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Dispatch Manager | Gepps Cross SA | 19 Nov 2012
Fast paced and challenging
A typical day at Super Amart >Inventory check (bags, tape, gas, fabric protection,) >Safety check list of machinery (forklift, order picker, gogo, and air compressor). >Print off current inter-store transfer pick list. >Print off current store delivery pick list with location list. >Print off current fabric protection list. >Ensure inter-store transfer and delivery run bays are clear. >Conduct morning meeting. >Pick transfers and deliveries. >Receive inter-store transfers (unload, scan, mark off and put away). >Receive mattresses 20 ft containers (3 times per week) >Receive lounges 40 ft containers (3 times per week) >Ensure fabric protected lounges are complete (sprayed, wrapped, >labelled and put in spray run bay). >Handle customer complaints and inquiries. >Check stock levels and ETA's on customer deliveries using software systems (Price Book, Retail and Excel). >Organize and book containers (day shift and night shift). >Back load trucks for customer deliveries and contact customers for estimated delivery times. >Managers meeting. >Customer pick ups (on going throughout the day) Managing Super Amarts warehouse, I learnt the value of organisation, communication and team work. Not to mention the importance of safety and responsibility. Working for Super Amart brought out the best of these aspects in me. Super Amart is a fast pace and challenging company with a high expectation of efficiency. The management team do an exceptional job, considering the work load. There is st
Prosstable company, opportunity for promotion, consistently challenged, skill development
Consexcessive work hours
Sales Assistant | Rouse Hill NSW | 8 June 2019
You will go in circles
This workplace was the worst I have ever worked in 20 yrs of retail, all female management with sexism towards male staff members in the form of bullying, humiliation and discrimination a sort of girl power attitude rather than team work store building etc It’s suck up, be my pet or get out Using a bit of reverse psychology was so easy come opening day getting out of cooking on the Bbq (wink wink) Managers are not interested in growing the store, only their own ego and pride (it’s Amart? the worst furniture in Australia) I was a top salesman there, sales were a breeze yet managers would not stop trying to catch me out in my words, trying to exaggerate words or blow things up obviously they were so bored they needed this drama for sick entertainment to fill their day as there are no customers What you are in trouble for or “rules” working at Amart Furniture (amusing) Do not lean against anything Do not walk with your arms behind your back If you Leave an empty box somewhere you will be called on your mobile by the manager on your way home about it? Never show initiative it will be seen as an insult to management who didn’t think of it Every time you start and end your shift you’ll be playing the “manager ignoring me on purpose game” as they have to sign you on and off this iPad you use for sales Your day will be filled much like mine literally walking in circles fixing the same cushions 8 hours a day 5 days a week until your insane, competing for sales ev
ProsLaughing at the quality of furniture
ConsRidiculous beige pants
Office Administrator | Victoria | 22 Mar 2019
Great staff, sales or managmet will always bring lollies and snacks for staff.
A typical day at work, I love a morning start. 9am is honestly greatest time I would chose to start. But walking into the store, first I turn on heaters or cooling system for customers and staff. I'll grab out sale staff stationary that will be used for that day, make sure work space is tidy ( no left over rubbing, paper work, no dangerous items left about.. scissors/box cutters) Once that is complete, usually 10 minutes is all this task will take, I will then proceed to count till, making sure the banking was done correctly night before. Normally you can tell if your float is over banked or under, If your float is $200.00 every night- morning that is the amount counted. As office admin/retail I always refresh my computer to reboot to make sure it works well and no freezing during the day, will action store emails-internet orders if any. List of reminders of left over jobs will be complete. By open I am able to than turn phones over to accept incoming calls, am now able to get through invoices/reports/customer care calls to customers. Our main aim at work is to go though reports on getting stock out the door, fastest way for the customer but also easiest way for company delivery drivers. Calling out to customer or emailing is very important as communication is key with customers and all though out the work place. At Amart Furniture we do not get many upset or angry customers but the very few we may receive I handle these confronting, upsetting and stressfu
ProsA new challange everyday
ConsLoss of work hours, being casual the worries of not having a secure job
Warehouse Worker | Queensland | 9 Apr 2022
Some amazing people, but the gossip and general incompetence amongst management is something else.
