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Cleaner | Hobart TAS | 14 Sept 2020
Just don't do it
I was a self employed cleaner, placed with clients via Absolute Domestics. The clients were great, AD, not so much. Team leaders differ; some are pleasant, some are unpleasant. They are all quite demanding when it comes to taking on new clients; I was expected to take on a client who lived so far away, that I actually lost money cleaning for this client. I had to pay $1 per clean to AD for insurance, which is a tax deduction. I paid $200 but when I got my statement at EOFY, it stated that I'd only paid $40. Where did the other $160 go? I fell down a client's stairs, so was unable to complete that job that day. AD asked me about that, and when I said I fell down the stairs, the rep didn't even ask how I was; she just noted it on my file. You will be expected to pay an excess of $500 if you accidentally damage a client's belongings. AD state on Product Review that they have over 20,000 clients and every cleaner pays $1 per clean to AD for insurance. Do the maths; the cleaners are, collectively, paying an enormous amount of AD's insurance and yet we still have to pay a substantial excess. When I asked to see the insurance policy, I was ignored for 18 months. It was only when I told AD that the ATO may be in touch with them, that they quickly emailed me the name of the insurance company. However, they refused to give me the policy wording. Cleaners have no choice but to pay the $1 per clean, yet we're not allowed to see the policy wording??? You have to deposit th
ConsAD staff
Housekeeper | Dandenong VIC | 22 Sept 2015
Absolutely loved working with Absolute Domestics
The situation with me through absolute domestics was that I started working with them during school holidays- during this time I really enjoyed the work as I was on my own and tuned into my own style of getting things done, the clients were friendly and their homes were a joy to clean and I enjoyed how some adorable pets greeted me well upon entering their home with the family away. I took on many clients and sometimes felt overbooked but handled it well due to the time I was able to have during the holidays however after the holidays when school hours were all I was limited to I had to cancel on several clients to fit and manage 2 to 3 houses per day on 2 to three hour cleans. This was somewhat stressful and although my ability to work fast paced was one of my greatest contributions I was still being bombed with clients upon clients and after several attempts to explain my situation to the absolute domestic manager and staff I was still receiving messages with more clients for me and I was left with no choice but to call the clients and explain I had to cancel or could reschedule and due these disturbances so frequently and so often I notified absolute domestics about my decision to quit.
ProsFriendly clients- location to severel homes in local area.
ConsOverbooked - Stressed with clients and not being heard.
Cleaner | Melbourne VIC | 25 Jan 2019
Nothing nice to say about this Agency
This Agency is, in my opinion, appallingly run. Staff are pushy, demanding and can be extremely rude. I've got the emails to prove it. Beware the $1 per clean you have to pay to the Agency for insurance, and also the $500 excess you are required to pay if you damage a client's belongings. If you injure yourself on the job, the Agency couldn't care less. You, as a self employed cleaner, are not respected by Agency staff, you're literally just a number to them. They don't even know your name and refer to you by the number you have been assigned! I was underpaid for 12 months as I was not told by the Agency that the hourly rate had increased; it was only chance that I became aware of that. I do not recommend anyone registering with this Agency. They are, indeed, like leeches. Horrible people to have to deal with. Having to deposit client's fees every Friday can be a pain and I have to wonder, why can't the client deposit the fees themselves? You have to pay a registration fee to register with the Agency and you have to pay for your Police check. You also have to pay for the uniform. Very few clients supplied their own cleaning products, so I had to supply them as well as mops, buckets, cloths etc. To sum up, avoid this Agency like the plague.
ProsGreat clients
ConsEverything except the clients
House Cleaner | Queensland | 14 Mar 2015
Customer Satisfaction
The two most important things I learned being with the company are being happy and giving my all to the job. By that I mean my time, effort, skills to the best of my ability both mentally and physically. The management is great, however, I and my fiance needed to earn more income to pay our bills and live. We teamed up to do house cleaning as we thought we could do it full time which was mentioned on their website. I don't drive yet so we thought teaming up to do house cleaning full time would be promising because my fiance drives. The first two days work we received post completed training , we did 15 hours of work which gave us enough money to pay our bills, however there was no work available over the next three days. My fiance then decided to find a new job and was working within a few days. We called the management to tell them our situation and that we would still be available for cleaning on Saturdays. They understood and told us that they will keep our file open and call us whenever work is available on a Saturday's . My most enjoyable part of the job is meeting new people and feeling good knowing I have helped someone.
ProsClose to Home
ConsLack of Hours
Cleaner | Victoria | 18 Nov 2021
Great Flexibility in
I have been an apart of the Absolute Domestics as Self contracted Cleaner for 26 March 2019 ( 2 Years, 8 Months). I was quick to get work after the 3 day orientation (Although I wasnt as good as I hoped out the gate) I quickly found my feet. It never took to long for me to get new jobs when I requested them from my team manager. All my team managers have been great thus far. They have come quite far technology wise with a web platform to make payments to and the latest advancement being their phone application which seems great from what I have seen, you can survey a large range of jobs which has given me more confidence that I will get extra work when I need it. Pay wise we have seen to pay increases over the last year which have been a great help and which I feel reflect the demands of the job more so then when I first started All round they have been great to deal with and happy I to continue my self contracted work with them in the forseeable future.
