at their job, because they just have no energy left... I left because I'd saved enough money and secured enough outside work to not have to out up with them and waste my energy when they decided to turn their malicious, insecure and pathetic gazes on me rather than find some real meaning in their lives. 😉
Answered 16 June 2020
Hi, I have been accepted to attend a group interview at the call centre inbound for ato. Does anyone know what is involved with this? It states it goes for 2 hours.
Asked 26 Nov 2018
listen attentively
Answered 3 May 2022
It's not an ATO requirement. This is run by a job agency using methods they choose to use to reduce potential candidates to a given number.
Answered 3 May 2022
What is the company culture like at Australian Taxation Office?
Asked 22 July 2018
We are three dimentional culture with Australian Taxation, Centerlink, and Australian Multicultural Immigration staffs as we combined together for everything to share only and non development.
Answered 16 Sept 2020
Toxic, micro managing and petty people who are more interested in their titles and how many people are "under" them than the honour it is to serve the public.
Answered 16 June 2020
If you were to leave Australian Taxation Office, what would be the reason?
Asked 4 June 2018
Not much earning like the bank make me more confortable of my life.
Answered 16 Sept 2020
Lack of Respect and support from management. Staff leave after no support when returning form injury and mental illness
Answered 6 July 2020
How long does it take to get hired from start to finish at Australian Taxation Office? What are the steps along the way?
Asked 5 Apr 2017
APS6. Was told it would take 2 weeks from verbal offer. Took 2 months and wiped out my savings waiting on their background checks.
Answered 14 Aug 2019
Know someone in high position at the ATO. Have work experience at the 4 large accounting firms.
Answered 12 Sept 2018