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Service Assistant | Gold Coast QLD | 18 Mar 2016
Productive work space with diversity
A typical day at work is never the same, some days it can be wonderful, everyone who comes in is very nice and lovely, some days can be a little more difficult where almost every person wants to fight you, (those days i feel there is something in the air). I have learnt so much in this job, such as resilience, patience, that no matter who it is, how similar some people are to others, everyone's situation is different and everyone experiences it differently so you must ALWAYS approach with care and caution until you have a better understand of whats going on before you can make a decision that is best suited for everyone. My Manager is a wonderful man, he is so understand and does his best to make everyone as comfortable as possible which i understand cannot be easy. i admire him a lot as i see the types of work he needs to do, it can be very stressful but he copes very well. All of my co-works are different, they are mostly nice but when i first started i did cop a little smack because they liked things done a certain way so i received a stern hand from everyone for a little while but now i realise everyone is just like one big family, we always look out for one another and always have each other's back if needed. The hardest part of my job is the quick thinking when you have a very upset customer swearing and screaming in your face while leaning over you, that can be very imitating and scary so it can be a little difficult to think of how to handle this person. The most enjo
ProsGood money, security, free dress days for charities.
ConsEndless stream of extremely abusive customers.
Grants Manager | Hobart TAS | 23 Apr 2013
DHHS (HOBART) - proactive in allowing employees to achieve good work/life balance
Daily basis- liaise with communitysector organisations (CSOs)- aged care, alcohol & drugs, population health priorities regarding grants funding and financial compliance reporting. Analysed CSOs annual financial statements and facilitated payments of grants to CSOs. Liased with business areas within Dept of Health and Human Services (DHHS) in HOBART regarding preparation of business cases and contracts for busines areas within DHHS to purchase communty sector services from CSOs. Learned to work with a diverse set of people in terms of their skills and approach to problem solving and to project manage and coach them to meet agreed timeframes. Hardest part of job was having to withhold payments when CSOs failed to fulfill the financial requirements of their contracts; whilst knowing that they are performing a vital service to the comunity. This was not done until all avenues were explored to assist the CSOs to comply. Most enjoyable part of the job was DHHS willingness to allow me to work part time so that i could enjoy work/life balance, resulting in my being more productive and efficient at work, as i knew I had limited time to complete tasks within deadlines.
Prossubsidised gym facilities at 2 locations
Conswith budget cutbacks some areas were working understaffed
Customer Service Representative | Alice Springs NT | 29 Sept 2013
Enjoyed working for Centrelink but I'm in need of a career change for Personal and Health issues.
At the end of the day I feel a sense of satisfaction knowing I helped customers financially/personally and culturally with difficult circumstances in their lives. Everyday is different, customers rely on the Department for correct information so they can live from day to day. My co-workers do a remarkable job understanding what is expected of them. Hardest part of the job is to see people not wanting to help themselves and better their lives knowing there is so much opportunities out there for them. I have worked within the Dept of Human Services for over 10 years and there is not a day goes by that I haven't enjoyed helping people, it gets difficult when you build a rapport up with individuals and then circumstances changes your way of thinking. I believe everyone deserves a chance in life and knowing that I had a small input to that is very rewarding.
ProsFinancially, making life time friends, travelling to remote communities, sense of satisfaction/accomplishment
ConsThinking about work non stop, not enough opportunites, stressful times, long hours, angry and resentful customers
Customer Service Representative | Melbourne VIC | 15 Oct 2018
A company that poses many challenges
A typical day was usually to expect the unexpected. Working with people with intellectual, physical and mental issues would often put planned days off the table. So workers have to be flexible. I learned to see the world from many perspectives, not only from our clients point of view but workers as well. I often felt that management could have performed better, especially when it came to dealing with the families of clients, they appeared to take the easy way out, and side with the families not realising that sometimes this caused unnecessary stress on workers but clients as well. The hardest part was working with a client who would make a constant noise. Some clients has the ability to either scream or yell for hours on end. What I enjoyed the fact that I was not stuck in one place five days a week. As a casual I was employed in many homes and many clients enjoyed going out. I always wondered how many jobs pay their employees to go to the beach, pictures, zoo and plays?
ProsFreedom to choose which house I worked in.
Consworking with supervisors with poor people skills.
Caregiver | Stawell VIC | 2 Sept 2013
Human sevice is the best place to work
Get Residents up out of bed toilet them Then shower and dress Put first load of washing on Change and make beds Give the pear juice then breakfask Medication sign for meds Finish makiking beds Hang washing Vacuming floors Clean and wash floors in bathrooms and bedrooms Do breakfast dishes sweep and wash kitchen floors Maybe take one of our residents to have blood test Or take so-one to Doctors / specialist /podiatry Are placement take some for a drive buy them coffee or an icecream Then it tea time medication /dinner /.toilet/television/or music then bed . Depends on the day and most days you learn some thing even if it seem not important to some one else We do not see management very much. The staff I work with is fantastic we have a lot of fun The hardest part of my job is to see some one with bi polar and you came not help just listen to the screaming Going to work and seeing something that one of our residents can do even if its put a cup in the sink
ProsTaking someone shopping or football
Conslong hours
Service Assistant | Boronia VIC | 20 July 2014
An enjoyable place to work with very supportive work colleagues
I would go to my work area, check the paper in the printers, go to all working computers and make sure they were all working. Some customers didn't really need my assistance, though other customers did. Some were easy queries to answer, that I could handle myself and others would require further inquiries, where I needed to ask the staff in the office. I could have no customers to begin with, then as more customers were referred to my area and needed to do their business online, I could then have all 8 computers being used. I thrived on being busy and working in this area, as I am very much a peoples' person and providing excellent customer service. I learnt that working in this office, they customers were a little hesitant to talk to me in the beginning, but after a few weeks, they became comfortable talking to me about their concerns and issues, so I feel I gained respect and a fair amount of trust.