ProsGood pay and seems to be a good amount of work available
Consonboarding was abit light on as only basic training was provided which lead to a slow start
Cleaner | Sydney NSW | 12 Jan 2017
Friendly work environment, great for students
I have been working as a domestic cleaner with Absolute Domestics since 2015. I have found it to be a well organised company with excellent communication between clients and employees. The job allowed me to continue working part time as I am a full time university student, as well as allowing me to work extra hours during the holidays. Being allowed to be in charge of your own work schedule has been ideal, and is why I recommend it as a perfect part time job for students who have every changing schedules. I do not have a typical day at work, as it continuously changes, however this does require you to be very well managed and organised. The clients have always been friendly and welcoming, I enjoyed being able to help families come home to a well organised and clean home. I have not encountered any negative aspect of working with Absolute Domestics.
Cleaner | Adelaide Hills SA | 14 June 2019
Flexible hours, but disappointing pay
You are given a two day induction, which is geared towards cleaning, but tells you little on what to expect on payment, agency fees & client/ operator expectations. They take a third of the pay for "agency fees" because the find the clients and insurance fees are mandatory, but is useless for breakages under $1,000, these you would have to cover yourself. They do have good support and the operator is given a team leader who you converse with if any issues arise. You are expected to write a summary of the clients you cleaned for that week & send the required fee, along with the insurance per client. If you are lucky you can cover your petrol & materials for cleaning. The more clients you are assigned the more work you get, but you also have to pay the agency more.
ProsFriendly clients, good support, local clients
ConsPoor pay, little instruction on fees & banking process
Cleaner | Melbourne VIC | 31 May 2019
Don’t be fooled this company doesn’t care about its cleaners
I worked for AD for a few years and initially it was a good casual job while I was studying. Towards the end it was clear they had no concern for their cleaners and deregistered me without contacting me. I have since found out that cleaners are more like employees rather than contractors. The reason I’m saying this is that the cleaners should be receiving superannuation contributions. When I raised this I received a rather blunt email saying the company has no record of our hours worked, which is not correct. Each cleaner submits spreadsheets with the hours worked and fee collected. Just because the cleaners have ABN’s it doesn’t mean they’re necessarily contractors. As contractors we didn’t source our own work or negotiate our hourly rate. I wouldn’t recommend this company to anyone.
ProsFlexible hours
ConsLack of benefits and work load
Cleaner | Melbourne VIC | 22 Nov 2017
Terrible company to work for, never caring or understanding
Had a client who required I use my own vacuum, subsequently ended up with the vacuum cleaner blowing up whilst at said clients house so I rang the office and basically got told “tough luck” despite the fact that I was paying them to insure me. So I had to fork out $500 for a new one. They get paid $22 for every clean you do (more if it’s a catch up clean), so a $67 2 hour clean actually ends up being $45 to you. Then not to mention all the fuel costs, cleaning products and everything else you have to pay for. You basically lose out for doing the hard work while the people in the office sit back and relax raking in all the money. Very poor way of running their business. The managers are very demanding and call you non stop even when you say you have no room for new clients.
ProsFlexible working hours, lovely clients
ConsThe whole company
Cleaner | Wollongong NSW | 15 Apr 2021
Casual Experience With Limited Training
The job application advertises that the employee will be trained. This training consists of sending a pdf document to the employee and telling them to read it before working. The pdf details what the process of contacting clients is like as well as basic instructions on how to clean. However, for anyone who doesn't learn from simply reading and requires physical training, visuals or experience to learn, this is grossly unsatisfactory. The employee is then given jobs they can choose to accept or decline and then work with the client on their own, without any other help. Without any decent training the clients are left unsatisfied and sometimes disappointed, while the employee is expected to teach themselves further when they might've applied under the premise that they would be trained.

Questions And Answers about Absolute Domestics

Do they offer 2 days a week job/s?
Asked 4 June 2017
Absolutely they do.
Answered 9 Nov 2021
Yes they do offer few days a week jobs.
Answered 8 Nov 2021
What is the interview process like at Absolute Domestics?
Asked 30 May 2017
Professional and friendly.
Answered 11 Apr 2018
The interview was relaxed the interviewer ws very friendly but provided required information.
Answered 28 Nov 2017
What would you suggest Absolute Domestics management do to prevent employees from leaving?
Asked 26 Mar 2017
Nothing, I think things are run well
Answered 27 Feb 2022
Client wants Less payment for agency fee because they think it is too much.
Answered 8 Nov 2021
Does Absolute Domestics allow for flexible working hours? Or are the hours set?
Asked 11 Nov 2021
Work how many you want but they have full control of appointments
Answered 1 Apr 2022
Yes, there are flexible working hours
Answered 22 Nov 2021
How is feedback from management and/or colleagues delivered at Absolute Domestics?
Asked 11 Nov 2021
Usually when you're on the phone to your team manager about something else, they'll mention your reviews from clients etc.
Answered 1 Apr 2022
Feedback plays very important role to keep the act on track. Being a Guam being I must no one is perfect from every aspect, so that feedback is the only thing that helps one to know the way that they were carrying out their job and what they need to do to keep up everything on track.
Answered 1 Dec 2021