Met some amazing people over the years in all roles who have become lifelong friends and will help each other out as best we can, but the gossip, favouritism, one-upping, blatant disrespect and general incompetence amongst managers, both at store level and head office is unreal. Working through Covid in the warehouse was a nightmare. No staff turning up for shifts as they were getting paid Jobkeeper, and business boomed. Not a nice time when you are the only one turning up for your shift, and expected to run the entire show and serve every single customer to come in that day (sometimes hundreds during Covid). The kicker? Management wouldn't address the issue. I have met some managers over the years who would not last a month in any other company with the disrespect and incompetence on display. The company many years ago was amazing. The new culture is terrible. At the end of my time there, all I had to show was a lot of stress and no reward.
ProsMet some lifelong friends, moving on, salaries aren't bad.
ConsFinger pointing, uncaring, lying and generally selfish management types (not all), too many managers and not enough regular staff, no discipline enforced amongst any staff members, those who suck up get promoted, whilst hardworking staff get used and abused, casuals have no guarantee of hours, gossip.
Manager | Brisbane QLD | 10 Nov 2019
Scratch the surface - a truly awful environment
I worked in a management role at H/O in Brisbane. I had been quietly warned about coming across by a couple of employees already there but I thought it couldn’t be that bad. Took about 5 mins to figure out a tiny group of long-term males with retail and workplace philosophies stuck in the 90s ran the show. Bullying but also excruciating misogyny permeated every interaction. In terms of bonuses I joined on the expectation the bonuses would compensate for the salary drop. After commencing my hiring manager laughed and said “we haven’t had bonuses in a decade!” There are 3 types of people at H/O: those who drink the Kool-Aid, those who don’t but smile while living in abject fear of job loss and those who serve the Kool Aid. Amart treats it suppliers with contempt while demanding continual handouts to prop up what is a slow retailer’s death. In any circumstance do NOT confide in HR or even your own manager. Just look elsewhere. Plenty of ex-Amart Staff that would attest to what has to be among the worst corporate cultures in Australian business masked by a sickening virtue signalling charity minded facade. My role is obscured to limit my identity but I hope the parent company soon wake up to the incompetency at the top of the tree.
Sales Assistant | Brisbane QLD | 30 Jan 2019
Waste of time
I don’t care how desperate anyone could be for a job, Amart Furniture does not give two hoots about its employees. We are just another number to them. There is absolutely no job advancement, casual hours are constantly being cut with some causals on a max of 15 hrs (still being cut on a weekly basis), management are super unsupportive and you will find yourself doing everything whilst they sit on their phones doing absolutely nothing. Although some of the people you meet at work are fantastic, there is blantant favouritism. Management let their favourites get away with doing the bar minimum whilst leaving others to pick up the slack. No matter how hard you work you will recieve no praise and this eventually becomes very disheartening. Amart does not care about its employees, they are more concerned with making money and making the company seem more profitable to sell it off. This has become more prevelent in recent years with constant redundancies being offered without warning. Don’t bother applying unless you are just looking for a casual position with limited hours.
ProsSome of the fellow friendly staff
ConsBroken promises, no career progression, terrible management etc
Dispatch Manager | Cairns QLD | 14 Jan 2015
Working as Despatch manager
It has a challenge in it's own place. Every day is different and constantly testing you. We have 3 area's which need our attention. the Receivable's side is a always hard. We get a B double semi full of furniture everyday and as the despatch manager I had to keep in control 4 men who unload and keep a keen eye on where stock was being placed and the layout of where all is being placed as to ensure a clean warehouse and accessible for the despatching side. The second is the despatch dock where we are the last port of call for customers picking up there goods so customer service is a high priority. Fast efficient service and also attending to major drops and delivery truck services. The third is the show room where we work in with Sale and store mangers to get all new and special stock out and set out in floor plane as to be efficient and presentable to the customer experience in store. Along with general duties like paperwork, stock reports and customer issues via phone and in store. It is fast paced and need to be focused at all times for safety and service to customers.