Call Center Representative | Canberra ACT | 7 May 2016
a very good work place
My role consisted of answering and assisting customers with Centrelink enquiries such as general payment enquiries, earnings and reporting, family tax benefit enquiries, processing claims and updating/maintaining customer’s records. Assisting customers with Child Care benefit claims and entitlements, calculating percentages and calculating total of child care rebate entitlements, Processing earnings and reporting for customers, Advising the customer how much they will receive by operating customer first database, Answering general Centrelink payment enquiries; and calculating total entitlements for customers, Processing Family Tax Benefit Claims recorded by other staff members, Assisting customers when using the ‘Customer First Database’. Promoting and encouraging customers to utilize the ‘MyGov’ and ‘Centrelink Online’ services.
Prosweekend work good wages flexible hours
Consshort lunch breaks
Customer Service Representative | Traralgon VIC | 17 May 2016
Professional and helpful workplace to be involved in. Very enjoyable environment.
Shifts usually go for aorund 5 hours. Arriving - We are required to sign in to our personal computers, start appropriate programs, which are used incoming calls and access profiles of customers. Next we start recieving calls which take up majorirty of our shift. These calls would require us to answer customer queries regarding family tax benefits and other payments. They may already be recieving these or interested in checking the eligibility to recieve these. If unsure about anything we are required to transfer these calls to a more qualified team member of a supervisor. Appropriate breaks are taken wihin this time. Signing out of the computer when the shift is done completes this shift.
ProsEnjoyable workplace, great pay rate, well-structured position and very helpful supervisors available all the time.
ConsShort hours, non-ongoing position (No contract)
House Supervisor | Melbourne Western Suburbs VIC | 7 Oct 2013
Challenging and rewarding working experience.
A typical day: Never a dull day. Learned: I have learned that until we shift the focus from service delivery to services that are built around people and tailored to individual's unique needs and goals, we are missing the target. Management: not always supportive. Sometimes out of sync with reality in the ground. Co-workers: I have end up spending time build and motivate staff to redirect their focus and energy on what was essential. I called this strategy: "Back to basics". Hardest part of the job: introduce cultural changes. Most enjoyable part of the job: Active participation of our residents in in the planning process (ownership of planning and outcomes).
ProsOpportunity to promote the inclusion and participation of vulnerable individuals and families.
ConsUrgent need to revise its institutional culture and practices
Customer Service Representative | Parramatta NSW | 3 July 2019
Rules based - less opportunity for ad his decision making
Adequate wages - can access leave with advanced negotiations - some management has been recruited from outside the public service and thus presents its own challenges and those individuals morals - many good team members to work with - culture is to hide mistakes because of you get found out they will make a mountain out of minehill - countless team meetings over and over -meetings can be less challenging if you have experience in office administration - otherwise it can be frustrating - very little chance of promotions - Monday to Friday work hours ok - not really a career anymore but a job - adequate remuneration to secure private sector housing loans etc is another benefit if you work full time
ProsMany Good team members to work with
ConsNondiscretion in decision making - strict based legislation etc

Questions And Answers about Australian Government Services Australia

If you were to leave Australian Government Services Australia, what would be the reason?
Asked 17 Sept 2018
Poor management skills , changing management constantly, Bullying ,Poor morale,Toxic work environment,belittled , But I would say only in the one Branch have worked here for many years and it just seems to be the one Department unfortunately.
Answered 31 Aug 2020
Poor morale, bullying
Answered 24 Apr 2019
What are the working hours at Australian Government Services Australia?
Asked 15 Apr 2017
Working hours vary as a casual employee
Answered 22 Apr 2020
Nine to five, Monday to Friday.
Answered 15 Oct 2018
What is the company culture like at Australian Government Services Australia?
Asked 12 Sept 2018
Terrible management
Answered 28 Apr 2021
I found the culture fine its a serious job and for me demanded my full attention.
Answered 14 Apr 2020
What is the interview process like at Australian Government Services Australia?
Asked 26 Feb 2019
Just a telephone asking the basic questions
Answered 17 Apr 2021
You will be screened on your resume and if that is considered to standard selected for an interview. The interview will contain up to 5 it related questions that you will need to answer. This can be technical. How you answer these questions will decide your outcome.
Answered 4 Mar 2020
What are the benefits and perks of working at Australian Government Services Australia?
Asked 21 Jan 2019
You have no benefits they own you. On your desk you have a note saying Are you on the right AUX code?
Answered 17 Apr 2021
Good pay and opportunities to learn and life work balance.
Answered 27 Jan 2019