Conslong hours and lots of stress.
Salesperson | Mackay QLD | 13 Feb 2014
always busy and loved it. too much heavy lifting though. good pay
broke into a new field of retail. sold furniture, beds, Manchester, protective products, warranties, bbq's. learnt about all these and finance and associated requirements and legalities. organised delivery and costed deliveries Australia wide. very interesting job. even helped fix computers when they went down with a technician on the other end of the phone. attended several in house training sessions to better sell and promote products. building kit furniture was a challenge but I mastered it. carrying/moving lounge suites, king beds and solid wooden heavy tables was my undoing. those pieces of furniture was just to heavy for me to handle. otherwise I loved the job, the customer interaction and got on well with the staff. we socialise out of business hours occasionally. competition for sales is just part of the job. it generally worked well.
Prosgood commission. set rosters. great annual pay
Consvery heavy lifting. building furniture on the floor, there was no table/bench available to assemble on
Warehouse Worker | Virginia QLD | 16 Sept 2017
Great people and work.
I worked as a casual in dispatch for 6 months and really enjoy the camaraderie with my fellow workers and the physical work. If you don't like physical work its probably not for you. I think of it as gym and getting paid for it. Its not full on all the time and I got to do customer pick ups as part of the job which is enjoyable as customers are excited to get their product. Money is on par with other stores jobs and working Saturdays and Sundays pay really good. The management is hard but very fair as long as you do your job as expected no problems. The days goes really quick when its busy. Lost of variety building furniture, loading trucks, putting product away that comes in on pallets, helping customers. There seems to be plenty of advancement for people that want to climb the ladder in due course.
ProsGreat people, Management gives credit when its due.Freindly place to work.
ConsIf you cant hack a bit of hard work now and then you wont like it.
Salesperson | Melbourne VIC | 1 May 2018
Unprofessional workplace
The management team are corrupt and you have to pick who you can trust. I was bullied by a manager, however when I had approached another manager about the situation it was NOT kept confidential. The initial manager continued being passive aggressive (they were doing the rosters during the time and deliberately assigned me with NO hours) and I had to leave as a result of the unprofessional conduct by the management team. The only thing that had kept me going were the friendly sales team, however, the industry was extremely competitive and all about money instead of the people. Personally, I was more stressed about the difficult coworkers rather than customers. Overall, the workplace environment was poor in the management team as they have no idea what they're doing half of the time.
ProsSales coworkers

Questions And Answers about Amart Furniture

If you were to leave Amart Furniture, what would be the reason?
Asked 30 Jan 2018
Psychology abuse
Answered 2 Aug 2019
Regional manager psychological abuse. Loved job but he was an absolute animal that had no concept of humanity
Answered 2 Aug 2019
What interview questions do they ask at Amart Furniture?
Asked 27 Mar 2019
Amart Furniture Interview Questions
Answered 30 Nov 2019
Not sure, they pretty much hired me on the spot.
Answered 31 July 2019
How long does it take to get hired from start to finish at Amart Furniture? What are the steps along the way?
Asked 2 June 2017
You don’t want to work for this company they are not loyal to staff it is not a happy environment
Answered 11 Feb 2019
Indeed, word of mouth, through friends/family
Answered 6 Apr 2018
What are the benefits and perks of working at Amart Furniture?
Asked 9 Apr 2019
Commission on some products and staff discount
Answered 9 Mar 2020
Discounts, that's it.
Answered 31 July 2019
What was the most challenging part of your role at Amart Furniture?
Asked 22 Mar 2019
Trying to do my job with severe lack of training.
Answered 9 Jan 2021
Not being respected by anyone. Being ignored by regional when approached about managers bullying and not knowing who to talk to if you wanted to remain anonymous
Answered 14 June 2019